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Auxiliary Transmsission Coolers Save a Lot of Transmissions..

An auxiliary transmission cooler is an add on automatic transmission cooler which adds extra cooling capacity to your car or truck transmission. Perhaps the best upgrade one can do for their automatic transmission. It is a great idea if you have the original transmission in your car and want it to last longer, and in my opinion a must install item anytime you have to replace your transmission.

Good transmission preventive maintenance is the only thing better than an add on auxiliary cooler in terms of transmission life. Most importantly if you have a commercial work truck or live in Florida, like I do, it is almost a no brainer. As mentioned in “The Truth about Front Pump Leaks”, heat was the culprit. Not having seen his vehicle or knowing much about it’s condition, it is a good bet that the appropriate transmission cooler for that vehicle would have prevented that problem.

BTW, Ford trucks in particular have built in transmission cooling system problems. Usually we see the problem in the F-350 truck with the E4OD series automatic transmissions in the heavy duty trucks that are doing heavy commercial work. Often it starts with a leaky front seal and usually a major failure due the heat and loss of automatic transmission fluid.

Note: Automatic transmissions cool through a separate cooling tank built in to the vehicles radiator. It is not visible unless you have a trained eye. The cooling process starts with transmission fluid traveling through steel lines about 3/8 th of an inch inner diameter that go straight to the transmission cooler tank in the radiator. There are two lines, one that delivers fluid to the cooler tank in the radiator and one that returns fluid to the tranny.

The built in problem is as such. Under a load or heavy driving conditions like pulling a horse trailer or boat, the amount of pressure the automatic transmission pump generates increases. This increase causes the automatic transmission fluid to back-up or slow down where the 3/8″ cooler line tubing meets the smaller 5/16 “ cooler line tubing in the factory radiators (built-in) transmission cooler.

There is a solution for this. I will present it in the next GotTransmissions.com Blog on March 14th. See what else may interest you about transmissions and enjoy our blog.

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