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Used Ford ATX Transmission

The 3-gear ATX transmission by Ford was used between the 1981 and 1994 production years. As a front-wheel drive gearbox, this assembly was fitted on many sedans and coupe vehicles with I4 or V6 motors. Many of the replacement components that are used to rebuild a three-speed model cannot be interchanged. Before someone buys a [...]

Used FNR5 Transmission

The FNR5 transmission code is used by Ford to rebrand the original Mazda FS5A-EL gearbox. This automatic 4-speed build was been inserted in two of the popular Ford Motor Company vehicles over the past decade. While Ford vehicle installations were short lived, there is still demand for a used FNR5 transmission by the public. Units can be purchased [...]

Used 5R100W Torqshift Transmission

Ford manufactured its Torqshift 5R100W transmission in the first part of the 2000s. This gearbox was commonly paired up with the diesel powered trucks. The 5-speed assemblies are now more common to find for gasoline and diesel powered vehicles. There is no better place to buy a used 5R100W Torqshift transmission than on this second [...]

Used F4AEL Transmission

Ford built its F4EAT for direct installation into its vehicles in the year 1990. Sub-licensing of this four-speed unit was contracted with Kia and Mazda to use the automatic builds in different vehicles. Someone ready to buy a used F4AEL transmission will find quality inventory at low prices when using this gearbox resource. Ford, like General [...]

Used CFT30 Transmission

Ford compounded on its new vehicle success and added new CVT transmissions in the 2005 year. The Mercury and Ford brands used this assembly as part of the late model builds. The constantly variable technology was not created by Ford although was used to improve its current list of transmissions. A person shopping here can [...]

Used 4F27E Focus Transmission

Ford’s 4F27E automatic transmission has been used in the Focus vehicle since the mid 2000s. The older technology featured in the CD4E was upgraded when the all-electronic control systems were introduced. Some might say that the overdrive gearing is not a new concept although the 4-speed design is still going strong. A person can buy [...]

Used Ford 6R140 Transmission

Ford upped the game in transmissions design with its 6R140 in 2011. To help its Super Duty trucks, better gearboxes were needed to compete with rivals Chevy and Dodge. Some might say that the 6-speed at Ford is very similar to the Allison used in HD Chevrolet trucks. For people who need to replace a [...]

Used 6R80 Transmission

Ford continues to update its transmissions with every passing decade. A brand based on the ZF design was launched in 2005. The push by automakers to create 6-speed editions is now helping auto buyers to save money on fuel costs. Buying a used 6R80 transmission at a low price is possible while visiting this resource. The [...]

6F35 Used Transmission

In the year 2008, Ford announced its latest co-manufactured GM transmission known as the 6F35. This entry-level 6-speed gearbox was designed to help auto owners retain more fuel economy during vehicle transport. The success of the 6F series seems to be holding at Ford although locating replacement inventory is not always simple. A 6F35 used [...]

Used 6F55 Transmission

GM and Ford did the unthinkable in the year 2005. A decision was made to co-manufacture automatic transmissions. A total of 6 units were to be built for a number of vehicles. Millions of dollars were invested and the result is the 6F series at Ford. Someone interested in locating a used 6F55 transmission will [...]