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200r4 transmission for sale

The 200R4 transmission by Chevy through General Motors, was used in their entire line of cars from roughly 1984 to about 1990. Mostly used in the larger luxury cars and some of the midsized performance cars like the Monte Carlo Super Sport, the mid sized Turbo charged Buick and one of the mid sized Olds go-getters.

One of the first GM overdrives, which was preceded by the legendary T700R4, it was essentially a T200 (a transmission we have not discussed) which was a 3 speed automatic transmission with an overdrive section on the front. The T200R4 had a reasonable amount of success. For most of the applications it was perfect and it was a very good performance transmission, although not a durable as the T-700, which in the long run is why the T200R4 was discontinued.

Over the few years it was used, plenty of small upgrades were developed to increase it’s load ratings. There was no need for two overdrives at that point so GM dumped the T200R4 and came out with a big and durable overdrive called the T4L80E. which became the super duty GM automatic transmission for next 18 years.

As a transmission mechanic, I thought the T200R4 was good transmission for it’s intended purposes and when we took a car in with said transmission for a rebuild, it always was updated with any new or redesigned components and most importantly, a shift improver kit.

Once the transmissions were prepared in the manner we found most beneficial to our customers, we noticed many customers called back to let us know that the transmission never worked so well, even from the factory.

Input from our customers is one of the most helpful tools available to us. With the proper input we can service the industry and people who are in need of replacement transmissions with much more success than ordinary ‘junk yards’. What we found out was there are no miracles to make customers happy.

Cost is obviously one factor, but we actually found out that people are not as price sensitive as you think. We also noticed that expedient service was almost as important as quality transmissions. We think quality is the trump card for sure.

What was done is to combine all three essential ingredients into one package. Our quality is unapproachable, simply put, no one goes to more trouble to rebuild their transmission than we do, add that to same day or next day shipping and an affordable price and you have a great dish.

Value is built into every transmission we sell, quality costs less in the long run than a cheap price, when you get the best of all worlds with a warranty that proves we mean what we say, it’s hard to go wrong. Please call GotTransmissions.com, and allow us to assist you in choosing the best transmission for your needs and budget.

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