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Used A470 Transmission

The A470 is part of the TorqueFlite transmission series by Chrysler. Throughout the entire 1980s, a mixture of gearboxes were installed in the k series vehicles. From sedans to minivans, different three-speed gearboxes were produced and offered. Someone who needs to buy a used A470 transmission will find the best pricing while shopping here online. The [...]

Used A606 Transmission

Part of the Ultradrive family of gearboxes produced by Chrysler in the 1990s included the A606 assembly. This unit was later renamed the 42LE although there are plenty of vehicle owners still relying on the original units. Someone seeking a good price for a used A606 transmission for sale is searching on the right website. What [...]

2005 Chrysler Sebring Transmissions for Sale

2005 Chrysler Sebring Transmissions for Sale Sebring is known in the U.S. and global markets for its luxury. The late 2000s series of motor vehicles produced under the Sebring nameplate include multiple gearboxes. A person beginning to search for a replacement transmission has more than one decision to make. supplies what could be the most [...]

Dodge Spirit Transmissions for Sale

Dodge Spirit was one of the cars that lead Dodge to new sales heights in the decade of the ’90s. The Spirit was unique in many ways and some of the features had nothing to do with the interior amenities that were provided. The transmission that was used in the Spirit could be one of [...]

Chrysler LeBaron Transmissions for Sale

Chrysler LeBaron was a luxury automobile that was perfect for people from all walks of life. It had the stylish paint scheme and amenities that cool people wanted and it was the perfect compliment for a family car. The LeBaron enjoyed decades of success under the marketing genius of Chrysler. We have Chrysler LeBaron transmissions [...]

Chrysler Cirrus Transmissions for Sale

Chrysler Cirrus used the 41TE transmission. This transmission was known as an electronically controlled automatic version that included overdrive. Chrysler made use of this in several cars including the Sebring, Neon, Cirrus and the Avenger. The heart and soul of this transmission is the control module. The shifting pattern offered was smoother using the TCM [...]

Dodge Daytona 41TE Transmissions for Sale

Dodge Daytona is definitely a relic in the Chrysler inventory. While these cars are still on the road, there will come a time when the transmission must be replaced. If you own one of these vehicles or are a mechanic, the options that you have can be limited at best. You probably know how much [...]

Buy Concorde Transmissions with Pure Value Built In

Chrysler Concorde transmissions are unique in several ways, the design is exclusive to Chrysler in particular. The only transmission offered in the Concorde, Chrysler named it the “Ultradrive”: 42LE/A606, or 606 for short. No problem then on deciding on what model you need to ask for, we carry good used transmissions when available, transmissions , [...]

Chrysler A618 Transmissions for Sale

The A618 is an automatic overdrive transmission made by Chrysler Corporation for large SUV’s and their Ram truck lineup. The first automatic overdrive made by Chrysler, it was introduced in the early ’90’s. Because the owners of said vehicles are very loyal, we get requests for Chrysler A618┬áTransmissions for sale every day. Our top sellers [...]

Buy Chrysler A-604 Transmissions with Confidence

Chrysler TF 604 for Sale: Pic-Internal gear.

The Chrysler transmissions named the TF A-604 or TF604 or 604 are way more technologically advanced and unique in their own right than one might expect for an affordable car. Especially since the majority of 604 automatic overdrive transmissions go in the less expensive [...]