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BMW Z4 Transmissions for Sale

The BMW Z4 is one of the most interesting sports cars made today. It’s the successor to the original Z3 and is the company’s only two-seat sports car. That is why is the leading supplier in the country of BMW Z4 transmissions for sale.

The Z4 has been in production from 2002 through present times. The E85 model was made from 2002 to 2008. The E89 is being made from 2009 on. Those are the code names for said generations of Z4, respectively. Lets mention each transmission because the choices in transmissions were primarily performance oriented. BMW wanted to do battle with the Porsche Boxter. They picked a well seasoned World Champion to pick on!

Want to see the factory transmission Data, Info and Specs of every BMW Z4 from 2003 to current times?
2003 BMW Z4 Transmissions
5 Speed Automatic
5 Speed Manual
6 Speed Manual
5 Speed SMG Automatic

2004 BMW Z4 Transmissions
5 Speed Automatic
6 Speed Manual
6 Speed SMG Sequential Manual
5 Speed Manual

2005 BMW Z4 Transmissions
5 Speed Automatic
5 Speed Manual
6 Speed Manual

2006 BMW Z4 Transmissions
6 Speed Steptronic Automatic
6 Speed Manual

2007 BMW Z4 Transmissions
6 Speed Manual
6 Speed Automatic

2008 BMW Z4 Transmissions
6 Speed Steptronic Automatic
6 Speed Manual

2009 BMW Z4 Transmissions
6 Speed Manual
6 Speed Steptronic Automatic

2010 BMW Z4 Transmissions
6 Speed Manual
7 Speed Double Clutch Automatic7 Speed Double-Clutch Automatic

2011 BMW Z4 Transmissions
6 Speed Manual
6 Speed Steptronic Automatic
7 Speed Double-Clutch Automatic

The most important thing to know about buying a BMW replacement transmission is dealing with a company who supplies integrity, value and pride for every transmission handled, regardless of brand, year or make. The only thing that matters to us is that we fulfill our customers needs to an exact tee. To do that we supply the information you may need to make your best choice.

Call an experienced transmission salesperson, who has actual hands on experience and allow us to coach you up on the unknown details, ones that help our customers choose the best transmission for their Z4. We supply peace of mind with every transmission that leaves here. Call for a free quote on a specialty transmission for your BMW.

BMW 525i Transmissions for Sale

Another car made by BMW that uses a series of numbers and letter/s as identification, as opposed to an actual name badge. The Series 5 BMW, version [E34] is my subject today, or the model 525i. All you need to supply is the year and your VIN, if you are searching for rebuilt BMW 525i transmissions for sale. The VIN [vehicle identification number] is on your registration and tells us everything about your car.

Note: Do not mistake this BMW [ BMW5/525i] for a BMW M3. Nor is it the BMW Z3 model of which I have discussed also.

The 525i was manufactured from 1986 to 1996, the entire length of time BMW made the Series 5 cars [E34]. Four transmission options were offered in total, 2 standards and 2 automatic overdrives were offered in the 525i in the US.

The 525i used two automatic transmissions, both made by ZF; a 4 speed and a 5 speed version. And two manual shift transmissions made by Getrag. Also in a 5 speed and a 6 speed version.

The fact that both cars used five and six speed gearboxes suggests it is relativity modern. This vehicle is a rear wheel drive. An ordinary, conventional design for the most part, except for the 100% independent rear suspension.

Technically the setup is called a longitudinally mounted driveline. What that means is the engine is in front, and the transmission is mounted to the engine. With the drive axle in the rear, a drive-shat is needed. Thus we have a north to south engine – differential setup.

Generally speaking it is not a mistake to purchase a Beemer 525i, that is a planned buy. Nobody arbitrarily buys a 525i, anymore than I bought my Harley Davidson’s arbitrarily. The word passion comes to mind when I talk about automotive purchases such as the ones mentioned above. FYI: I also own a beauty of a 1970 911 Porsche [P Car].

Do you think I make my personal decisions on transmissions or transmission replacements arbitrarily? Ha. Every transmission I have purchased has been a calculated purchase. I either know the people intimately, or do plenty of research before we do business. Nothing but the best will do for my beauties. Nothing but the best.

It’s my opinion that BMW 525i owners share the same feelings I do. If said owner needs a replacement transmission, that person enters the search wanting only the finest. Saving money is important to 525i owners too, but quality is their overall goal. We know, nothing is less expensive than quality, that is a lot of the reason we buy special cars like Bimmer 525i, or a P Car.

For your information, there is nothing arbitrary about the way does business. Every automatic or manual transmission you choose from has been selected from the cream of the crop and is fully guaranteed to exceed your expectations, or more. What is more? More is our award winning customer service. More is we will ship or deliver within 24 hours. We offer More peace of mind and pure value with every BMW 525i rebuilt transmission for sale. Call

BMW M3 Transmissions for Sale

We already know the M3 is one of BMW Auto Company’s mid sized super performance luxury cars designed to compete with other high end manufacturers offering similar products. Having been in production since 1986 as the Model E30, we have learned to expect said owners of extremely high performance cars to demand; Remanufactured BMW M3 transmissions for sale, as the only viable replacement option for those in need.

The newest, most advanced transmission setup so far, is used in the M3 is called a double-clutch transmission, [DCT], a new technology called Drivelogic for the M3. A few of the manufacturers innovations:

Claimed to be the world’s first Double Clutch Gearbox brain stormed and developed for high-speed performance, shifting gears without interruption in power or traction. Gearshift management is performed through M-specific programming, including seven forward speeds or gear ratios, ensuring 100 percent uninterrupted acceleration.

Introduced at the same time with the BMW M3 Coupé, the BMW M3 Saloon, and the M3 Convertible. Drivelogic has eleven fully electronically computer controlled driving programs in the M mode, and five computerized shift programs in the automatic mode, with six shift programs in the manual mode.

Including ”Launch Control” for maximum acceleration from a dead stop, effectively improving transmission control in the automatic mode with 100 percent pure sequential gear selection in the manual mode.

You don’t have to own a newer model M3 to buy a transmission from Our customers tell us we have a terrific array of remanufactured M3 transmissions and low mileage used transmissions. has grown to understand BMW owners, and anything less than the absolute best in replacement parts, especially complicated major components like a transmission, they simply won’t settle for second best. That’s where we out perform the competition.

I highly recommend a rebuilt transmission for a car with the magnitude of a Beemer M3. For what I consider a very affordable price, it would be hard to beat the peace of mind built into our transmissions. No other company offers the high quality products and customer service has become known for.

You owe it to yourself, your family and your car to buy a replacement transmission from a company who builds pure value into their BMW transmissions. Call an experienced representative and find out how affordable a rebuilt transmission is and how fast we can ship it out. Call now.

BMW Z3 Transmissions for Sale

For BMW Z3 owners only. A 5-speed manual transmission was standard equipment, with a 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission optional. Compared to eleven engine options, this seems like a piece of cake. has BMW Z3 Transmissions for Sale, automatic and manual shift, rebuilt, used and crate.

One model 5 speed standard shift transmission was offered in a variety of gear ratios? Every variation in gear ratio was designed to be an exact fit for a particular combination of engine, rear differential ratios, tire size, etc. Of the 5 Speed manual transmissions that fit the Z3, there were about 20 different manufacturing codes.

Steptronic is the trade-name of the automatic transmission BMW uses. Essentially it has a variety of computer programs the transmission can choose from depending on driving conditions. It has a torque converter. It just has a manual mode that allows you to take over the shifting [although it will still override you if you try and do something that would damage the transmission].

This is far from a technical explanation, but the Steptronic is basically an automatic overdrive transmission with two modes. In “D”rive, it acts like a normal automatic with programmed shift points. After you move the shifter to the right, it acts like a manual valve-body; you select the shift points manually by pulling back on the shift lever to go to a higher gear, and push it forward to go to a lower gear.

Steptronic transmissions do not use a clutch pedal or gated gear selector[as in a manual] in the car. It can be operated in an ‘automatic’ mode, but can be manually shifted.

Many people like it, racing automatics are not out of the question anymore. To me, however, the idea of a manual trans is more than selecting what gear I want. It’s the total driving involvement including the clutch and gear selector. As in my vintage 1970 Porsche.

The bottom line with this particular car is to deal with qualified professionals who can deliver exactly what you need the first time. Not just any, ordinary transmission supply company can meet the demands of a BMW Z3 owner in need of a replacement transmission.

Call to find out which one of our options will suit your interests and budget. Call now and allow a professional to fill your needs. is the leader in quality top notch replacement transmissions in the continental US.

BMW 740il Transmissions for Sale

The BMW 740iL is part of the BMW 7 Series of cars. Called the E38 models, the E38 was the basis for the 1994 through 2001 740iL. Replaced by the E32 in 1995. The E38 models were offered with either a five-speed automatic or manual transmission; 740iL had a 5-speed ZF automatic standard. We have BMW 740iL Transmissions for sale, both manual and automatic.

The automatic transmission used in the 740iL model BMW is the ZF 5HP30. A 5 speed automatic overdrive transmission for rear wheel drive applications. A longitudinal mounted [rear wheel drive] engine and transmission setup, with a lock-up torque converter.

Called the AS5, it is an electronically controlled five speed automatic transmission using three planetary sets [Wilson gearing] three sets of rotating multiple-clutch plate discs, four brake clutches, two one way sprag clutches to offer reverse and 5 forward gears.

Major W. G. Wilson (1874–1957) was rewarded as one of the major co-inventors of the tank after World War One.[5] He had mainly been involved with the development of transmissions for tanks, particularly the problem of their steering gearbox. He had become an advocate for the benefits of the epicyclic gearbox, which allowed large torques to be transmitted whilst still being controllable through a small input force.[6] In June 1917, the first mock-up of the Mark V tank appears with the Wilson epicyclic steering gear. This was the first of the heavy tanks that could be driven by a single driver, without requiring him to signal orders inside to others working the brake levers.

Since 1900, the Lanchester Motor Company had built cars with manually controlled epicyclic gearboxes, first with a cone clutch, then with multi-plate clutches. These formed the ratio-changing gearbox of the transmission. In 1918, an experimental tank “Lanchester Gearbox Machine” or “Experimental Machine K” was tested, fitted with an epicyclic gearbox built by Lanchester.[7]

After the War, Wilson had a considerable reputation as an engineer of genius, particularly for gearbox design. In 1928 he patented his design for a novel pre-selective gearbox. Various manufacturers produced preselector transmissions under licence to the Wilson patents. One of the top manufacturers was a French company called Cotal. Wilson himself formed a partnership with J. D. Siddeley of the car maker Armstrong-Siddeley, first under the name of “Improved Gears Ltd.”, then later as “Self-Changing Gears Ltd.”.

As its name suggests, gear changes were made by selecting a gear ratio in advance of its being needed. The chosen gear was then brought into operation by pressing and releasing the ‘gear change pedal’, which was normally the left pedal, installed in place of the usual clutch pedal. It is not to be confused with automatic transmission, in that gear changing is initiated by the driver. Unlike the “crash” gearboxes of the first half of the 20th century, the gearwheels in a preselector box are permanently in mesh in an epicyclic layout.

On some cars, starting off from rest involved using the gear change pedal like a clutch. On others, first gear could be selected but while the engine was still idling the car would not move even after the gear change pedal had been pressed and released. When the accelerator was pressed a centrifugal clutch or fluid coupling would engage and the car would begin to move.
[edit] Use in cars

* Armstrong Siddeley [8]
* Many Daimler models, notably the Daimler Double Six
* MG K-type
* Crossley…wiki

It has adaptive shift control, which allows for the computer module to adapt to different driving conditions. For instance, highway driving as opposed to city driving. It also has a fail-safe mode. It is designed to alert the driver of a transmission problem, hopefully having the problem fixed asap, thus saving money.

Make sure to give GotTransmissions a call. Don’t you think doing business with an expert is critical? BMW is obviously a special car, other than outstanding performance, the car is also purchased because it is highly reliable, safe and very cost effective in the long run.

Buy a remanufactured transmission from a company that sells peace of mind with their transmissions. Call now.

Buy Mini Cooper Transmissions @ Affordable Prices

We are currently in the second model generation of the Mini, made by BMW. We know it as a cute, sporty, mini car with very attractive looks. Anyone can Buy Mini Cooper transmissions at affordable prices, everyday. Your reason for being here is probably to start the search for the proper company to do business with.

That is a reasonable concern. Locate the best company to buy your new, rebuilt or used Mini transmission from. That is a legitimate concern for the laymen. Most Mini owners are not mechanics, they just love to drive the cute little car, but generally have no clue about repairs. takes care of every aspect of buying a replacement transmission, thus making your experience a professional one and very satisfying for you. Confident you came to the place who sells knowledge and peace of mind with every transmission.

In the first generation Mini from; Mk 1 hardtop [2001-2006] and the Mk1 Convertible [2005-2008] came with 3 transmissions;
1. a CVT automatic transmissions,
2. a 5 speed manual transmissions
3. a six speed manual and 6 speed automatic transmission

Second generation models from 2007 and up used the 6 speed automatic overdrive transmission only.

Let me explain your transmission options briefly.
CVT is a special type of transmission in itself. Learn more about CVT here.
. A conventional manual 5 speed transaxle, and a
A conventional [modern] 6 speed automatic overdrive transmission.

The most important part of the process is calling and allowing our specialized representatives explain the different benefits between transmissions, remanufactured transmissions, crate transmissions and a low mileage certified used transmission.

We look forward to providing the education you need to decide which one is in your best interests. Call now. The best transmissions cost less in the long-run, see some of our testimonials. Don’t forget, the Mini is made by BMW and uses BMW transmissions.

Dakota 4WD V8 4.7 Auto Reman Transmissions

From 1997 to current models, the Dodge Dakota started to use a 4.7 liter engine in the lineup. This was in the second and third generation models. The automatic transmission used in the second gen. was a heavy duty 46RE 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission. Although the transmission was changed in the third generation Dakota, sells every year of Dodge Dakota 4WD V8 4.7 Auto Remanufactured Transmissions, at below cost.

1. The 46RE is a derivative of the TF518, it is nearly identical to the 42RLE except it is a smaller duty transmission for smaller trucks like the Dakota. The 46 RE is fully computerized.

The second generation was made from 1997 to 2004, just for the record, the third generation is still in production, beginning in 2005. The two automatic overdrive transmissions offered in the third gen. Dakota was;

1. 42RLE 4- speed automatic overdrive transmission. Originally called the 42E [transaxle], it was updated in 2003 to the 42RLE. It was updated to become a rear wheel drive transmission, more commonly known as a conventional rear wheel drive vehicle.

2. 545RFE 5-speed automatic overdrive transmission. This transmission is similar in almost every detail to the 42LE 4, except that it has 5 forward speeds. Used behind the 4.7L engine and the very powerful Hemi.

Although it seems confusing, it is a piece of cake to an experienced transmission professional. Transmissions can be confusing. With that thought stated, why not eliminate the complications and frustration often associated with transmission replacement.

Buying a remanufactured transmission can be easy and less frustration if you choose the right transmission supplier. Not all transmission suppliers are the same. We go out of our way to insure the re-manned transmissions we sell are prepared with the best parts on the market and the most experienced machining and labor available. Transmission technicians also go to training schools in order to keep them up to date and sharp.

Call now and find out why our remanufactured transmissions are such a great long term value. Revitalize your vehicle for mere fraction of what a new car costs and put the rest in your retirement account. Make a financially sound decision. Buy a remanufactured Dakota 4WD transmission from and experience the peace of mind every customer receives.

Buy Jetta Cali FWD 5 Speed Manual 1.9 L

It is not abundantly clear what a VW Cali is to me. From what I can deduce it is a VW van of sorts, made to meet California specifications for the California lifestyle. My suspicion is Cali is an abbreviation of California. It seems to be the recreational vehicle for every day of the year. Apparently, the ‘California’ option has been featured on Volkswagen compact motor homes and recreational vehicles for almost two decades. To buy Jetta Cali FWD 5 Speed Manual 1.9 L transmissions below cost, Call

The original Volkswagen Van lineup was a rear wheel drive with a rear engine setup. It used a rear mounted transaxle assembly. For all practical purposes the new models uses a front wheel drive setup, very similar to the new front wheel drive vehicles. Obviously it is a very modern hi technology van. VW builds some of the most high tech, excellent engineered vehicles of all time. A dramatic contrast to the original paradigm of the ”Peoples Car”. An inexpensive form of transportation originally.

In a situation where a vehicle may be demographically located or outfitted, calling for the correct advise regarding transmission replacement and getting the right unit will pay off. Nothing can be worse than ordering a replacement 5 speed transmission for your Cali and getting the wrong one. Trust the professional transmission sales representatives at GotTransmissions to get the order right the first time.

Our re-manufactured 5 manual transmissions are un-compromised in quality of parts and labor supplied. Designed to outlast the original transmission, we build pure value in every manual transmission or transaxle we sell.

Call now and find out why so many customers enjoy the peace of mind they purchase with every remanufactured transmission we sell. Call now. Our remanufactured transmissions are backed by our exclusive partnership warranty. Make sure you hear all about it.

Buy a Used Automatic Transmission; Range Rover V8 4.4L

Nearly the perfect search term, “Buy a Used Automatic Transmission; Range Rover V8 4.4L“. Even a lesser accurate search would deliver you to We are the industry leader in used transmissions for sale. We know everything but the year of this vehicle, however, only 2002 and newer Range Rover’s came with a 4.4L engine. We know then that this is a “L322” Rover model or the 3rd generation.

Interestingly enough, the 4.4 liter engine is manufactured by Ford and is the stock engine used in their Super Duty lineup and F-Series lineup of pickups. By the way, the 4.4 liter engine is turbocharged diesel engine.

Back to the point. The manual transmission was dropped entirely for the 3rd generation, leaving only the automatic transmission. The transmission offered in this vehicle is made by ZF and named the “ZF 5HP24” and is a 5 speed automatic rear wheel drive transmission. We call this a longitudinally mounted engine and transmissions, aka, a conventional rear wheel drive vehicle with four wheel drive.

The ZF 5HP24 was introduced in 1996 and is still in use today. The test of time proves what a solid automatic transmission it is. As a matter of interest, the 5 HP24 was used by a variety of car companies since 1996 and currently is still being used in new cars;
• 1996–1997 BMW E31 840Ci M60/B40
• 1997–2001 BMW E38 740i M62/B44
• 1997–2001 BMW E38 740iL M62/B44
• 1997–2003 BMW E39 540i M62/B44
• 1997–2002 Jaguar XK8 V8 4.0L
• 1998–2003 BMW E53 X5 4.4i
• 1998–2002 Jaguar XJ8 4.0 V8
• 1998–2001 Jaguar XJ8 Vanden Plas 4.0 V8
• 1998–2001 Jaguar XJ8L 4.0 V8
• 2001–2003 BMW E53 4.6is V8
• 2002–2003 BMW Z8 Alpina 4.8 V8
• 2002–2003 Jaguar XJ Sport 4.0 V8
• 2003–2005 Range Rover

Obviously, ZF made a superior transmission, look at the lineup of vehicles sporting this unit. Pretty snazzy company. The point is that this is a great transmission, having few or little problems. We can see by the chart above that this was used in 2003 to 2005 Range Rovers.

With that thought in mind, we have availability to some of the lowest mileage used transmissions in the country. All transmissions have been operated before being removed from the donor vehicle. All transmissions come with a viable confidence building warranty.

This offer is probably the best value I have ever seen in transmission replacement to date. Make sure you call GotTransmissions now and find out the details. One of our representatives will be glad to help you choose the transmission that is in your best interests. Call now.

Silverado 3500 Used RWD V8 6.6 Auto

Although there is no model year in the title of this Google search “Silverado 3500 Used RWD V8 6.6 Auto“, since we know that the truck has a 6.6L engine, the truck was made in the range of 2001 to present times.

Narrowing the year of the vehicle down is helpful, but only 2 automatic transmission were offered in this particular model truck, with the 6.6L diesel.

Both automatic transmissions are made by Allison, which is a division of General motors that manufactured large and or heavy duty truck automatic transmissions. The particular unit we are talking about, which is mated to a 6.6L Duramax engine is an Allison 1000. One of the smallest transmissions they make.

This Allison was used in;
• Chevrolet Silverado
• GMC Sierra
• Hummer H1
• Chevrolet B-Series

Built like a truck transmission it was the perfect compliment to an otherwise excellent product. No other American ”light duty” truck manufacturer can claim such an excellent transmission, in my opinion.

What I find so appealing about a used Silverado 6.6 liter Allison transmission is that you can’t buy one that is older than 2006. Simply put, they were not offered before that. So, the majority of used transmissions we offer are taken out of low mileage wrecked trucks. It’s a large market, has earned the right to select from the finest units available all over the country.

By having the ability to select from plenty of top notch recycling centers, allows us to ship or deliver your low mileage used transmission in 24 hours in 90 percent of the cases. Remember, every 6.6L used Allison 1000 has been operated in the donor truck before it is removed to certify that it runs perfectly and does not leak oil.

Call now and find out what a great value one of our used transmissions is. After speaking with a representative, you will feel the peace of mind our customers have grown to expect out of us. We sell pure value with every used Chevy transmission. Call now.