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1999 BMW 528i Transmission TCU Problems?

Need a TCU for Sale?

I picked this complaint to address for the two simple facts, a good diagnosis should be the first thing to do if your car loses it’s mind, and, if the problem turns out to be the TCU, make sure you buy Transmission Control Units for [...]

Onboard transmission controllers–TCM for sale.

Automotive onboard computers, do much more than control the transmission and motor functions. Known as the TCU, transmission control unit-module, in most vehicles the transmission function is the main focus for the TCU. In the early days of automotive computerization, the engine was literally all the on board computer duties included, engine functions. Modern cars have [...]

Transmission Control Module: TCM-Onboard Computer

Did it ever occur to you that on cars built in the last 15 years develop engine repair problems or have a transmission failure because the TCM, transmission control module is the culprit? In essence the newer the car the more operations are computer controlled, making the entire system a team that needs to work [...]