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Used Dodge D150 Transmission

The D150 trucks by Dodge all used different transmissions from the 1980s through the early 1990s. There are 3-speed and 4-speed models that a person could search for on the web. When buying any replacement, understanding the motor type and the Chrysler numbering system is essential. A person can buy quality used Dodge D150 transmission [...]

2008 Dodge Dakota Transmissions for Sale

2008 Dodge Dakota Transmissions for Sale Dakota is sometimes referred to as the Ram Dakota due to similarities in construction. The 2008 models were released as part of the third generation of production in North America for the Dakota truck series. There are several gearboxes in use for the ND platform trucks in the Chrysler family. [...]

Dodge Ram 2500 Transmission

The light-duty truck series from Dodge is designated as the 1500 series. These are most often the Silverado or Sierra. The three-quarter ton series is known as the 2500. These larger Ram trucks are meant for towing power. The engines and transmission combination are two components that make the larger truck series popular. Got Transmissions [...]

Dodge Neon Transmission

Dodge, through its investments by Chrysler, introduced the Neon vehicle brand in 1993. This was one of the first compact cars in the Dodge brand in several years. Part of the marketing for this vehicle series centered around the quality of the parts used for production. The four-speed engines were paired with excellent transmissions produced [...]

2000 Dodge Dakota Transmission

The Dakota is one of the popular trucks produced by Chrysler. The Dodge brand of pickups has a long history within the U.S. auto market. There are good pairings of engines and transmissions in the Dakota series. While the Ram gets a lot of attention, Dakota truck owners know the quality of each gearbox installed [...]

Dodge Ram 45RFE Transmission

Chrysler produced the 45RFE transmission and used it heavily in the Dodge series. This electronically controlled unit was used in the 1500 Ram series starting in 2002. One thing to note about this edition is that is worked well with the 3.7 and 4.7 engine types. These V6 and V8 motors represent the popular editions [...]

Dodge Intrepid 42LE Transmission

Chrysler invested heavily into its parts division in the 1990s. The Dodge series and its newly launched Intrepid received a lot of engineering attention. In order to boost the sales of Dodge, new technologies were used in this vehicle series. The Ultradrive transmission was selected for this vehicle and it remained until the Intrepid termination. [...]

Dodge Durango 45RFE Rebuilt Transmissions

Dodge Durango was created in 1998 by Chrysler. The engine technology that was used inside mimicked the Jeep Cherokee. The PowerTech 4.7L V8 engine was one of the most successful engines of the mid 1990s. This was the engine selected for the Durango. The transmission that was used at this time was the 45RFE. This [...]

Used Dodge Neon 31TH Transmission

Dodge Neon or Plymouth Neon was always a great seller. This car had it all. It gave buyers the right amount of horsepower and a generous amount of gas mileage. It also gave buyers one of the best 3-speed transmissions ever built by Chrysler. The 31TH transmission is a TorqueFlite transmission and was used for [...]

Dodge Stealth A670 Used Transmissions Cheap

Dodge Stealth had a 5-year run in U.S. production and was based on the Mitsubishi platform. The actual design did well in European countries and the Stealth was imported for sale in 1991. One of the amenities was a V6 engine that could accept the 4 and 5-speed manual and automatic transmissions that Chrysler developed. [...]