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Aluminum Transmission Case Gets Buffed Job.

This is one the processes rough sand cast cast aluminum transmissions, cases and covers have to be processed through. Two Fanuc robots (M-710) handling and deburring transmission cases for large mass production companies. The robots work right out of the trim press off the die-casting machine. It is a CNC machine. CNC is an acronym [...]

Automatic Transmissions Shift Solenoids Video.

My last post verbally described the way an automotive transmissions solenoids operate regarding how shift solenoids operate. Words often don’t make full sense of a verbal description. No matter how good your attempt is. Looking for something with visual interpretation, this YouTube video explains how an automotive solenoid works in general. Enjoy. Solenoids are common all [...]

Automatic Transmission Components: Shift Control Solenoids

Automatic Transmissions

There are two shift control solenoids on most automatic transmissions. They are identified as “Shift Solenoid A” and “Shift Solenoid B”. An automatic transmission or transaxle produces their different gears by applying hydraulic pressure to, or releasing hydraulic pressure from, the internal mechanisms that holds said gear set engaged. Hydraulic [...]

Transmission Components: What makes a good torque converter?

Dependability concerns in choosing a torque converter – Regardless of the reason for buying a torque converter, an educated buyer should look for several features in the product one is considering purchasing in order to assure that both the transmission and torque converter have nice long lives. Furnace brazed fins – greatly improves the strength characteristics [...]

Transmission Components: Torque Coverters and Stall Speed

Essentially speaking the torque converter in an automatic transmission takes the place of a clutch in a manual transmission. An explanation of stall speed will help you understand how it works. Read it carefully. Stall speed — The rpm that a given torque converter (impeller) has to spin in order for it to overcome a given [...]

Transmission Components: Torque Converters Part-1

Torque converter — a torque converter is an integral part of an automatic transmission, basically a fluid-coupling device that also acts as a torque multiplier during initial acceleration.

Courtesy of TCI

The torque converter consists of four primary components: Cover — the cover (also referred to as a front) is the outside half of [...]

Rebuilt Transmissions: It’s the small things that count…

One method transmission manufacturers use to deliver the automatic transmission fluid from the valve body to the band servo assemblies, or to flood transmission fluid on the critical lubrication areas are called “delivery tubes”. They are not used on every transmission though. In fact the most common way to transfer fluid is through pre-machined passage [...]

Transmissions: What does a band look like?

Here is a look at two different types of bands. Both perform the same types of duties and work in a similar manner. We discussed what bands are and how they work in a previous article we did on bands and their part in making transmissions shift. I wanted to show you what the two [...]

Transmissions: Thrust washer introduction…

Lets discuss what we call “thrust washers” inside 99% of all automatic transmissions. Thrust washers are buffers, made out of softer metals than the sufaces they are protecting. They protect by being a buffering agent between two hard metal surfaces that are not supposed to touch. Here is a look at a thrust washer set:

Want to see a transmission pump assembly?

Sometime ago I was talking about the two main categories of parts in an automatic transmission. The first category are soft parts and the second category is “hard parts“. Today I will show you a hard part out of an old Borg Warner T-35 transmission. I’m going to guess the T-35 has not been made [...]