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CD4E transmission for sale

Want to know why you should buy a CD4E transmission for sale from Without sounding too negative, this may be one of the worst transmissions ever built. After spending 30 plus years in the transmission rebuilding business, this may be one of the most difficult transmissions to rebuild correctly. Yes, it can be salvaged, but certain requirements must be met during the rebuild process.

The CD4E is a Ford and Mazda transmission. Common to the:
* 1994–2002 Mazda 626 4-cylinder
* 1994–1997 Mazda MX-6 4-cylinder
* 1994–1997 Ford Probe 4-cylinder
* 1995–2000 Ford Contour
* 1995–2000 Mercury Mystique
* 1995–2007 Ford Mondeo (up to Mondeo III 4 cylinder model)
* 1999–2002 Mercury Cougar
* 2001–2008 Ford Escape
* 2001–2006 Mazda Tribute
* 2005–2008 Mercury Mariner Chart Source=Wiki

The Ford Probe and Mazda 626 are two pretty crummy overcomplicated cars, with diminishing returns. Meaning the older [mileage and not a lot of it] they get the more repairs to the transmission in particular have to be made. There is a saving grace however.

The CD4E can be saved. First off, I don’t have enough space, and maybe you don’t care to read about every questionable part or the design itself that lead to so many transmission issues. But, you can add the computer system to a bunch of poorly designed parts as the reason for so many problems. A total mess.

The cure is upon rebuild. An astute rebuilder spends much time studying every piece of new information concerning the proper upgraded parts, like the main drive drum which houses 4 sets of clutches, which is known to split. Tear the stamped steel internally, literally. Although many drums were produced to match each car variant it was designed for, certain drums are know to be stronger and thus solve the problem.

The other ingredient that makes this recipe complete, and ‘complete’ is the key word here because the whole transmission has to be prepared properly, only updating part of the job is not curing anything, you have to do it all, or nothing, or the end result is not so good.

This update is a special kit which goes into the brain or valve body of the transmission and allows it to shift properly and not build the pressure internally that causes the drum to split. Combine that with the proper synthetic automatic transmission fluid for a well priced transmission that provides true value. Interested in a rebuilt transmission? Call Now.

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