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AGS 660 Transmission for Sale

AGS 660 transmission for sale

AGS 660 transmission for sale

The AGS line of large truck and equipment transmissions is made by Detroit Diesel and its an automatic transmission. AGS is an acronym for Automated Gearshift [AGS] Technology. The AGS 660 is the largest one available and withstands just as much or more usage than the manual transmission equivalent. AGS 660 transmissions for sale are increasing due to more applications being introduced to the public.

Some truckers are skeptical of automatic transmissions in big rigs. I’m not a trucker and have no experience at it, but i like automatic transmissions. I also rebuilt plenty of the Detroit Diesel/Allison AT545 transmissions. Even though the AT series is outdated and were not as large, Allison builds impeccably durable and aggressive shifting automatic transmissions.

Being a high technology transmission, it is controlled by an intricate computer system designed to do the thinking for you. The detailed system allows for fully automatic shifts whenever you want, it also gives you the advantage of being able to manual shift the transmission for sticky situations. Reports suggest more fuel economy comes with this transmission as a nice little benefit.

The AGS 660 accepts a PTO [power take off] which is a power transfer unit for operating lift gates and other accessories. So you can see that Detroit Diesel thought of everything before the project was started. The transmission even incorporates a system which learns your driving style, further easing the job of driving long distances at a time.

The process of buying an AGS 660 transmission is much easier at GotTransmissions.com than most consumers expectations. We specialize in replacement transmissions and employ people knowledgeable in said subject. I always suggest that you call one of our sales team and discuss your needs. This is a very specifically purposed transmission and you should only deal with a professional.

Expect the best in service and replacement transmissions from GotTransmissions.com. The process is easy and painless, we will get your order right the first time and get your AGS 660 transmission shipped within 24 hours of your order. We know how important it is to get your rig back on the road. Call now.

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