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Buy A Mazda CR-7 Transmissions Below Cost

For a vehicle introduced in 2007, The Mazda CR-7 is one of the nice looking, well adorned mid sized crossover vehicles on the market. It precedes the Tribute and is becoming very popular. It’s a relatively inexpensive car brand, offering a well priced vehicle. I assume the reason you are reading this is because you [...]

Question: 2002 Mazda Protégé 5 Transmission?

2003 Mazda Protege Transmissions

Question: Hi there, I have a 2002 Mazda Protégé 5. I am in Toronto, Canada and two weeks ago, I checked the automatic transmissions fluid and noticed that the color is not pinkish as it should be. It is orange/rusty. My car has 58,509 miles on it right [...]

Information on Mazda Transmissions for Sale

Mazda Sky Transmissions

Mazda is very committed to significantly improving the core aspects of its vehicles that affect performance, transmissions, engines, and lighter vehicle weight in order to achieve more driving pleasure together with outstanding environmental and safety features. The Mazda SKY concept defines Mazda’s approach to [...]

Mazda Reveals New Transmission Technology

So far Mazda has taken a somewhat unconventional route to improving fuel efficiency of its vehicle fleet, focusing on lighter materials and new designs instead of rebuilding its powertrain lineup. It has done the company well, but to move to the next level of efficiency the automaker is also planning on upgrading its engines and [...]

Mazda To Debut Next Generation Automatic Transmissions..

Mazda Motor plans to unveil its eco-friendly, next generation gasoline and diesel engines and automatic transmissions at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show, to be held from October 24, 2009. To be introduced in the US soon there after. Mazda is expected to exhibit the ‘Mazda SKY-G’ direct injection gasoline engine, the ‘Mazda SKY-D’ clean diesel engine, [...]

Mazda Transmissions: Transmission Service Bulletin

Here is part of a Mazda service bulletin # 05-014/06, put out in 12/12/2006. This is a procedure I have mentioned in the past. I can’t even describe the importance of understanding and following this procedure any time you install a replacement Mazda transmission, or any replacement transmission. It is not a matter of what brand [...]