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Transmissions Repairs & Shops across the country.

One of our goals is to become the largest supplier of quality transmissions in the country. Our tremendous resources and network of qualified recycling facilities gives us outlets from New York to Washington State. We have been the choice of professional transmission repair shops for years and now we are expanding our assistance to anyone who needs a quality replacement transmission. One of the benefits of having sold so many transmissions to repair shops is that we get to know some of the better repair shops in those areas.

As I speak we are putting together a list of the best transmission repair shops and replacement shops in the many areas we sell our engines. Simply put, we feel that a quality product such as the used engines or transmissions we sell should be installed by the most competent shops. This serves two purposes.

The first purpose is that it insures your used or rebuilt transmission was installed correctly and all supporting systems were repaired or updated for maximum efficiency.

The other reason may seem self fulfilling, however when you sell a quality product as we do, it serves us well also to have a competent replacement shop do the installation. The net effect is that it lowers any installation problems dramatically, which makes the overall experience good for you, the consumer, and us, the supplier.

As far as I’m concerned quality begets quality and good repairs begets good repairs. Beget means “produces”, so when I say quality begets quality, I mean that people who instill quality into a product or service, helps to produce more and more quality for the service or product.

With that in mind if you have the need for one of our low mileage used transmissions, in the majority of cases we can recommend a local repair shop considered to be trustworthy and reliable. It goes hand in hand with selling transmissions to shops all over the country.

If you have a mechanic you trust, then go with that shop. If you want to give out a recommendation for that shop. Let us know in the comment box. We will be adding more and more automotive shops as we develop a list.

We welcome your inquiries about replacement transmissions and who is a reputable transmission installation shop in your town. has outperformed the competition in the replacement transmission field by always thinking a step ahead of everyone else. When you need any sort of replacement transmissions call us @ 866-320-1182 for a free quote and advise on which one of our particular transmissions is in your best interest.

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