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Turbo 350 Transmission For Sale

The Turbo (Turbo Hyrdomatic) transmission trade-name belongs to General Motors. The Turbo 350 transmission was one of the first 3 speed automatic transmissions General Motors made. It was introduced in 1969 by Chevy and Olds to replace the 2 speed T300 and Aluminum Powerglide.

Three speed automatic transmissions offered new benefits to the modern drivers at that time. The major benefits were somewhat obvious, especially for the fuel conscious consumer. However some of the other benefits are not so obvious, such as an extra forward speed, which not only allows for a lower first gear ratio for easier acceleration and less stress on the drive-line in whole.

Another positive factor when adding a forward gear is that the engine will last longer because it is turning at lower (RPM’s) revolutions per minute due largely to the extra forward speed. Adding an extra gear relieves much of the stress two forward speeds create due to less load ratings on the gears and torque converter.

In 1980 a new style torque converter was developed called a lock up torque converter. The lock up is a complicated feature to describe, so lets say it decreased operating RPM’s in high gear, thus increasing fuel mileage another 2 to 4 miles per gallon.

Calling the T350 a success is an understatement. Right off the bat it was a fine addition to the GM transmission lineup and was remarkably trouble free from the beginning. It was one of those occasions where a new product was not full of problems needing to be ironed out.

The demand is not as great anymore for T350 transmissions since they have been out of production in the mid to late ’80’s. The supply of used T350 tranny’s is practically nil, unless you buy a 350 that has been rebuilt already. But who knows how well it was rebuilt in the first place.

The most popular way to buy a Turbo 350 Transmission for sale is a rebuilt version. One of the reasons we suggest against an old used transmission, even if it is a low mileage transmission, is that automatic transmissions are hydraulic by nature. The hydraulic fluid pressure is contained in sealed circuits to arrive at the destination inside the transmission at the correct pressure.

Since rubber is the material that is used to seal the hydraulic pressures, time and exposure to the cold and hot, humidity and dryness damages rubber seals, even ones never even used. This, obviously makes time a disadvantage for automatic transmissions. The good part is that a Turbo 350 transmission for sale Chevy is cheap to buy. Do yourself a favor and allow us to assist you in your quest for a replacement transmission.

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