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Used Ford ATX Transmission

The 3-gear ATX transmission by Ford was used between the 1981 and 1994 production years. As a front-wheel drive gearbox, this assembly was fitted on many sedans and coupe vehicles with I4 or V6 motors. Many of the replacement components that are used to rebuild a three-speed model cannot be interchanged. Before someone buys a used Ford ATX transmission, sale prices can be checked on this website.

The gear ratios in the ATX are 2.84, 1.54 and 1.00. There was a reverse gear in this model geared at 2:33. Like many older gearboxes, Ford used hydraulic fluid to control most of the shifting needed in all of the 3 gears. This system is known as a fluid link converter setup that is no longer in use. Before the installation of a magnet and solenoid, Ford relied on this older technology.

Vehicles Using ATX Ford Transmissions

Some vehicle types more than others used a 3-speed gearbox. The Escort, EXP, Lynx, Taurus and Topaz are the most notable vehicles. Transmission controls were not available in the early to late 1980s and all changes were mechanical. While this made the ATX gearbox easy to work on, it was not built for expansion. Ford finally terminated the 3-speed after the 1994 year.

The FWD builds that were produced in the 13 years of ATX production were actually reliable. The bushings, washers, clutch plates, bushings and ATX pump were solid pieces of machinery. When buying any used Ford transmission, someone should know how to correctly identify a unit and ask if a build is in good shape. Problems can be avoided with a thorough overview of a gearbox.

Used 3-Speed Transmission Warranties

An o-ring can fail in a hydraulic controlled gearbox. This can cause direct leakage and lead to lock up of the gears. Because seals need to be checked by mechanics, not every person shopping on the web for a replacement transmission will receive great service. The units that are for sale at are genuine assemblies. All OEM parts are in tact and every model works as it was intended.

What sets inventory found here apart from secondary sellers is the multi-year warranties. At a minimum, buyers shopping here are offered a good protection plan. This is designed to provide an easier swap through a mechanic or self-installation. What is placed into a Ford or Mercury vehicle will work expertly. Most components are included in the extended OEM protection offered.

Buy ATX Ford Gearboxes for Sale

There is a direct phone line used to serve information to consumers featured here. By calling this number, a person can speak in real time with a gearbox expert. A question about the used ATX transmission from Ford offered for sale here could be answered quickly. Double checking a VIN number by phone can prevent ordering the wrong assembly.

For someone who likes web price quotes, the programmed computer system at is easy to use. By supplying the requested information, a price is available to preview before an order is placed.