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2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse Transmission

Mitsubishi Eclipse was produced between 1989 and 2011 in the United States. This vehicle series had production help from both Chrysler and Mitsubishi. The trading of technologies is one reason this brand of automobiles lasted for over two decades. Buying a gearbox for replacement in this vehicle brand does not have to be difficult. The [...]

2000 Mitsubishi Transmissions

Know What Buy Mitsubishi Transmission To Buy?

Well, an distant acquaintance of mine gave a friend of his my phone number (he had no right to do that either) because I am a transmission rebuilder, been doing it for over 35 years before I sold my shop in 2004. I write about [...]

Mitsubishsi 3000GT/Stealth Transmissions…

Looking for a replacement transmission?

Question: went to drive my bro somewhere the other day and nothing happened when i put my Mitsubishi Stealth transmission into reverse it would idle forward/backward slightly but acted as if in neutral when i stepped on the gas so it’s sitting in the driveway until i can figure out [...]

Mitsubishi Transmission Problems and Solutions..

It seems the Mitsubishi line of transmissions has an extensive list of problems. I can attest to that since I have been on the repair and rebuilding side of transmissions for over 30 years. 26 years as a shop owner and operator. I stay up to date on transmissions because I enjoy writing, fixing and [...]

Used Mitsubishi Diamante Transmissions for sale…

Ordering with will save you time and all the hassles that can go along with locating and ordering a used Foreign Transmission for your Mitsubishi Diamante . We will guarantee you to have the best used Mitsubishi Transmission which will be affordable and delivered to your choice of repair shops in a timely manner. [...]