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Dodge Nitro Transmissions for Sale

The Dodge Nitro is a stylish compact SUV made by Chrysler and sold by Dodge. I think it’s bigger than a compact car since I have driven one [once] for an extended period of time. And that brings me to this conclusion about Dodge transmissions. I must mention first that I’m a 30 plus year transmission mechanic/shop owner. Dodge transmissions shift like Dodge transmissions. Being a transmission mechanic allows me to identify many transmissions by shift feel.

I’m not saying that is good or bad. I am saying that if you are reading this article and on the look for Dodge Nitro Transmissions for Sale, you are in the right place, so keep reading, or just call right now, 866-320-1182. We only sell premium grade transmissions, regardless of your choice. Choices include updated transmissions, used transmissions and crate transmissions.

The Nitro is built on a conventional rear wheel drive chassis. It comes as a 2 wheel drive vehicle from the factory stock, but 4WD is an option, which adds an unusual transfer case and driveshaft to the mix. We call this a hybrid Longitudinal mounting system, which is the most common rear wheel drive setup on the road.

The Nitro has one manual transmission to offer, and two different automatic overdrive transmissions, depending on the year and engine. The standard transmission is a six speed manual shift unit using a conventional clutch assembly. Very ordinary setup using a reliable Chrysler 6 speed.

One of the automatic transmissions is called the 42RLE. It is a bit unconventional in design being a front wheel drive transmission modified to work in a longitudinal chassis with a four wheel drive output. It’s a very hi tech design and if you need to replace it, buying a rebuilt transmission is your absolute best value. We install every approved update and improved parts in every rebuild.

The other unit is a Mercedes-Benz 5G-TRONIC [identified by these numbers metal stamped above the transmission pan on the right side of the casing 722.5, 722.6] is an electronically shifted 5-speed overdrive automatic transmission. It’s a real Mercedes transmission, in-fact it’s the same one that comes in the Sprinter. If I had a choice, this one wins hands down. It’s quite unusual for either this unit to fail prematurely or the 42RLE.

Normally these transmissions last forever it seems with proper maintenance. However if you should experience a failure the first thing to do is have a qualified professional check it out. If the transmission needs replacing, insist on as your source.

No other company can provide the pure value built right into every transmission, or the iron clad, peace of mind warranty we offer with it. Call 866-320-1182 and speak to an intelligent human being who can assist you in every way possible.

Acura TL Transmissions for Sale

The Acura TL is a very nice luxury sport sedan. It has always been an excellent driving car with the type of suspension, transmissions and power-plants to make your ride exciting, but safe. Acura put a lot of time and effort into the last two generations made, with the current 4th generation [still in production] adding more integrity and driving fun to the transmission and drive line in particular.

Our inventory of Acura Transmissions for sale includes all four generations.
1. Generation 1. Model # UA1-UA2, made from 1996 to 1998
2. Generation 2. # UA4-UA5 were made from 1999 to 2003
3. Generation 3. #UA7-UA7 from 2004 to 2008
4. Generation 4. # UA8-UA9, made from 2009 and present

Since it’s inception in 1996, Acura has offered a manual and automatic transmission. Acura is a division of Honda, and uses Honda transmissions. Don’t be disappointed, Honda makes an excellent transmission. Their automatic transmissions have always been different than any other manufacturers in design. And superior in many ways. NOTE: Always use dealer purchased ATF [automatic transmission fluid] only.

All Acura TL’s are front wheel drive. Front engine/front wheel drive. Commonly referred to as a transverse design. What that means is the transmission and engine are mounted side ways under the hood. An axle comes out of each front wheel well and goes to the respective front wheel, pulling the car, instead of pushing it, as a rear wheel drive vehicle does.

Here is a terrific description of the latest Acura manual transmission.

“The new manual transmission installed in the latest TL SH-AWD® allows the driver, when in the mood to take full advantage of the performance and extraordinary handling of Acura’s new system,” said Jeff Conrad, vice president of Acura sales, “Not only does the new 6-speed manual transmission make the Acura TL the best performing Acura, it is the top handling performer among every vehicle in its class.”

I’m not recommending anything other than calling now and discussing your personal needs with someone trained to listen. Depending on the year, the condition of the car and your budget, allow us to council you on which variant suits you the best.

Our line up consists of transmissions, approved low mileage good used transmissions, and crate transmissions. The only way to make a solid decision is to call the experts and find out the merits of each variant and which one serves your purposes the best.

We know you want to speak to a living human being, so make the call now and ask the questions you need to have truthful answers to. An educated consumer makes better decisions, call now and get the education you need. We also have the best customer service online, breeding confidence and peace of mind. Make the call now 866-320-1182.

Rebuilt Ford Explorer Transmissions on Sale

I’m very familiar with the Ford Explorer. I’m a 30 plus year transmission mechanic. The Explorer was one of the most popular vehicles in my shop. In 1990, the first automatic transmission used in said vehicle was called the A4LD. Ford continued to use upgraded variations of this transmission until and through current generations.

If you are researching for a better Rebuilt Ford Explorer Transmissions on Sale, you are here, @ 866-320-1182.

The A4LD was one of Fords first overdrive transmissions for rear wheel drive vehicles [longitudinal]. It seemed like it had the plague for as many as 8 to 10 years, as Ford strove to work out the problems, as they complicated the transmission with more forward speeds and full electronic computerization. The 6r automatic transmission [2005] was the first attempt at a better unit. As a matter of interest, it is not made by Ford, It is made by ZF corp.

I don’t want to dwell on how many failures and built in problems we fixed. What is more important to note is the problems have been solved in the early units, including the first computerized ones in the 2nd generation models. Called the 4R55E.

A properly remanufactured A4LD or 4R55E starts with a very thorough dis-assembly, surgical cleaning and inspection by a trained transmission specialist. In the early models, regardless of the condition of the unit, lots of parts are discarded for newer updated parts. The problem parts are changed even if they appear good.

Of course the quality of parts used is far superior to the factory grade, but the real secret is in the brain of the transmission. Or the valve body as transmission people know it. This is were a lot of reprogramming takes place. Improved shift quality, improved oil flow for a cooler operating transmission and better lubrication, and a redesign of the torque converter lock up circuit completes the major or issues.

Combine this top grade rebuild with a top grade remanufactured torque converter, using full synthetic transmission fluid and you have a very reliable and trouble free transmission. Every remanufactured transmission we sell has the same upgrades performed. Our customers often call back to tell us their replacement transmission works better than the original one.

We don’t have space to discuss every transmission offered in the Explorer. I did not mention manual transmissions because they were not as popular and had less issues, should you be interested in a manual transmission for sale, call 866-320-1182 and speak with a trained sales representative.

The idea for every transmission is: before it is remanufactured, we research for every viable update or improvement first, we want you to buy a transmission that outperforms the original transmission at an affordable price. Take the time to call and surprise yourself at how inexpensive a rebuilt Ford Explorer transmission costs. 866-320-1182.

Oops, If you thought I forgot, I didn’t. The Explorer is also available in four wheel drive. If you have a transfer case problem, call us about a replacement transfer case too.

Replacement Honda Passport Transmissions for Sale

The Car/SUV called the Honda Passport was made from 1994 to 2002. I need to mention, Honda made a motorcycle called the Passport, too. Don’t get confused. It was really an American car, being made in Indiana, entirely. By US citizens, paying US taxes. I am not sure why it was discontinued, but it was not because the transmissions were no good.

Being a transmission veteran for over 30 years. Honda makes a terrific transmission. Automatic shift or manual shift. That does not mean Honda transmissions don’t fail. My guess is you are interested in Rebuilt Honda Passport Transmissions for Sale. If you don’t need my advise or information, then just call at 866-320-1182.

Let me say Honda has never produced an automatic transmission I would consider conventional. Design wise it uses some different components to make gear changes. It’s a very sensitive transmission, but durable in respect to proper maintenance. What I mean is: Under any circumstances, only use automatic transmission fluid from the dealership.

The Passport is built on a front engine, rear wheel drive chassis. It has four wheel drive as an option. A rather conventional design, called “longitudinal”. meaning the engine and transmission run with the north to south axis of the car. Using drive shafts to connect the differentials. Two drive shafts are used on four wheel drive models.

When I am asked about what transmission choice is the best. My thoughts go something like this. On a vehicle that has been out of production for about 10 years, the best replacement transmission for the money is a rebuilt transmission. It’s overall value actually reduces the price even more since it will out perform and outlast the original unit. It is a better Honda transmission because our rebuilt units include every factory approved update or part redesign, allowing for a better than new transmission.

Used transmissions may be an option, it depends on what we have or can find, we won’t sell a ‘junk yard’ transmission to you. For what a rebuilt unit costs, you may want to call and find out, it only takes a second and you may find out it’s more cost effective than you thought.

In any case, do call the transmission experts at and tap into their vast knowledge. Allow us to help you determine which one of our transmissions will satisfy your needs. 866-320-1182. Our peace of mind guarantee proves that every transmission we sell has pure value built into it.

Chevrolet Colorado Regular Cab Transmissions for sale

The first Chevy Colorado I saw was puzzling. I had not heard of the new model which replaced the Chevy S-10/GMC Sonoma, but I liked it and found it interesting. A mid sized truck in reality, but it just looks bigger. Probably an illusion. One thing I can say is that GM thought of every angle when they designed this one.

I’m a big fan of Chevy transmissions. That is one grey area for most people and don’t know what to order. All that is offered is a 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission and a 5 speed manual transmission. Nice and simple using two of the most reliable transmissions GM makes. Why then would anyone look for Chevrolet Colorado Regular Cab Transmissions for sale?

Basically, a failure would likely be because of a factory defect, of which I know of none. Or something happened out of your control. Perhaps you developed a leak and lost a lot of fluid. Did you know an automatic transmission holds about 12 or more quarts of ATF [automatic transmission fluid]? An overheated engine, without changing your ATF might damage your transmission.

This is conventional front engine-rear wheel drive vehicle with four wheel drive as an option. It uses a transfer case for 4WD. Called a longitudinal design. The engine, transmission and rear differential are all in line with the axis of the car [north to south/front to back]

The name of the transmission used in the Colorado is one of my favorite automatic transmissions of all times. Called 4L65E. It is the most modern version of the 4L60E, which came after the T700R4. A long lifespan and constant updates and improvements turned this into one of the most versatile, long lasting and best transmissions ever made.

My 1988 GMC has the earliest unit in this family, a 700R4. The 4L65E is a fully computerized automatic transmission making use of 6 to 8 internal solenoids and switches. The information is gathered from output sensors and switches located on the chassis and engine, then sends all of this info to a computer, which in turn sends the right signal to the transmission in real time.

Having been on the market as an electrical transmission since the 4L60E was introduced in the early 1990’s, the internal components have been redesigned several times and now it is virtually trouble free.

The only thing I really need to say now is if you are interested in doing business with us, then pick up the phone and call 866-320-1182 right now. find out why is “Where our customers send their friends”.

Our living, intelligent and courteous staff will outfit you with the exact replacement transmission for your needs. Call now and find out more about our warranty plans and see what real customer service is. 866-320-1182.

Replacement Hyundai Accent Transmissions for Sale

One of the more popular subcompact cars is the Hyundai Accent. It’s probably more popular than you know of since it’s sold globally under different names. It’s predecessor was the Excel. Since 2002, the Accent is the longest running family car sold in the USA. Every Accent uses a front wheel drive setup with a transaxle.

I want to be specific here, because if you need Replacement Hyundai Accent Transmissions for Sale, there are several things you need to know in order to be a better consumer. The Accent only uses front wheel drive transmissions. Ordinarily it is called a transmission, but it’s really more. It combines in one aluminum casing the full transmission assembly and the ring and pinion, which saves weight and more importantly, space. Thus a transaxle.

So, with a transverse mounting system a drive axle protrudes out of each front wheel wheel well going to the left front wheel and right front wheel respectively. Thus pulling your car, as opposed to pushing it, as a rear wheel drive vehicle does. FWD offers better traction in rain and mild snow.

In reality it’s fine to ask for a transaxle. Through the first 3 generations Hyundai kept it simple. Offering one automatic transmission-transaxle, and one manual transmission-transaxle variant. Though the transmissions were up to the task in the first three generations, they brought out some high technology transmissions for the fourth generation which will come out for 2012.

Making a decision between transmissions, used transmissions and in this case JDM transmissions [Ask about it] is one reason we have a staff of intelligent human beings that speak your language, in terms you understand. The big issue is that not very many consumers know what they need or what to ask for in a situation like this, expensive and very quality sensitive.

Our customer service department is outstanding, you can count on our sales staff to listen to your issues and provide a solution that meets your budget and needs. We also ship or deliver ASAP so you can get this painful mess of your mind fast.

Allow us to show you in: Cost per mileage delivered: which transmission is in your best interest. Every replacement transmission sold has pure value built right into it, and a peace of mind guarantee. Call now, don’t waste your time, @ 866-320-1182.