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Volkswagen Tiguan Transmissions for Sale

The VW Tiguan is one of the best looking, newer compact crossover vehicles [CUV], introduced by Volkswagen in 2008. It uses a front engine 4Motion four wheel drive system [all wheel drive] or you can buy a front wheel drive model only. Only three different transmissions are used in the Tiguan, interested in Volkswagen Tiguan Transmissions for Sale, call our specialists at 1-8977-268-0664 right now.

The three transmissions offered in the Volkswagen Tiguan:
1. A 6 speed manual transmission for front wheel drive only (FWD],
2. A 6 speed Tiptronic automatic transmission, FWD only
3. A 6 speed automatic Tiptronic control 4Motion with adaptive torque control.

The Tiptronic is owned By Porsche. Who licenses it’s use in certain Audi’s and Volkswagens too.

Many people use the term ‘tiptronic’ to refer generically to any type of torque converter automatic transmission that uses a manual upshift/downshift mode. Not the case here. A tiptronic transmission falls into the manumatic transmission description, for more info on manumatic transmission read this article.

A tiptronic transmission can operate in the same manner as an ordinary type of automatic transmission, but also offers the driver another method of manually shifting and thus overriding the automatic shift feature.

By moving the shift lever into a second operating position of the shift gate: “upshift” and “downshift”, the driver takes control over most of the gear shifting decisions manually, overriding automatic shifts, normally performed by the transmission’s intricate computerized system.

For example, this allows for delayed and manually controlled upshifts for increased acceleration, increased engine braking, holding it in gear for curves, downshifting before passing, or early up-shifting for regular cruising.

Although tiptronic transmissions allow the driver a certain measure of personalized control, the tiptronic design is incorporated by using an automatic transmission styled lock up torque converter like other conventional automatic transmissions.

Regardless of your reasons for being here, information, or actually looking for a replacement Tiguan transmission. is the perfect transmission supplier to call and find out more about how to choose the right replacement transmission for your car. VW owners are a loyal bunch, they also drive precision manufactured German cars for a reason.

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