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4t65e transmission for sale

4t65e Transmission For Sale

4t65e Transmission For Sale

The 4t65e is a front wheel drive transmission for sale, or, transaxle, to be more precise, it is transversely mounted. It was designed and is built by General Motors. The GM THM-4T65E four speed automatic overdrive transaxle is found in many 1997 and newer vehicles equipped with the 3800 engine and most 2000 and newer vehicles with the 3400 engine. This is a great trans and has been upgraded several times over recent years.

This transaxle is a fully automatic and electronically controlled by a transmission computer unit [TCU]. Shifts are all controlled by a set of electronic shift solenoids solenoids, line pressure is controlled by a Pressure Control Solenoid, [PCS].

This transaxle also uses a Torque Converter Clutch, [TCC], and is used to lower revolutions per minute [RPM] and increase gas mileage. The TCC function is called a PWM type, which stands for Pulse Width Modulation. The PWM TCC system was developed to allow a smooth engagement of lockup clutch and allows a small amount of computer controlled slippage of the TCC.

The TC Clutch can apply in 2nd through 4th gears. The controlled slippage is designed into the converter system taking advantage of a special TCC lining developed specifically for this application, called a woven lining. An ordinary TCC clutch lining would burn up and shudder as if driving over a washboard if used in this type of system.

The 4t65e is sometimes called the ”big brother” of the 4t60e transaxle by General Motors. Some people say it is more sturdy. Essentially it is the same transmission except for a larger diameter torque converter and somewhat stronger planetary gears. The final drive ratio’s vary as well depending on the car it is used in.

Other improvements include firming up the 4th gear shift. Some complains were registered about premature 4th gear burn-up. Other areas of concern were centered around torque converter function and smooth lockup. Which is why GM increased the outside diameter of the converter used between the 4t60e and 4t65e transaxles.

Used until at least 2009 in GM cars with the 3.9L engine. Overall, considering the amount of 4t65 automatic transaxles produced, it is one of the most successful and terrific front wheel drive transmissions made.

Here is a piece of advise that seems very worthy considering this is a fully computerized transmission: whether you are having a transmission problem only, or you need a replacement transmission, have the transmission computer module unit examined too, make sure it is not part of the problem. A mistake many technicians make.

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