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Ford Automatic Transmission for Sale

Ford Automatic Transmission for Sale | Got Transmissions

Ford transmissions have not undergone many changes through the years for many reasons. The first reason is that they are built tough as the Ford slogan implies. The second reason is that Ford knows how to build a reliable transmission that is easy to replace. There are no complicated computer controls or various sensors like found in competing automaker transmissions. When you need a Ford automatic transmission for sale, finding one is not difficult when you know where to search. Our inventory is full of Ford transmissions ready for sale. One thing that you will love about our transmissions for sale is that the price is much lower than other dealers online.

Many of Ford’s transmissions are automatic to suit the needs of average drivers that prefer the ability to drive and not worry about shifting gears. We cater to both sides of the coin and offer automatic and manual transmissions that are all in excellent condition. Our used transmissions are priced right and are often mistaken for junkyard prices. Our transmission inventory grows daily as our transmission specialists buy from dealers around the country. We buy used, factory closeouts and pullouts from vehicles in excellent condition to save you money.

Cheap Prices for Every Make and Model Ford Transmission

We know that finding the right transmission is time consuming. We don’t complicate the process and help you select the transmission you need. If you can’t read the transmission code, no problem we will look it up for you. We know how dealerships and auto parts supply stores treat you when you ask basic questions. Our reputation was built on selling cheap transmissions and providing excellent customer service. We can guarantee you that we have in stock or can find the Ford transmission that you need while on the phone with us.

Here is a sample of our automatic transmissions from Ford:

C3, A4LD and 4R44E Transmissions

• Bobcat
• Capri
• Zephyr
• Pinto
• Mustang
• Ranger
• Sierra
• Explorer
• Bronco II
• B-Series Mazda
• Aerostar
• Jaquar
• Thunderbird
• Lincoln
• Aviator

We make sure that you find the transmission you need fast and include our warranty with your purchase. Every transmission from Ford that is in our inventory includes our warranty against defects and breakage. Many dealers refuse to offer a warranty on products that they sell because they are only out to make a buck. We love transmissions and work very hard to please every customer one at a time. We give you a great used Ford transmission and we also give you our warranty. Give us a try. We will ship you a Ford automatic transmission for sale within 24 hours.

Get a Quote or Get an Answer to Your Question

Call toll free at 1-866-320-1182 and speak directly to our helpful transmission experts. They will give you our low price and you can order fast. We have an engine quote form that will deliver your quote by email if you prefer that method. Give us the basics and we give you our low price on a Ford automatic transmission for sale.

Used Transmissions for Sale

Used Transmissions for Sale | Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale Cheap

Just like an engine, every car, truck and SUV needs a fully functional transmission for operation. When you need to replace transmissions, you generally have two options that you can use to find what you need. The first option is to buy a brand new transmission from a dealership or auto parts supply store. The second is to buy used transmissions for sale from a reputable seller. Each option gives you what you need, but only one will give you the lowest price. That’s where we come into the picture. We have Ford, Chevrolet, BMW, Chrysler, Toyota and Mazda transmissions at the lowest prices you will find.

Very Clean Used Transmissions with a Full Warranty

We have several ways that we save you money when using us as your transmission dealer. We told you we have a great price on used transmissions. Now we will tell you about the quality. Our cost effective transmissions are perfect for a transmission replacement. These transmissions are pulled out of cars, trucks and SUVs. Our transmission experts inspect and clean these transmissions to make sure they are the quality you expect. This gives you a completely clean transmission that is just as good as a new one for a much lower price.

We are passionate about selling transmissions and know that every customer has a different need. Our expertly trained staff of transmission specialists works tirelessly to assist you every time that you call. We believe that our low price and transmission quality combined with our helpful staff is the reason why our customer base continues to grow on a monthly basis. We want you to be able to find the exact transmission you need and sell it to you for a price lower than what you expect. We care about what you put into your vehicle and want our transmissions to have a long and reliable life.

Used Transmissions for Classic and Late Model Vehicles

Finding a transmission for a 2012 car is extremely easy. Finding something manufactured in the 1960s can be more of a challenge. Many people are forced to buy second and third hand transmissions from junkyards to find what they need. You should know that you have better options. Our used transmissions are acquired from dealers, distributors and suppliers all over the world. If you are looking for new or old, the chance of it already being in our inventory is really high. We have a huge warehouse that safely stores all of our transmissions and we rarely have to tell someone we do not have what they want when they call us.

Contact Us Today to Get Our Low Price

Pick up the phone and call us at 1-866-320-1182. We have a toll free number to make it easy for you to get a quote no matter where you live. Use our online engine quote request form to get a rapid quote by email. Give us the basics and we give you our lowest price. We ship our used transmissions for sale free of charge in the U.S. and have very low rates to Canada and the rest of the world.

Ford Focus Transmission for Sale

Ford Focus Transmission for Sale | Got Transmissions for Ford

Ford expanded on its manual and automatic transmissions in the early 2000s with the EST technology. Known as Durashift in the Ford parts catalog, electronic controls operate the gearbox in conjunction with a solenoid. This revolutionary technology has extended the life of transmissions from Ford and many models include this technology. The Ford Focus includes two different transmissions depending on the year. The Durashift is the version from 2007 and above and the 4F27E is the version used from 2000 to 2007. We have the Ford Focus transmission for sale that you need at a price you will have to look twice at because it is so low.

Ford has capitalized on the success of the Focus which was the replacement for the Escort. Three generations of a Focus have been produced and each one builds upon the former to provide a better, safer and higher performing driving experience. The sales in 2012 for the Focus are tripled compared to what was first earned in 1999 with the original debut. This rising popularity is great for Ford and equally great for us because it provides us with many suppliers to purchase new and transmissions for the Focus to sell directly to you.

We’ve Got Transmissions for These Ford Focus Models:

• Focus LX
• Focus S2
• Focus ZTS
• Focus ZX3
• Focus ZX4
• Focus EV

Unlike what you will find at auction websites or other dealers, we sell manual and automatic transmissions that are brand new and rebuilt. We give you many options to save money compared to buying from a dealership. Our prices are so low that we have built a huge network of customers from average drivers to scrap yards and junkyards that buy our transmissions every day. We are not a here today and gone tomorrow website. We have a U.S. transmission facility that is loaded with millions of dollars of transmission inventory. We get you the used Focus transmission you need shipped fast to your door.

How to Order a Ford Focus Transmission for Sale

Call us today at 866-320-1182. It costs you nothing because we have a toll free number. Your call goes directly to our transmission experts and you are never put on hold. Fill out our quote form if you prefer to go incognito and get a price quote through email first. We leave it up to you. It is normal to have a bunch of questions about our Ford Focus transmissions before you buy one. We help you find your transmission code if you do not have it available. We ship your transmission free so you do not have to worry about where you live. We make it very easy for our customers to do business with us.

Ford Transmissions for Sale

Ford Transmissions for Sale | Got Ford Transmissions
We know how hard it can be when searching for a used Ford transmission on the Internet. There are many sellers out there, but very few that understand the things that you want in a high quality engine. Before you become our customer, we provide you with more than the basic information that you need to help you make a decision to call us and make your purchase. One thing that you will find about is that we have a huge inventory of Ford Transmissions for sale. We carry all makes and models of these transmissions to make sure that you can find exactly what you need for a swap out or new installation.

When we add transmissions to our inventory, we diversify in what we include to give you the best options for finding an exact match. While some dealers prefer to specialize in automatic transmissions, we deal with manual transmissions, overdrive transmissions and automatic transmissions. We want to be a one-stop shop for mechanics, body shops, average drivers and weekend car project builders. Since we purchase our transmissions in bulk, we can offer great deals on transmissions for Ford trucks, cars and SUVs. This means no more of your time will be spent searching for a good deal. brings deals to you.

Sample of Our Ford Transmissions for Sale Inventory

• 1983 – 2012 Ford Ranger Automatic and Manual
• 1990 – 2012 Ford Explorer Automatic and Manual
• 1980 – 2012 Ford F-Series Automatic and Manual
• 1986 – 2012 Ford Taurus Manual and Automatic
• 2001 – 2012 Ford Escape Manual and Automatic
• 1998 – 2012 Ford Focus Manual and Automatic
• 1975 – 2012 Ford Econoline Automatic and Manual
• 1993 – 2012 Ford Mustang Automatic and Manual
• 2006 – 2012 Ford Fusion Manual and Automatic

When it comes to transmissions, we know our stuff and we go the extra mile to help you. We know that fixing up a used car or swapping out an engine comes with a lot of questions that are hard to find answers online. Our transmission specialists are happy to help you with any question that you have. We want you to be sure in every purchase that you make from our website. Our friendly and helpful staff want you to have a great experience when buying your first used transmission or add to your past purchases. The transmission codes for one model year could be different from the next.

How to Order our Ford Transmissions for Sale

Our expert help begins with you getting a price quote. Fill out our easy to use quote form with the basic information about the used transmission that you need. We use this information to deliver the most accurate price. One thing that you will understand is that we make ordering easy and take the hard work out of buying online that you might have experienced with other transmission dealers. Call us at 866-320-1182. Our transmission experts are ready to help you buy one of our Ford transmissions for sale.