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Saab Transmissions: Used Transmissions are a perfect choice..

Saab’s are nice cars, especially for drivers in the Northern areas of the United States. They have good transmissions, and a loyal community of enthusiastic mechanics to support your needs. You may pay more to maintain your Saab than you will for many other vehicles, but for most drivers, their smooth handling, safety, and gas mileage of makes this worthwhile. Simply put, like with any other vehicle, the wonderful relationship can quickly turn sour if an transmission failure occurs.

What do you do? Do you search for a remanufactured transmission? Do you spend time pouring over used engines? That’s what this article is about. We want to give our readers the information they need to solve a bum situation with their Saab transmissions, and get them back on the road ASAP.

Let’s establish why used transmissions are a better choice for Saab’s than remanufactured transmissions There are two main reasons, both of which are hugely important. First, price. The price on a used Saab transmission is going to be much, much lower than the price on a rebuilt Saab transmission. Secondly, if you buy a low mileage used transmission for your Saab, the quality will be much higher. The most prolific Saab transmission remanufacturers are getting rarer each year, and quality is questionable in many cases. When you buy a low mileage Saab used transmission you are getting factory original parts with very low wear and mileage– not reconditioned parts mixed with new parts.

Based on the difficulty of installing a transmission in a Saab, it is in everyone’s best interest to get a pre-tested certified used transmission. Trust me, Saab transmissions are one of the hardest transmissions to install of any car.

Once the facts are established that you can save a lot of money on a good used Saab transmission, knowing who to deal with is of utmost importance. There are excellent companies selling used transmissions with great quality control systems in place, such as equipment to pre-test and certify that the transmission is in good shape all around. There are also companies who take advantage of people who are in a bad spot. These bad companies will sell transmissions that aren’t suitable for installation and would better be used as a boat anchor.

One of the companies who sells pre-tested and certified used transmissions is Providing excellent warranties and terrific customer service. Call 866-320-1182 for more information or read more of our blog and become an educated consumer.

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