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Saturn CVT transmission for sale

Saturn CVT transmission for sale

Did you know that Saturn cars use CVT transmissions? What is a CVT transmission? More on that later. One interesting fact I discovered while speaking with some of our Saturn customers looking to buy a Saturn CVT transmission for sale is maintenance may have played a part [...]

The Truth behind Saturn Transmissions and Reverse Problems

Upgraded Saturn Transmissions for Sale Cheap

Question: Hi, all. I have a 1993 SW2 (I know this is the SL section) with 40,000 actual miles and an auto transmission. When I shift it into reverse, it pauses, and then the transmission shifts into reverse after a lag. Often, there’s a thud also. [...]

Rebuilt Saturn transmissions for sale..

One of the few weak spots of a Saturn SL-1 or SL-2 is the automatic transmission. We have an abundance of updated rebuilt transmissions for sale to fit these cars. One problem in particular is the subject of conversation on all of the Saturn forums. It is one of the few ‘sore spots‘ Saturn owners have. [...]