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Low Mileage Transmissions for Sale

There are few things in the world that strike fear in a person more than a transmission failure. Realistically speaking, It’s not a problem many people experience, but if it happens to you, who will you trust to buy a replacement transmission from? Trust a company who offers the largest amount of ‘straight up’ information in terms you will understand.

It is hard to think of a more affordable way to buy a replacement transmission for your vehicle than low mileage used transmissions for sale. If you are searching for a low mileage transmission, you found one of the few suppliers who has exclusive access to high value low cost replacement transmissions with low mileage on them. Not any old junk yard transmission.

We sell low mileage manual shift or standard shift transmissions as well, for luxury sports coupes or your everyday grocery getter, we even have a full lineup of large truck manual transmissions. Not just automatic transmissions.

Considering the poor economy, more calls are coming in for said products. What smart consumers are finding out is that a low mileage used transmission is not just affordable, but it is a quality, viable way to solve a transmission failure whether you are on a budget or not.

Consider this, a car which was purchased new and is only about 6 to 10 years old [often less] and is totaled and taken to the recycling center. Lets say the car has 45,000 well kept miles on it with no history of any problems, including transmissions problems. If the transmission is operated in the donor car first, for performance and fluid leaks, and passes our tests, you are staring at a rare value, especially since it costs pennies on the dollar.

GotTransmissions.com specializes in providing pure value to every one of our customers. We get rave reviews for our customer service. Not only will you be treated professionally and courteously, but our core of experts knows exactly how to teach you to choose the best transmission for your interests. Regardless of whether you own a mini car, a light duty pickup truck or a heavy duty commercial vehicle.

Enjoy the peace of mind our clients have grown to expect from us, call an expert and discuss your problem with an old pro and allow us to explain all of the benefits of one of our used, second hand or recycled transmissions. Call Now for a free quote. Remember, purchasing a low mileage used transmission is a form of being Green. GotTransmissions supports the Green Movement, buy used transmissions now.

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