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R154 Transmission For Sale

R154 Transmission For Sale

R154 Transmission For Sale

The R154 is rear wheel drive transmission is made by Toyota. It’s a 5 speed gearbox (5 forward gears + reverse). It is also a rear wheel drive transmission. As with most Toyota drive-line components, the R154 is of quality design and construction. Unfortunately as always seems to be the case with modern technology, there is always an Achilles heal.

The R154 is a conventional 5-speed gearbox, with 5 forward gears and a straight-cut reverse gear. The reason for the strength of the gearbox is plain to see even by the naked eye. The external casing and the gears themselves are credibly sized for a performance-oriented gearbox.

The weak point, however, is the first gear thrust washer. Being of a cast construction, this part is prone to failure if the box is maltreated. In most known cases this is a result of one (or a combination of!) three things:

* abuse or misuse of the gearbox
* no lubrication/wrong lubrication
* big-horsepower applications

The easiest fix for this weakness is to lighten up on the gearbox and treat it with respect. For gearbox owners with less self-control, the best option is to have the gearbox broken down and reassembled with a new thrust washer made of chromoly for added strength.

With the above thought in mind, the transmission is very suitable for it’s intended purposes. From browsing a few web forums on Toyota performance subjects, folks who insist on abusing or racing with too much horsepower may benefit from using the stronger model V16x gearbox from a Mk4 Supra. These are much stronger and more widely proven behind big-horsepower 2JZ engine combination’s.

The R154 was discontinued in 2001. There are a bunch of these venerable units littering the bone yards. It’s not hard to find one at the ‘local junk yard’ cheap. What you get is called pot luck. Maybe it is good and maybe not. To eliminate this feeling of having to guess what you might get, I have a solution.

It’s called GotTransmissions.com. What we have is a time honored company who has access to much more prevalent resources than a ‘junk yard’ at prices that are very competitive, so if the price is the same, who would not want the better product?

We don’t sell ‘junk’ and that’s why we are called a ‘transmission recycler’. The used Toyota transmissions we sell are pre-tested, and lots of older transmissions don’t pass the test, and guess where they end up, at the local junk yard? Of course we are not limited to selling only good used transmissions, we sell rebuilt manual transmission also, upgraded with a better first gear thrust washer along with all new bearings and synchronizers.

If in doubt, give us a call and allow us to provide some education and help in order for you to buy the best R154 transmission for sale Toyota. We also have every certified transmission in stock and packaged for immediate shipment to get you back on the road asap.

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