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ZFS6-40 Manual Transmissions for Sale.

ZF Manual transmissions for sale

The ZFS6-40 is a constant-mesh 6 speed fully synchronized manual transmission used in General Motors vehicles. The design incorporates an input/main shaft, a countershaft, and the output/main shaft. The input shaft and main shaft are located on the same axis. The counter shaft is on a parallel [...]

Used Transmissions Last Longer With Synthetic ATF

Unless you are driving a model A or T Ford, your automatic transmission and standard transmission uses synthetic transmission fluids. All cars use synthetic transmission fluid now, all auto manufacturers use synthetic automatic transmission fluids in their automatic transmissions from the factory, and most of the modern standard transmissions actually use synthetic automatic transmission fluid [...]

Used Transmissions Can Give Your Car A New Lease On Life.

When you own a perfectly good car, lets say about 10 years old and the engine has a failure, for any reason, what to do is the big question about replacement engines in general. Before you have a knee-jerk reaction and go buy a new car or another used car, hear me out. What I am [...]

Saab Transmissions: Used Transmissions are a perfect choice..

Saab’s are nice cars, especially for drivers in the Northern areas of the United States. They have good transmissions, and a loyal community of enthusiastic mechanics to support your needs. You may pay more to maintain your Saab than you will for many other vehicles, but for most drivers, their smooth handling, safety, and gas [...]

Aftermarket auto parts sales hit a new high…

I’m a curious guy. When I need car parts, as I will next week when I start servicing up my Buick Roadmaster Wagon, I will stop by one or both of my favorite automotive parts places. Bennett’s auto parts is close to me and they know I want the best replacement parts available. Experienced parts [...]

Part-3 CVT Continuously variable transmissions-Pulley-based CVTs..

More on CVT transmissions from: Part-2 of CVT transmissions. Pulley-based CVT Look into a planetary style automatic transmission, and you’ll see a complex world of gears, brakes, clutches and governing devices. By comparison, a continuously variable transmission is a study in simplicity. Most CVTs only have three basic components: A high-power metal or rubber belt A variable-input “driving” pulley An [...]

Part-2: CVT continuously variable transmissions..

­If you’ve read about the structure and function of CVT automatic transmissions in Part-1: CVT Transmissions, then you know that the job of the transmission is to change the speed ratios between the engine and the appropriate (front or rear) wheels of an automobile. In other words, without a transmission, cars would only have one [...]

BMW transmissions are made by “ZF Transmissions” …..

In our case, ZF Friedrichshafen AG is a world supplier of automotive and truck automatic and standard transmissions. You can read on Wiki about their long and extensive background and history. What I want to focus on is the automobiles that use their transmissions. The BMW transmission in particular.,.. Jaguar, Land, Rover, Maserati, Peugeot, and [...]

BMW transmissions are selling like hot cakes…

BMW is another car that is similar to Mercedes in quality and craftsmanship. BMW is an acronym for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG… or, in English, Bavarian Motor Works. Whatever you call it, the German-based company is one of the world’s most respected automakers, renowned for crafting luxury cars and SUVs that offer superior levels of [...]

Part-3: Solving rebuilt transmission problems..

Part-2: Solving rebuilt transmission problems.. The bottom line is that someone or something is not right. I will go on record now, and say I ran the best transmission repair shop anywhere. That is the way I felt about our operation. I’ll be the first to say that, at leat on non computerized transmissions, the problem [...]