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Buy Jetta Cali FWD 5 Speed Manual 1.9 L

It is not abundantly clear what a VW Cali is to me. From what I can deduce it is a VW van of sorts, made to meet California specifications for the California lifestyle. My suspicion is Cali is an abbreviation of California. It seems to be the recreational vehicle for every day of the year. Apparently, the ‘California’ option has been featured on Volkswagen compact motor homes and recreational vehicles for almost two decades. To buy Jetta Cali FWD 5 Speed Manual 1.9 L transmissions below cost, Call

The original Volkswagen Van lineup was a rear wheel drive with a rear engine setup. It used a rear mounted transaxle assembly. For all practical purposes the new models uses a front wheel drive setup, very similar to the new front wheel drive vehicles. Obviously it is a very modern hi technology van. VW builds some of the most high tech, excellent engineered vehicles of all time. A dramatic contrast to the original paradigm of the ”Peoples Car”. An inexpensive form of transportation originally.

In a situation where a vehicle may be demographically located or outfitted, calling for the correct advise regarding transmission replacement and getting the right unit will pay off. Nothing can be worse than ordering a replacement 5 speed transmission for your Cali and getting the wrong one. Trust the professional transmission sales representatives at GotTransmissions to get the order right the first time.

Our re-manufactured 5 manual transmissions are un-compromised in quality of parts and labor supplied. Designed to outlast the original transmission, we build pure value in every manual transmission or transaxle we sell.

Call now and find out why so many customers enjoy the peace of mind they purchase with every remanufactured transmission we sell. Call now. Our remanufactured transmissions are backed by our exclusive partnership warranty. Make sure you hear all about it.

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