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Transmission Tips: Check your transmission fluid hot.

Let me go over a basic transmission procedure, one as simple as checking the fluid in your transmission. This simple advise may prevent you from having to buy a rebuilt transmission prematurely.

The automatic transmission fluid has to be checked when the transmission is hot. It takes about 15 minutes to heat up an automatic transmission in temperatures over 50 degrees. Once you start to have lower temperatures than 5o degrees, the time it takes to warm up a car transmission increases as the temperature goes down. At 32 degrees or less, it can take a half hour to fully warm your transmission up. Remember the transmission is not an internal combustion item such as an engine, therefore it does not generate it’s own internal heat like an engine.

It’s hard to make it any simpler, once the engine warms up follow this procedure to check your automatic transmission fluid.

For example, if you have a tiny leak in your transmission and it is actually a quart low, but operates fine in warm weather, you might find that when the temperature gets colder, the transmission fluid literally ‘contracts’ and will show up as being low on the dipstick. What happens is that the transmission will slip or delay somewhat cold, depending on how low the fluid level is, until the transmission warms up, which in turn warms up the transmission fluid. The warm fluid then expands to a level which allows the vehicle to drive properly.

The problem with this is that eventually you will leak enough fluid out that your transmission will slip all the time and have a failure. Prevent these type of occurrences from happening by checking your automatic transmission fluid regularly. If you find the level is low, have it checked by a professional. it has a leak.

If you have already been down this road, you know what I mean. It ends up with you needing a rebuilt transmission. This is the point I will suggest bookmarking our blog. GotTransmissions.com has been outperforming the competition for years by supplying the best transmissions on the market, guaranteed.

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