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Transmission TSB and Factory recalls…

If you want to continue our conversation on factory recalls for cars and trucks, get a load of this. The amount of recalls is overwhelming when you look at the statistics. For those interested in buying a new car instead of replacing a bad transmission in your older car, maybe this short article on recalls will cause a change of mind. Personally, I would never buy another new car, now that I have been reading through this, my feelings about a new car, over fixing my older cars is a no brainer.

Wouldn’t you call over 1.5 million TSBs and Factory Recalls was unusual amount of factory recalls or TSBs this year,  you will be shocked to know that imports count for about the same amount of recalls as domestic cars.

In fact, Toyota has had to send out almost one million car recall notices because of a problem that could cause the car to lose control at the steering wheel, and that was followed by another car recall of about 419,000 cars having engine problems.

So here is a few examples of the most recent auto recall notices:

#1. Honda: 1.2 million Accords, Civics, CRV’s and Acura’s, etc.

#2. Toyota: 158,000 Tundras. 368,000 Highlanders, Lexus RX330, RX400H SUV’s. 35,000 Echo and Prius.

#3. Volvo: Ford (which now owns Volvo) recalled 109,000 XC90 SUV’s because engineers found a problem with the ball joints that could break and make steering difficult.

#4. Nissan: 98,800 vehicles recalled due to a problem that could cause an engine fire because of excessive oil consumption.

#5. Chevrolet: 31,000 Corvettes recalled because the tops might fly off at high speeds.

#6. Kia: 13,060 Sedona’s.

#7. BMW: 12,000 BMW 5, 6 and 7 Series.

#8. Cadillac: 7700 Cadillac XLR’s.

Maybe a new car is not so alluring now. Who in the heck wants to buy a new car and then take it back for several recalls or have to get towed back to a dealer. Especially when you have a good running older car that only needs a good used transmission. My interests in a vehicle, such as my 1988 GMC 1 ton pickup with a GMC T-700R4 transmission, which I bought new, are: reliability and long life. It may not be as luxurious and pretty as a new truck, but it will last longer and it drives better than most new trucks. A replacement engine would be my choice if the engine failed.

I paid $17,500 for it new on Feb. 16th 1988. The equivalent truck for 2009 or 2010 in the 1 ton four wheel drive with the V-8 engine and the current overdrive transmission might cost well over $50,000. I love my truck, do what I would do, call @ 1877-268-0664 and get the transmission that suits your needs. Save a bunch of money while you are at it..

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