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Chrysler 62TE transmission for sale

GotTransmissions.com offers the 6 speed Chrysler 62TE transmission for sale. The 62TE can be found in these Applications:

* 2007–2008 Chrysler Pacifica
* 2007–present Chrysler Sebring
* 2008–present Dodge Avenger
* 2008–present Chrysler Town and Country
* 2008–present Chrysler Grand Voyager
* 2008–present Dodge Grand Caravan
* 2009–present Volkswagen Routan
* 2009–present Dodge Journey….Chart Source=Wiki

Based on the 4 speed 42TE automatic transaxle, the 62TE is said to incorporate more than one extra set of gears – three of them exactly, depending on your understanding on how it works. Also undergoing structural design changes internally to the planetary gears and pump to increase durability and reliability and integrity.

The 42TE was/is one of the most computer advanced transmissions in the world. Adding 2 forward speeds and a downshift control gear in a case about the same size as a 4 speed transaxle upped the challenges of coordinated, real time commands from the driver. The benefits are unusually nice shift qualities and seamless performance, along with more fuel economy from more forward gears.

The 62TE has a very low first gear, designed to make takeoffs from a stop very fast; [gear reduction is the modern way to increase transmission and car performance, although gear reduction has been well known about from the very beginning]. Second gear is a rather large jump from first, all of the other gears other than first are fairly close in ratio.

The fifth gear is a 1:1 ratio (direct drive..the same as the top gear in 3 speed automatics), while the ”high” ratio overdrive gear is where you find the extra fuel mileage improvements on the highway and city.

I want to remind you this is technically a transaxle. Meaning it resides in the front of the car bolted to the engine. It is called a transverse setup, or east to west mounting. This is opposed to rear wheel drive vehicles with the engine in the front and the drive axles in the rear. Or longitudinal. North to south mounted.

Surprisingly we get calls for rebuilt 62TE transmissions, and low mileage used 62TE transmissions for sale. Because they are so new, we encourage you to make the call and speak with a representative about what solutions are available to you. I promise you that someone in America with a tremendous understanding of transmissions will speak with you. GotTransmissions.com

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