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New Process 205 (np205) for sale

NP 205 Transfer Case For Sale

NP 205 Transfer Case For Sale

The NP205 transfer case is a super heavy, cast iron, heavy duty gear driven transfer case. The NP205 gear driven transfer case is considered by many to be the bulletproof. It was supplied in many GM, Ford, International and Dodge full-size trucks. It’s weight is prohibitive to almost anything except original applications. The New Process Model 205 is a two-speed, part time, cast-iron transfer case. Discontinued in 1985, our inventory includes a new process 205 (np205) for sale.

Many experts say this unit is the strongest transfer case ever built! It is gear driven and it has a 2:1 low range ratio.


All GM NP205 cases 1971-1985 had a 8 bolt “racetrack” bolt pattern
All GM NP205 Cases 1986-up had a 6 bolt circular bolt pattern

The Ford NP205 transfer case uses the 6 bolt circular bolt pattern . It has a left hand drop (driver’s side). It is supplied with a 31 spline female input. 

Dodge NP205 Transfer Case

The Dodge NP205 transfer cases are mostly an 8 bolt pattern like the early Chevy. Some late units had the 6 bolt circular pattern. These units all have a right hand drop. Most are supplied with a 23 spline male input shaft and used with a coupler.

The low down on these transfer cases is based on unbelievable durability by way of materials that weigh a lot and are very durable. There was nothing subtle about it. It is large in size, using a cast iron case: no high tech light weight materials like aluminum alloys. Aluminum is the preferred material for both transmissions and transfer cases now a days for weight saving purposes.

The internal parts were anything but subtle too. Tremendous gears and shafts, by any standards, using gears to drive the ”transfer” portion instead of a chain. Chains drive 95 plus percent of transfer cases and AWD units in modern vehicles. Most of the new cases are computerized.

Very few failures occured to the large metal parts. Simply put, most failures were due to loss of lubrication. Why? Many of the vehicles that this component was offered in were so trouble free, the lubrication levels were often neglected. That long ago, there was no such thing as ”lube places”, so plenty of items like transfer cases and differentials were not checked for lubrication level as often.

Another possible failure problem is not isolated to this transfer case alone. The issue is water. Any drive-line component that gets water mixed into the lube is failure prone. Most of the time this is a problem for 4 wheel drive enthusiasts. Although many four wheel drive enthusiasts know this can be an issue, and check all drive-line components after an outing.

Based on the strength alone, many 4×4 enthusiast have developed custom setups to adapt the NP205 to a specialized application taking advantage of it’s durability. Never doubt the imagination of an enthusiast and what concoction can be devised to go off-road. Take a minute and call now about a New Process 205 for sale. We have exactly what you are looking for.

4t65e transmission for sale

4t65e Transmission For Sale

4t65e Transmission For Sale

The 4t65e is a front wheel drive transmission for sale, or, transaxle, to be more precise, it is transversely mounted. It was designed and is built by General Motors. The GM THM-4T65E four speed automatic overdrive transaxle is found in many 1997 and newer vehicles equipped with the 3800 engine and most 2000 and newer vehicles with the 3400 engine. This is a great trans and has been upgraded several times over recent years.

This transaxle is a fully automatic and electronically controlled by a transmission computer unit [TCU]. Shifts are all controlled by a set of electronic shift solenoids solenoids, line pressure is controlled by a Pressure Control Solenoid, [PCS].

This transaxle also uses a Torque Converter Clutch, [TCC], and is used to lower revolutions per minute [RPM] and increase gas mileage. The TCC function is called a PWM type, which stands for Pulse Width Modulation. The PWM TCC system was developed to allow a smooth engagement of lockup clutch and allows a small amount of computer controlled slippage of the TCC.

The TC Clutch can apply in 2nd through 4th gears. The controlled slippage is designed into the converter system taking advantage of a special TCC lining developed specifically for this application, called a woven lining. An ordinary TCC clutch lining would burn up and shudder as if driving over a washboard if used in this type of system.

The 4t65e is sometimes called the ”big brother” of the 4t60e transaxle by General Motors. Some people say it is more sturdy. Essentially it is the same transmission except for a larger diameter torque converter and somewhat stronger planetary gears. The final drive ratio’s vary as well depending on the car it is used in.

Other improvements include firming up the 4th gear shift. Some complains were registered about premature 4th gear burn-up. Other areas of concern were centered around torque converter function and smooth lockup. Which is why GM increased the outside diameter of the converter used between the 4t60e and 4t65e transaxles.

Used until at least 2009 in GM cars with the 3.9L engine. Overall, considering the amount of 4t65 automatic transaxles produced, it is one of the most successful and terrific front wheel drive transmissions made.

Here is a piece of advise that seems very worthy considering this is a fully computerized transmission: whether you are having a transmission problem only, or you need a replacement transmission, have the transmission computer module unit examined too, make sure it is not part of the problem. A mistake many technicians make.

We have TCU units for sale too, exact match to said vehicle. Available immediately are low mileage used transmissions and transmissions with all currently available upgrades. Our Chevy, Olds, Pontiac, Buick and Cadillac 4t65Ee transmissions for sale exceed expectations, call now and find out why is where our customers send their friends.

Rebuilt Automatic Transmissions For Sale

When it comes to replacement transmissions, choosing one by yourself gets complicated. Transmissions more than any other auto part breed fear and confusion. We sell automobile and truck transmissions, these are fully ”rebuilt” automatic transmissions for sale, which is a technically identical term to ”remanufactured”. Other forms of transmissions for sale will be addressed at another time.

“Caveat Emptor” (let the buyer beware) is the keyword here. Most rebuilt, remanufactured, refurbished and various other terms, will carry an APRA logo, or some sort of a decal to identify that the transmission has been, rebuilt, using new parts and re-machining of those parts still re-usable, to the word of the code.

How well the process was performed is the important issue here. Not every doctor was at the top of the class when they graduated medical school. But they graduated and become doctors and help people out. A transmission rebuild company can have lots of decals and certifications too, but all they have to do is follow the minimum requirements of the law and warranty their products.

1. Remanufactured
2. Rebuilt

Simply put, the terms are interchangeable. What I would look at, more important than decal’s, bells and whistles would be long term warranties, which prove that the company has confidence in their products. I believe that it’s a company’s obligation to the client to rebuild all transmissions to the highest standards set, not the lowest standard set.

Sadly, some companies use the minimum requirements to ”get by” with. It’s hard to tell by ‘’looking’’ at the outside, unless it is dirty. Stay away from phrases like: Big Discounts, Heavy Discount Transmissions, and Economy Auto trannies. My experience with terms like those, especially in the auto industry is that the products are cheap and cost less because they don’t perform as well and last as long.

In the long run, the best automatic transmissions are rebuilt by the most ethical companies. In fact, most of the time the prices are not so different, and what price difference is worth buying a ‘discounted’ transmission that fails right out of warranty? Allow us to assist you and make buying a rebuilt transmission for sale a great customer experience. Call now.

Used Transfer Cases

Every time someone calls us about used transfer cases for sale, we realize that they may not be asking for a 4×4 (four wheel drive) transfer case. In the old days, 99% of the time, a transfer case only applied to 4×4 trucks [mostly]. With the advent of AWD [all wheel drive] vehicles, it’s very important to establish exactly what our customer is interested in before any sort of discussions can take place.

Some prospective customers don’t even know their car has an all while drive system. The latest AWD cars run so smooth; it isn’t even noticeable to the driver or riders that all four wheels are pulling. That is where the difference lies between a 4×4 owner and an AWD owner. Most 4×4 owners know what they have and how to use it, meaning the four wheel drive.

The new high tech super luxury sedans and some of the purest and fastest cars like Porsche have really advanced systems that use all wheel drive computer technology which automatically commands the transfer case [all wheel drive unit] to put the power where it’s needed.

A 4×4 pickup truck or SUV is easier and less expensive to buy a used transfer case for, pure and simple. A super high tech touring car is another situation entirely. You are looking at a computer controlled system that makes use of a minimum of four sensors, but more likely twice as many to provide the input to the AWD system in order to make decisions by itself, based on input from the sensors and computer.

In that case it is a good idea to look into a used all wheel drive transfer case for sale. Especially if you have an electrical issue to deal with. It’s entirely possible the computer failed thus causing the AWD transfer case to fail, so all electronic components need checking too.

The nice thing is that we can supply a computer from an “exact match” vehicle to restore the whole system at once. Exact match is a perfect way to go, keeping the integrity of the vehicle consistent is key to having a properly operating system. It is not a good idea to mix and match computers, AWD systems and vehicles. Simply put, if you have an AWD Audi A8, you want an AWD transfer case from an exact match Audi A8.

Need more information? Are you looking for a transfer case for sale? Allow our team of experts put you back in the driver’s seat fast. Call Now.

4r70w transmission for sale

The 4R70W is a Ford automatic overdrive transmission. It is fully computerized with a lock-up torque converter. It supersedes the original Ford overdrive, the AOD (automatic overdrive) and the AODE, the E meaning electronic. After being introduced in 1980 the AOD went through constant redesigns and upgrades for almost 15 years before the 4R70W was introduced.

The 4R70W is very reliable and offers seamless shifting. The internal integrity has been raised to above standard performance levels and lifespan, making it suitable for most Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles up to the F-150 Ford pickup trucks.

During their production run, it was the most popular Ford transmission on the market. At this point in time if you are here looking for a 4R70W transmission to replace a worn out one, one of the best options is a low mileage used transmission. For those on a budget and looking for a terrific value, consider one of our good used transmissions.

For those of you who wish for a rebuilt or remanufactured unit, perhaps this is the most reliable no miss option for you. Our transmissions are unparalleled in construction and are prepared by the finest technicians in the country. Only new parts are used being equal to, or better than factory original. To top it off, every rebuilt 4R70W has been upgraded in full.

The bottom line is that we offer value in any replacement transmission you choose. Simply put, no one can compete with the uncompromising detail to each and every 4R100 (or every transmission) that leaves here. We find it mutually beneficial for the customer and our company to stick to these guidelines.

Another top priority its to ship your fresh transmission out as fast as possible. We understand that getting back on the road fast is always a priority. A positive experience and excellent customer service is included in every sale. It does not have to be a confusing nightmare.

The bottom line is that if you suspect a transmission failure or have a confirmed transmission failure (by a professional), allow us to show you our entire line of replacement transmissions and help you determine which variant serves your purposes best. We offer excellent used transmissions and unchallenged transmissions for sale every day. Call now and place your order.

Rebuilt Transfer Cases For Sale

Rebuilt Transfer Cases For Sale

Rebuilt Transfer Cases For Sale

Most people think that only four wheel drive (4×4) vehicles have transfer cases. That is a very reasonable idea for folks who are not automotive enthusiasts. The reality of the situation is that vehicles tagged as All Wheel Drive (AWD) use a transfer case too. We don’t use special ”talk” to confuse you, simply put, most people are searching for rebuilt transfer cases for sale.

We get plenty of inquiries from customers who don’t know exactly what they need. The basis of a transfer case is to transfer power to all four wheels from one power output, the transmission. AWD vehicles use very sophisticated setups which allow the vehicle to put the power to the proper wheels all the time.

Their are some differences between 4×4 transfer cases and AWD transfer cases or power dividers, power splitters and various other devises with fancy names. The major difference is that an AWD power divider has an actual differential inside it. What that does is direct the power to the wheels that need the traction.

Because all four wheels are engaged all the time in an AWD, it has to have a differential inside. Why? Well, when you make a turn, the inside wheels turn at a different rate of speed than the outside wheels, so without an internal differentiating device, the inner wheel would ”hop” as you rounded the corner.

A relatively sophisticated internal differential solves that. Some 4×4 vehicles have such a feature, but most of them, including my 1988 GMC 4×4 1 ton pickup do not. Reason being, we rarely drive around in four wheel drive all the time. And, if you are off road, you are probably in mud or sand, instead of concrete (a solid surface) where the earth gives, so no ”hop” occurs.

Transfer case have been electronically activated for many years now. Simply push a button and the proper action is taken. Although many trucks still have a lever on the floor which you push or pull to put the transfer case in the proper position.

Generally speaking, 4×4 truck or SUV owners know what a transfer case is due to the nature and intended use of the vehicle. AWD owners rarely have any idea, or interest in how all four wheels get power. Confused or not, we have plenty of time to help you understand more about the subject, and the capability to supply you with an uncompromisingly well rebuilt transfer case for sale. Call Now for more information.

4r100 transmission for sale

Ford 4R100 Transmission For Sale

Ford 4R100 Transmission For Sale

I can’t think of a more structurally sound extra large heavy duty automatic transmission than the Ford 4R100. Often I have spoken of how heavy duty the two other American car companies largest transmissions are, yet this one has several tiny flaws in the valve body and cooling arrangements that force plenty of units go bad before their time is due.

The 4R100 proceeds the E4OD. Which stands for Electronic 4(speed) Over-Drive. It is fully computerized with a beautiful high technology control system that provides excellent shift quality and super pulling power for the large loads.

I want to address the small shortcomings built into this transmission from the factory. I have seen and had to rebuild more 4R100 and E4OD transmission due to these relatively minor shortcomings.

1. The most common failure of this transmission is due to insufficient automatic transmission fluid (ATF) cooling. It is not entirely the transmissions problem, but an indirect problem that can be cured before you have a serious transmission failure. It is also advisable to take these actions if you buy a rebuilt or used transmission from us.

Simply put, especially in trucks that work hard, the transmission fluid does not cool down enough through the stock cooling system, therefore burning the transmission fluid and causing a terrible leak out of the front of the transmission and or literally burning the clutches, bands and any plastic parts along the way.

Using a non synthetic transmission fluid falls under the overheating category. Synthetic ATF can take twice as much heat before it breaks down.

My advise is to add an external auxiliary transmission cooler in addition to the factory system to effectively cure the overheating problem.

2. The second issue is a tad bit more involved and is usually done at the time of a full rebuild. Although the smart owner will have this service performed immediately upon receiving a vehicle with said transmission.

What we call this procedure is installing an upgrade kit. The kits addresses many issues and upon rebuilt turns this into more than the beast it was intended to be. However, part of the kit can be installed without any invasive treatment. And it is not a bad idea if you buy a used transmission to have a professional perform the installation of the components that can be installed while the transmission is still in the vehicle.

I want to make this abundantly clear. If you have a bad or malfunctioning transmission, don’t do anything until it is checked by a profession transmission mechanic.

The point I want to get across is that we sell rebuilt 4R100 transmissions. Every rebuilt unit gets an update kit. The entire kit is installed while being rebuilt. The cost of the kit and extra time to do the procedure is like making money. You will now have a transmission you can forget about except for regular maintenance with synthetic transmission fluid.

Most of our customers don’t believe it is the same transmission after their their first road test. We recommend an auxiliary cooler too, of course. If you choose to buy a quality used transmission from us, at the least, we recommend an auxiliary cooler, the upgrade kit is worthy, but not necessary on a used transmission.

Take a minute and give one of our salesman a call now. We will be glad to discuss your situation and help you decide which one of our 4R100 transmissions fills your bill perfectly. Call now.

transmissions for sale

Your Key to Rebuilt Transmissions For Sale

Your Key to Rebuilt Transmissions For Sale

Did you just have a transmission failure and becoming frustrated with trying to make sense out of the various terminology and concerns involved in locating some reliable and consistent information to go by? It makes the process look like brain surgery. It does not have to be that complicated if you are browsing for transmissions for sale.

The truth is some places confuse you on purpose hoping to sell what is most profitable for them. Realistically speaking, you want a company that talks straight and sells replacement transmissions that suit your best interests. Any company who does not embrace the customers needs first is the wrong place to do business with.

So what exactly is a rebuilt transmission? One thing is that there are certain guidelines every rebuilder should follow. Unfortunately that is not so.

This should be taken and understood to mean at the very least, most of the following:

1: All internal and external parts, including case and housing, have been thoroughly cleaned and inspected
2. The valve body has been disassembled and thoroughly cleaned and inspected
3. Soft-parts replaced with new: All bands have been replaced with new.
4. As much as possible of all the following parts have to be replaced with new parts:
a. Lined friction clutch plates
b. Internal and external seals including seals that are called ”metal clad”.
c. All rubber sealing rings
d. All Gaskets and or sealer
5. Hard parts (sub-assemblies) need to be inspected and rebuilt or replaced.

All worn, defective, or damaged parts not mentioned above have been restored to original factory condition or replaced with new or rebuilt parts. Measuring and adjusting of such parts to factory clearances.

If so equipped, all of the transmission’s internal and external electronic components, should be replaced by factory original components, no aftermarket electrical components. Although electrical parts inspected and found to be functioning properly may be reused with discretion.

A rebuilt torque converter.

This is the formula. Although plenty of remanufacturers manipulate some parts and some use parts with lower than acceptable credentials.

The end result is determined by how long a replacement transmission lasts which ultimately determines it’s overall value. A cheap transmission that is not rebuilt to acceptable standards will cost more than the few dollars difference an acceptable rebuilt transmission will cost.

Speak with one of our transmission replacement counselors, and find out why our customers recommend their friends to us for transmissions.

nv4500 transmission for sale

nv 4500 transmission for sale

nv 4500 transmission for sale

The (New Venture) NV4500 transmission is one of those special 5 speed manual transmissions that has it all. ‘Highly reliable’ is it’s middle name. With huge gears and bearings this 5 speed transmission was offered in pickup trucks, primarily up to one ton trucks.

It is such a versatile 5 speed manual transmission that it has become a very popular replacement in hot rods, older cars and trucks. Originally it was designed as an aftermarket replacement transmission, however because of it’s ease of installation, both General motors and Chrysler made good use of it.

As a matter of interest, New Process Gear, was a joint-venture automotive transmission company set up by General Motors and the Chrysler Corporation in February 1990.

With an aluminum alloy housing and unusually large in circumference shafts, we have the base of a great recipe. Because this was in essence going to be generic as far as it’s intended usage was originally concerned, the transmission was an overkill in durability. The engineers never figured it would become possibly the most popular 5 speed manual transmission ever.

What I mean by the above statement is that it is very adaptable to car builders. Folks who engineer and build hot rods take advantage of it’s ease of adaptability of installation, and of course it’s obvious fuel savings with 5th speed being an overdrive gear.

Another area of popularity is for owners of older trucks who like their vehicles and want to upgrade the transmission and improve fuel mileage and drive-ability. I did the equivalent to my truck. It had a 3 speed automatic transmission in it, I installed an overdrive automatic transmission in it and picked up 4 miles per gallon and improved it’s highway drive-ability 100%.

It is not an unreasonable thought to keep a nice old truck and upgrade it somewhat when the transmission needs to be replaced. As cars become more expensive, I’m sure this type of thinking will become more popular. We did a lot of this type of work at my transmission shop.

Realistically speaking, the bulk of people who opted to keep their trucks and take a chance on a conversion to a more modern manual transmission, were quite enthusiastic about it once they drove it. In fact we had many referrals for this type of procedure. It’s almost like buying a new car. Simply put, it’s that dramatic of a change.

For accurate information and answers to your questions, no matter what they are for this venerable transmission, our representatives are prepared to explain in terms you understand how well we know our subject. You better believe we have the nv4500 transmission for sale that meets your exact needs. Ready for immediate shipment. Call us now.

c4 transmission for sale

Good News: C4 Transmission For Sale

Good News: C4 Transmission For Sale

The c4 transmission Ford, was the transmission that eventually helped me decide that the transmission business was for me. Why? Well the c4 was introduced in 1964. How do I know that? The c stands for the decade of the 1960’s, and the 4 is the year of said decade in Ford’s numbering system, hence, 1964.

Actuality the c4 was a marvel of engineering. It was a compact light weight 3 speed automatic tranny. Very efficient in operation and well suited for many uses. Ford used this small mighty transmission in almost everything it seems. Even the F150 pickups came equipped with the c4.

The transmission was very durable considering it’s diminutive size. It was capable of more use/abuse than one might imagine. Although a 17 year older with a Shelby Mustang became a specialist at breaking c4 transmissions. Those were extenuating circumstances though, because I flat out beat that car.

As of now, it is a very outdated transmission, having only 3 forward speeds and no lockup torque converter. The truth is that there are plenty of older cars on the road with c4 transmissions, and it is a common unit for hot rods because of its weight and size benefits.

Realistically speaking, since the c4 has been out of production for almost 30 years, the most common c4 transmissions for sale are rebuilt. Even if you found a used c4 with low mileage, time plays a big factor in the aging process, so chances are it is no good. Automatic transmissions are full of soft parts, some of which are rubber and some are friction material. Both items are subject to deterioration by time.

The fact is that a quality fully rebuilt c4 is not very expensive, especially when compared to a newer fully computer controlled 4or 5 speed automatic transmissions. For most people who still drive older cars, this is very affordable as a replacement transmission in order to keep the jalopy on the road. It is how I handle my car affairs. I keep them forever and replace items as they fail or before they fail if I get a warning before the failure.

Simply junking a good old car for a broken transmission is not a good choice, or one I would make. I drive older vehicles and enjoy the lower costs of repairs including big components like a transmission. My newest personal vehicle is a 1988 1 ton GMC pickup (mint) I bought brand new. When the time comes for a transmission, I think you probably know what I will do.

If you are like me and believe that fixing your good running old car is in your best interests, take some advise from me, a replacement rebuilt transmission for sale is very affordable and exceeds your expectations in the long run. You can speak with a friendly transmission specialist who will listen to your needs before a recommendation is made. Call now and find out why we have so many happy customers.