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2003 Saturn Vue Transmission

Saturn Vue was first introduced as one of the first sport utility vehicles in the Saturn lineup. This brand was a subsidiary of General Motors. The Vue was produced in both Saturn and GM builds through its 2001 to 2010 production run. Multiple types of transmissions have been developed and used inside of this vehicle [...]

Saturn Automatic Transmission

Saturn was a big part of General Motors through the 1990s and 2000s. This passenger car company developed into one that ventured into SUVs before the closure of this brand. One thing in common with all of the vehicles that were distributed was the quality of the transmission. GM is known for putting top of [...]

Saturn Vue Transmissions For Sale 

Saturn introduced it’s first generation Vue in 2002 and presented it as a car Made By Saturn Corporation. From 2006 to current times it became a product of General Motors. It shares platforms and engines with several other GM cars. It’s very surprising to find out there were over 5 Saturn Vue transmissions for sale offered in [...]

The Truth behind Saturn Transmissions and Reverse Problems

Upgraded Saturn Transmissions for Sale Cheap

Question: Hi, all. I have a 1993 SW2 (I know this is the SL section) with 40,000 actual miles and an auto transmission. When I shift it into reverse, it pauses, and then the transmission shifts into reverse after a lag. Often, there’s a thud also. [...]