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Dodge 47RE transmission for sale

Dodge 47RE transmission for sale

Dodge 47RE transmission for sale

Looking for a Dodge 47RE transmission for sale? The one offered from 1996 to 2002 for use in the larger Dodge and Mopar vehicles including SUV’s and pickup trucks? Available from 1996 to 2002 in the Dodge Ram 2500 pickups and 3500 pickups with the V10 and diesel engines. We got it.

It is an upgrade over the A618, which emanated from the venerable A727 Torqueflite speed automatic transmission, which is still for sale by the way. The 727 is a legend in it’s own right. It is the basis from which the overdrive Torqueflight’s design came from. The original 3 speed TF [Torqueflight] transmission had only 3 forward speeds.

You see the original 3 speed Torqueflight [1962] was one super strong transmission. When it was introduced in it’s modern form it was designed right the first time. For all practical purposes the engineers hit the nail on the head perfectly the first time.

With very few changes, relatively speaking, the old 727 TF design has lived on, being the same in the modern TF overdrive automatic transmissions. The brilliance behind the new overdrive Torqueflight automatics is how Dodge engineered the new ”bolt on” overdrive section and the precision electronic computerized controls.

As far as I’m concerned Dodge really came up with an outstanding design overall. For the people who say I’m wrong, I suspect they had what they consider a premature of unwarranted transmission problem of major concern. While this is structurally one of the largest and most brutally strong designs, there are some areas of improvements that are recommended.

The upgrades that benefit the transmission and thus the owner deal with how the transmission thinks, so to speak. By reprogramming the valve body [considered the brain of a transmission], we benefit by improving shift quality, which is subtle and only mildly noticeable. Another benefit is any and all lock up torque converter ailments are cured for good, and lastly, the whole lubrication system is upgraded for more cooling.

If you want to feel smart and fulfilled, try giving GotTransmissions.com a call and speak with a transmission expert about the Dodge 47RE transmission and allow us to assist you in choosing the right Dodge transmission for your needs. Don’t forget, almost all of our transmissions ship within 24 hours for your convenience.

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