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2003 Honda Accord Transmission for Sale


2003 Honda Accord Transmission for Sale

The ’03 editions of the Honda Accord have been plagued with issues and many car owners have started to replace key components. The transmission in V6 engine compatible builds is prone to some issues. If you’re seeking a used parts source to buy from online, you can find 2003 Honda Accord transmission for sale inventory right from this Got Transmissions website.

There are some important things to know before shopping for any replacement Accord transmission. Honda has used three different gearboxes within the production schedule of 2003 vehicles. The first edition is found inside of the DX vehicles. This is known as the first-speed overdrive. This automatic transmission is mostly paired with the four-cylinder 2.4 motors. These gearboxes have less reported issues compared to the other units.

Review the Specs of 2003 Honda Accord Transmissions

Because there are three transmission units in the ’03 Accord, a buyer must know what type is needed for replacement. Aside form the five-speed automatic DX editions, there are the LX and EX units offered. The LX relies on the five-speed manual which is very similar to the overdrive edition in the DX Accord. The six-speed manual is one of the editions that has received some of the most complaint requests during car ownership. These are found attached to the V6 engines in most EX models.

Not every transmission dealer sells inventory that is without damage or deterioration. A simple review and Q&A with any transmission company can alert a buyer to 2003 Accord transmission red flags. Mileage is usually the breakdown when it comes to the final decision maker when buying any transmission replacement. Got Transmissions works hard to find the best possible inventory for purchasers of auto or manual gearboxes to use.

Known 2003 Honda Accord Transmission Problems

Honda issued a parts recall for the V6 VTEC compatible transmissions in 2004. This recall was offered to car owners experiencing issues with standard usage of the manual transmissions. The direct problem that Honda acknowledged in the recall was due to heat buildup that caused chipped gears. Too high of heat from the engine often caused transmission gear breakage. This was usually identifiable with loud noises coming from the transmission assembly during vehicle use.

While the Got Transmissions inventory for sale is inspected and certified, there are some companies selling untested ’03 Honda Accord gearboxes online. Some car owners went to dealerships and received oil jet kits to prevent the heat from becoming an issue in the transmission gears. This was not an official fix for the problem and buyers should beware when researching automatic or manual transmissions for Honda Accord vehicles under recall.

How to Buy 2003 Honda Accord Transmissions for Sale

There is a quote system that is used on this website to display any sale prices to consumers. Parts buyers who have experience using these types of systems will have no issues when exploring available prices. What is important to know is that no personal details are collected from consumers during use of the system. The year of a Honda vehicle and type are the two main points that are needed to start the used Honda transmission price quote process.

A phone system is used offline to help tackle any questions or inquiries consumers have before a sale is official. It can be helpful to match a VIN number or inquire about long-term warranties for any of the used Honda transmission assemblies that are for sale. Getting help is instant on this website or when calling by phone. The used OEM inventory available is always shipped free to any American delivery address.