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Chevy 4L60E Transmissions for Sale, Very Affordable.

Chevy Transmissions being rebuilt

Chevy Transmissions being rebuilt

This Chevy 4L60E four-speed automatic transmission assembly features electronic control of shift points, shift feel and torque converter clutch application. The two-piece transmission case allows use behind GM engines that have a Chevrolet V8 bellhousing bolt pattern and produce no more than 370 lb-ft of gross engine torque.

This gearbox features a 3.06 first gear ratio for great acceleration and a 0.70 overdrive fourth gear ratio improved fuel economy. The high stall torque converter produces a stall speed of approximately 2300 RPM behind most small-block engines. The output shaft does not contain provisions for a mechanical speedometer application. The production use of this transmission assembly was for the police package 350 Vortec powered Chevrolet Tahoe.

For proper transmission operation for both carbureted and fuel injected applications a control module and wiring harness is also available separately. 4L60E gear ratios: 1st 3.06, 2nd 1.75, 3rd 1.00, 4th 0.70.

Being one of the best and most versatile transmissions ever made has made this transmission an all time popular unit with General Motors vehicle owners. The great gear ratios make it suitable for your Camaro or a Chevy 1500 series work truck. The difference lies in how the transmission computer (TCU), is programmed. Every vehicle has it’s own program in the computer.

With that in mind, it becomes essential to get the exact replacement transmission for your car. You certainly don’t want a truck transmission in your Buick, it may physically fit, but it is programmed to shift hard, like a truck.

Receiving the exact replacement transmission is the way to go. In order to make sure you get a truck transmission for a truck and a Buick transmission for a Buick, number one you have to have your vehicle identification number, and number two, you need to have some confidence in who you deal with. is the leading transmission supplier for professional repair shops, major fleet services and extended warranty companies in the country. That should tell you something, my recommendation is to give them a Call at 866-320-1182. A few minutes on the phone is enough to prove my point.

Manual Transmission Gears Made Stronger..

Manual Transmissions Gears

Manual Transmissions Gears

Awesome. This is the way manual transmission gears and gears in general were made before mass production. The methods are similar, but nowadays we use CNC, computer numerically controlled equipment to get the job done faster and with consistent accuracy. This however is the way gears were made before CNC machining equipment came out. The lathe and milling machine remind me of the equipment I used in the 70’s to machine transmission parts non available back then. Other than the machinists using brass as a material, the process is sound. Don’t pay attention to the math side, enjoy.

I want to add that one can buy some really cheap transmission gears manufactured in China. The gears I’m speaking of very often are sand cast and then fine finished. Sand casting is not nearly as durable as forged metal parts. Factory gears, or any quality gear for that matter is a forged gear, that is finished out for use.

It is an unspoken truth with the transmission rebuilders we employ. The truth is we only employ rebuilders that only think of the best quality parts when rebuilding a transmission. The rebuilders who are looking for short cuts work at the other places. You can’t save money in the transmission business by using cheap parts or cutting corners.

I know you would not want open heart surgery from a doctor who used below average parts and had the lowest price in town, with a cash discount. It sounds crazy, but people generally don’t compromise when it comes to a doctor. You can see in the video that making a transmission gear is quite complicated, so why trust your transmission work to anything less than a total professional with a great reputation?

Now that you are becoming educated in the field of transmission work, the cheap rebuilt transmission turns out to be more expensive in the long run. Protect yourself from buying anything less than the best. Rely on the company that the professional shops use and large fleet companies trust. Call @ 866-320-1182 and find out how we can help you.

1996 Chevy 1500 Pickup Truck Transmissions for Sale.

Thanks Very Much for the good used transmission.

Thanks Very Much for the godd used transmission.

We all work because we need to be rewarded. Rewards come in different forms, money is the most important and usable reward. We need money to live. Other types of rewards are important, such as a thank you for helping out a neighbor in trouble. The reward for helping a friend in a bad situation with a transmission problem, might be perhaps, ”I appreciate your time and advise”. Even if that friend takes another avenue.

It just happened to be a 1996 or 1995 Chevy 1500 pickup with a 4L60E automatic transmission, one that needed a replacement transmission. If you take a minute to read the above post you will catch up on why I am writing this post.

Note: This is not necessarily the same position that my boss or would take, these are my personal feelings only.

After spending some time on the phone with the gentleman who owns the truck, then going over and examining the truck, and then going home and calling myself for a price on a good used transmission, I only heard from my neighbor one more time. That actually was a call from his mechanic, who by the way seemed like a very nice person, who needed to know the procedure to flush out the transmission cooler.

I noticed this morning the truck was in his driveway, I wish him the best and sincerely hope he got a good job.

The point of this post is that a simple thank you means so much and is such a wonderful way to say I appreciate your time. For over 33 years now I have helped people out with transmission problems. For 26 years I was a paid professional and had to accept money as a reward in order to pay my shop bills. Although we gave away plenty of advise and diagnostics for free, and a thank you.

Since I sold my business 4 years ago, my advise is of no cost monetarily, and I don’t have any interest in rebuilding transmissions anymore. In fact I usually work and help out for food, kindness and appreciation now. I know I’m way off subject here, but a few years ago I painted my neighbors, on the north side, motorhome. I won’t go into the details, but they wanted to pay me money, I won’t accept money from them, all I really wanted was a nice BBQ rib dinner and some appreciation.

Rewards can be many things. Don’t forget to say thanks. Don’t forget that is a company that receives lots of ”thank you’s” from their customers on a regular basis. In many cases customers call back to thank us and tell us their car has not run this well for years and they appreciate the good advise on transmission replacement. Call @ 1-877-268-0884 and find out how much we can help you. Thank you, and have a nice day.

Hyundai Transmission Assembly Video…

By watching this video on assembling Hyundai Transmissions, better known as a transaxle assembly since it is a front wheel drive transmission, the idea is to show how complicated and precise the job is. It is not necessary to watch it all to get the idea. The Big idea being precision and cleanliness. This is very technically accurate assembly information, but I absolutely recommend that only experienced professionals actual do this procedure.

I transmissions for over 30 years. It still amazes me every time I think about how so much engineering and technology is spent on designing something that works as mysteriously and quietly as an automatic transmission (until it acts up). Watch the video for a while and see why a qualified transmission rebuilder has everything a brain surgeon has on his plate, except a life.

rebuilt transmission we sell has been through the entire rebuilding process with the type of cleanliness and precision shown in the video, then we actually run each transmission on a test machine called an dynomamter. Once it passes our tests, we box it up (wet, everything is soaked in transmission fluid)) for immediate shipment. Don’t forget to ask about our nationwide parts and labor guarantee. @ 866-320-1182.

Aluminum Transmission Case Gets Buffed Job.

This is one the processes rough sand cast cast aluminum transmissions, cases and covers have to be processed through. Two Fanuc robots (M-710) handling and deburring transmission cases for large mass production companies. The robots work right out of the trim press off the die-casting machine. It is a CNC machine. CNC is an acronym for computer numerically controlled. Meaning minimal humans necessary.

It is wild how the two complicated machines work in unison machining off casting marks and flaws, sharp edges and in general making the cases both mechanically safe from cutting anyone who picks the part up, and cosmetically appealing. Just another example of one of the many machining processes that a transmission case has to go through before it is ready to fill with brand new components.

Pretty cool eh? Watch and enjoy:

I hope this video empowers you to understand the intricate process a transmission case and it’s covers have to go through before they can be loaded with transmission parts. This type of stuff I find very cool. It is not important that you find the process important if you need a replacement transmission. Read on.

If fact you may want to get right to the point. Find out more about which transmission we can sell you that is in your best interests, and how fast can you get it. I understand.

If you don’t have time to read our blog, Call us @ 866-320-1182 and speak with a qualified and trained representative who can discuss every replacement engine option with you and help you make a decision that suits your needs and budget. We know that education is power and a well educated customer always makes a better decision.That is

No Cheapskate Rebuilt Transmissions Here.

Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

We don’t sell cheapskate transmissions. We sell transmissions that are a terrific value. Cheap transmissions do nothing more than cause everyone involved problems. From the company that rebuilt the transmission to the installer and most important, the customer. We also don’t have an interest in doing business with people who only want the cheapest replacement transmission.

Here is the deal. Buying a cheap, poorly rebuilt transmission at an eye-grabbing price may seem like a great way to get out of a bad situation fast, but lets examine this more. If you were to buy a cheap, poorly rebuilt transmission that had a reasonable warranty of one year, yet from the onset, you had to return to the shop that did the work for this problem or that problem, or a leak on a regular basis. This would be a fairly volatile situation, and ultimately a bad experience and value.

How many times would you bring back your car to the transmission shop for rework before it started to grade on you causing a big issue? Like, ”I payed for the job, why do I have to keep taking time off from work and losing money on renting a car because of coming back here to have warranty repairs? Wasn’t the job done right”?

Well no, What if the transmission in question had 250,000 miles on it, and it is really well worn out in all of the normal wear areas and some of the areas that should not wear are damaged too? After checking the entire unit out and making up the parts list, the rebuilder decides, well the ”solenoids tested good”, the rebuilder feels lucky today and thinks, I’ll save the company a few bucks today and reuse the (250,000 mile old) solenoids.

Solenoids can test good, but lets get real, if it has been clicking on and off for 250,000 miles over a period of 10 plus years, bathing in fluid that has not been changed often enough, chances it is not far from pooping out. So, by saving the company, one hundred bucks on solenoids, the mechanic is putting the company in a compromising situation and more important, the customer and the shop owner are being cheated, and you not being sold a ‘rebuilt’ transmission to it’s truest definition.

With that in mind, if that is what you want, we are the wrong place. Anyway, how does buying that cheap transmission save money? Especially since it will not even last 1/2 as long as a properly rebuilt transmission for about 200.00 dollars more. has built their reputation the right way, by selling the best transmissions money can buy. Call us anytime between the hours of 8am to 5pm EST. Speak with a representative who will set you up with an excellent value for your dollar. 866-320-1182.

1999 BMW 528i Transmission TCU Problems?

Need a TCU for Sale?

Need a TCU for Sale?

I picked this complaint to address for the two simple facts, a good diagnosis should be the first thing to do if your car loses it’s mind, and, if the problem turns out to be the TCU, make sure you buy Transmission Control Units for sale from a reputable place with a sold warranty.

Issues: I have a 1999 BMW 528i… has 118,500 miles on it. The other day, the check engine light came on, the ABS light came on, the Automatic Stability Control plus Traction Stability control DSC light came on, and lastly the Electronic Transmission control module (TRANS FAILSAFE PROG) came on. The check engine light seems to go off after driving sometimes. When taking off from a standstill, you have to give the car ALOT of gas to get it going. If I put in park, shut it off and restart, that light goes out until I put it in gear…. then the TRANS FAILSAFE PROG LIGHT comes right back on again and the car is VERY sluggish to start off… The check engine light does stay off, but all the other three stay illiminated.


Possibilities: Get professional help. Take your car directly to the dealer or a competent mechanic and have it diagnosed properly. Or, you will damage something that costs a lot of money unnecessarily. Such as your cars transmission. You payed a lot for the car, so get off some jack and have the problem diagnosed so you don’t waste money on unnecessary repairs and or parts.

If I had to make an educated guess, you probably have some sort of TCU (transmission control unit), ECM (engine control module) or major computer problem. With that in mind, your best bet would be to purchase a good used TCU for sale at a fraction of the cost of a new or rebuilt TCU from the dealer.

BTW, If you purchase a TCU from, the warranty may surprise you on a good used TCU, it may be longer than the factory replacement. If you are interested in more information on buying a good used TCU after the vehicle is diagnosed, Call us at 866-320-1182.

You May Need a Replacement Transmission.

Chevy Transmissions for Sale

Chevy Transmissions for Sale

I was cruising home yesterday, enjoying my little 1970 Porsche 911T, when my cell phone rang. It was my neighbor Franklin and he said my transmission has blown planets. Quickly I told him I would come over when I got home because I don’t like to talk on my cell and drive. Especially in a car with a standard transmission and squirrely as heck.

Franklin told me he lost reverse asap, and only has 2nd and 4th gear. He also had been to this blog, Blog and puled up my article on loss of reverse in a Chevy 4L60E transmission. He did not read the article on I can’t diagnose it over the phone, even if you bring it closer to the phone!

I was impressed with Frankiln’s research skills and the fact he knew the best automotive transmission website in the world.

Red has four wheel drive!

Red has four wheel drive!

Red, my dog and I walked over to Franks house and met him in the back yard. The vehicle in question is a 1996 Chevy 1500 pickup truck with a 5.7L engine and a 4L60E transmission. It has about 250,000 miles on it.

The first thing was to look at the engine light, the engine light also comes on when the tranny goes bad. He said it is always on. Well that is a problem because any reputable transmission man or mechanic for that matter will tell you that the engine light is critical to diagnose transmission problems on computerized transmissions. Frank was surprised, as he should be, to find that out.

Next I looked at the transmission fluid, it was low, but I wanted to smell it and look at the condition of the fluid. The fact that it was low may be a contributor, however since the transmission is damaged, that is a mute point now.

The dipstick was stuck in the tube, that is not a good sign that the fluid was being checked very often. Sure enough, it smelled like it had been on fire, and was contaminated with metal specs and clutch remnants. I asked Frank if he was getting his transmission serviced regularly. He no, never. I said do you get your engine oil changed regularly? He said yes. I said how long would your engine last if you never changed the oil? End of conversation, I think he got my drift.

Here is what I told Franky. You will need to have the transmission removed and inspected. If you do not fix it the shop will charge you the labor to take it out and examine it. If you fix it that is part of the deal. We know the transmission is damaged, especially with no maintenance ever.

Frank expressed that he really needed to stay on a budget. The truck is old with a lot of mileage and I want to fix it if it is affordable, then he started to ask me prices. I don’t and can’t quote prices till I know all the facts. This is what I recommended.

Buy a good used low mileage transmission from and get an excellent value on a transmission for cheap and have it installed by a professional who will get the cooling system clean. I told him that would be his best value in terms of meeting his monetary goals and ending up with a good value in a used transmission, and that if I were in his shoes, that is what I would do.

You will have to stay tuned to find out the rest of the story. I’m going to call @ 866-320-1182 and get Frank a price this morning. I don’t have anything to do with pricing, I am the resident transmission expert and blogger. Talk to you soon, Danny.

Go Green with Used Transmissions.

Need a Used Transmission?

Need a Used Transmission?

Used auto transmissions and parts make sense for the consumer. When purchasing used auto parts from you will receive the best Warranty available in the field on our products. The used auto parts industry has evolved into a major distributor of automotive products.

We have become a leader in automotive recycling. We specialize in quality used auto transmissions and parts. By utilizing used auto parts for your automotive needs you also can make a difference on the environment. has been supplying communities with guaranteed used parts for long enough to build a reputation off our quality parts and service. We strive to give our customers the best possible service. We guarantee 24 hour shipping from the time of your order. Our sales associates have more than 200 combined years of experience selling used auto parts.

We do appreciate your interest in our company and the used auto transmissions industry. We will continue to outwork the competition by supplying the largest and finest line of used transmissions available and customer service that is almost unheard of. Call @ 866-320-1182 for a free quote and advise on choosing the best transmission for your interests.

Buy Work Truck Transmissions With an Attitude.

Buy Transmissions

Buy Transmissions

If you need a work truck transmission for your truck, than you need a rebuilt transmission with an attitude. What I mean is the transmission you need has to be prepared to do the type of work you need done and at the end of the day ask you, ”is that all you got today’‘? That is a transmission with an attitude.

We specialize in custom transmissions with attitude problems. When I say an attitude problem, I mean it has an attitude about wanting to work harder for you and not even let you know that it is exceeding every expectation you had for it, in essence, you forget about your transmission because it works so good and is trouble free.

What is wrong with the above statement. You can’t forget about your transmission because it needs maintenance. Like your engine the transmission has to have the fluid or oil changed periodically. Whatever the maintenance requirement is for your vehicle, you should shorten the mileage by 20% to 25% for your transmission service. So, if the manual says to change the fluid at 60,000 miles, deduct 20% from 60,000 miles and you have 12,000 miles. So that equals 48,000 miles as a good interval for maintenance. Service costs a lot less than replacement transmissions.

It is good to error on the low side of mileage. If the work you do is abusive, you may want to change the fluid more often, Transmission fluid is basically a 27 additive package added to a 15 weight oil. So then, the oil weight of tranny fluid is thin and can ”burn”, overheat easily because of that. Which is why you want to keep an eye on the transmission fluid of a work truck or a pizza delivery car.

Back to custom transmissions with an attitude. Here is how our transmissions develop a heavy duty work attitude. You might even call our work transmissions workaholics. Our work transmissions are rebuilt using clutch plates designed to grab harder for a more aggressive shift and last longer. We also install very technical update kits which improve lubrication qualities, shift quality and eliminates all known issues that can cause premature transmission failures.

If what we have to offer in terms of transmissions being tailored for a specific use is of interest to you, perhaps reading more on their subject in our blog will clarify any concerns you have. You have the option of calling us to if you want to speak with an expert on getting you out fitted with the best replacement transmission, Call @ 866-320-1182.