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Transmission Repairs. Get a Good Diagnosis First.

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The first question most people asked when they called my transmission shop was “how much does it cost to fix my transmission”, “my friend said my transmission is acting up and my the problem is XYZ”, and it should cost about $ to fix? I probably would hang up on someone who came off as an expert with all the answers before we even examined and diagnosed the transmission for repairs

First off, if you had an unusual lump on the side of your neck, would you walk over to your neighbor and ask them what they thought it was and how much it might cost to solve? Or, if they would do the surgery in the kitchen.

Here is the deal, seek out professional help. Do some research and locate the most reliable transmission shop in town and call them foe an appointment to diagnose the problem. Many transmission shops diagnose for free, at least as far as initial diagnostics go. And many shops deduct the cost of diagnosis if you get them to do the repairs.

Either way, a good diagnosis is worth the cost 100%. Most of the time a diagnosis gets right to the problem, and in most cases prevents you from wasting money on changing parts. A good diagnosis may give you several options for repairs. We don’t play diagnosis games with our bodies and doctors, why play games with your cars transmission?

Once you have a diagnosis you trust, it is easier to make a decision. If the recommendation is for a replacement transmission, you may want to look into both low mileage used transmissions as well as transmissions as options for repair. Both serve a purpose.

By calling a company such as, you can discuss your needs with a well trained transmission professional. Only then can we provide the education you need to make a decision that suits your best interests. Education is the key to making a good decision.

One of our primary concerns at is to provide an education in terms you will understand. Plenty of information is located in our blog, we recommend looking through our blog if you have any engine questions at all. Or, give us a call @ 1-888-268-0664 and ask your questions to a trained representative, we are here to help you make a decision that will exceed all of your expectations. Call now.

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