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Used TH350 Transmission

The original turbo hydra-matic gearboxes produced in the General Motors lineup included the 350 series. This brand was first put into production in the 1969 year. The original plans for this build was to install these into all new Chevy and Buick vehicles. These gearboxes ended up being positioned in most rear-wheel drive vehicles in [...]

Used Transmissions for Sale in PA

Buyers from all 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania purchase transmissions using Got Transmissions. The gearboxes that are featured inside the parts inventory on this website are ready for shipment. This resources one of the few locations online to find used transmissions for sale in PA. All makes, models and builds of gearboxes are [...]

1500 Transmission for Sale

The 1500 code used for trucks in the U.S. market shared by both Chevrolet and Dodge. This identifier could be referring to the Silverado, Sierra or Dodge Ram trucks. Before buying a 1500 transmission for sale, it is important to know the options that are available in the U.S. Not all transmission retailers publish transmission [...]

Used Transmissions for Cheap

Buying a transmission replacement can have a level of fear for each buyer. Not knowing the quality, mileage or other unit information before purchase can be disastrous upon delivery. The used transmissions for cheap prices supplied by Got Transmissions helps thousands of automotive consumers each year. What is not found directly on this page or [...]