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2000 Dodge Dakota Transmission

dodge dakota gearbox

The Dakota is one of the popular trucks produced by Chrysler. The Dodge brand of pickups has a long history within the U.S. auto market. There are good pairings of engines and transmissions in the Dakota series. While the Ram gets a lot of attention, Dakota truck owners know the quality of each gearbox installed in pickups. Got Transmissions offers a trusted way to buy a 2000 Dodge Dakota transmission online.

Any person who is searching online to find a transmission resource will find out that there are actually three types used in the Dakota. The 2000 year was one of change for Dakota trucks. There were multiple gearboxes tested in this vehicle series. Most of the units were used first in the Ram and then trickled down into the secondary trucks. The 45RFE is a common four-speed build. These are part of the electronic units Chrysler produced.

Used Dodge Dakota Transmission: Automatic Four-Speed

When the 45RFE was not used, there were two other builds offered. The 44RE and the 46RE are virtually the same. The gear ratios are different and these were used at different times. A person who is researching available Dodge inventory on this resource has access to all gearboxes. This means that any build in stock for the Dakota can be purchased here. There is no waiting or matching different transmissions codes. All OEM built assemblies on this website are eligible for domestic shipments.

The Ram and Dakota trucks shared a lot of the technologies from Chrysler. Some testing was put through the Jeep series as Chrysler started to develop its own technologies. One good thing about the inventory listed here is the warranty policies. Every Dakota pickup part or accessory for sale is warranted. A generous period of protection is supplied to every buyer. All four-speed automatic Dakota transmission inventory is eligible for this protection.

2000 Dodge Dakota Transmission Prices

It all comes down to what prices are lower for most people. Some buyers spend countless hours trying to save a few bucks on a gearbox purchase. One benefit that gives to buyers is the instant generation of pricing. There is no waiting when prices are requested through this online resource. The digitized quotes system does all of the work. A simple request through the system generates any 42RLE, 44RE or 46RE price.

Users of the website who are unable to use the online portion of the inventory finder can call customer support. The calls are paid for and feature direct customer assistance. This is essential when evaluating a used transmission purchase. Some companies hide the mileage, shipping costs and final selling price until paying is made. All costs are delivered upfront here. Every Dodge Dakota gearbox in stock is priced to sell in the U.S.

2001 Ford F150 Transmission

Ford F Series Transmissions for Sale | Ford Transmissions for Sale

F-Series trucks are one of the most popular brands in the world. Ford created this series in the 1940s and updated the parts every few years to suit all truck owners. The F150 series trucks that are known for engine power are equally known for transmission reliability. This resource is one to find a 2001 Ford F150 transmission in stock ready for shipment. Got Transmissions offers a huge Ford replacement gearbox inventory for low prices.

There were more than one transmission build used in the F-Series trucks. The 1980s were a time of restructuring for Ford. The decrease in Mercury manufacturing helped to spread out investment dollars in other technologies. The truck series benefited from the E4OD gearboxes introduced. These were among the first electronic controlled units. The original C6 design was used although modified to accept electronic controls. Buying through this resource is easy and reliable online.

Used Ford Transmissions: 4R100 or E4OD

It can be confusing to some buyers who are ready to purchase a transmission. A truck owner could have one of two types of gearboxes in 2001 pickups. The E4OD is now referred to as the 4R100. This late model build is essential the same transmission although it was used for gasoline and diesel engines. The compatibility is the same for each truck type. Ford phased out its E4OD builds in favor of the new edition 4R100.

Are F150 transmission codes needed to buy a gearbox? There are some who believe that code matching is required. There are many dealers that request buyers to ensure that the codes are discovered from the housing on each gearbox. This is one way that validations are made that the right transmission is ordered. This detail pages for Ford transmissions is used to help educate buyers. There are no transmission codes that are needed for researching the inventory.

2001 Ford F150 Transmission Prices

Every F150 transmission that is in stock through this resource is shippable same day. This is important to parts buyers. Having to wait on a delivery can hurt installation schedules. Purchasing any preowned transmission can be a risky move through some sources. The prices that are found for the inventory here are meant to be as low as possible in the U.S. Buyers are treated to the cash discounts and other price drops added to the inventory.

A quote in price is the basic way to learn how much a Ford transmission costs here. A digital quotes tool is supplied right on this page. Users of this system do not have to log in or provide any of their personal information. A generated quote online is the same type that is offered by toll-free phone contact. A support team is now waiting to quote pricing for all four and five-speed F-Series transmissions for sale. Speaking direct to an expert ensures the most affordable price is possible.

Toyota Camry Manual Transmission

Toyota Camry Gearbox

The Toyota Camry has a long history inside the U.S. market. This vehicle brand is one of the best-selling sedan and passenger cars in automotive history. Part of the strength of this import brand is from the engine and transmission combinations. There were different technologies used in different manufacturing periods by Toyota. Got Transmissions offers what could be the biggest Toyota Camry manual transmission inventory online.

The Camry featured more than one engine type used in the 1980s. The growth in the U.S. auto market helped to introduce alternative fuel engines to the public. Toyota offered a diesel engine that was paired with the infamous A series transmissions. These were five-speed manual editions. This series was also used in the gasoline engines. A good way to tell if a vehicle has a manual or automatic build is the speed ratio. Toyota uses four-speed for automatics and five-speed for its manual gearboxes.

Camry Transmissions for Sale: Manual Five-Speed

The phase out of the A series gearboxes lead the production of the S transmissions. These are the current builds in use. These are more common with the V6 motors although can be found with the smaller four-cylinder engines. Most buyers of a transmission prefer the S series due to the easier installations. Toyota produced millions of the S series gearboxes for its entire fleet of vehicles. Buying used gearboxes from this resource ensures quality levels are in place.

The standard, sometimes called a stick shift, units that are in stock are in the five-speed configurations. These editions are meant for direct sale to car owners or other gearbox researchers. The differences in the quality of a transmission is often due to mileage. One way that mileage issues are erased here is with the creation of each warranty. A warranty plan is offered with all used Toyota Camry transmissions for sale. This provides a superior build for every buyer in the United States.

Toyota Camry Manual Transmission Prices

Every price quotation that is delivered through the Got Transmissions company is designed to be low. There are plenty of import transmission sellers online offering retail prices. Every manual gearbox build that is marketed here starts off with the lowest pricing available. This is partly based on the discounts that distributors apply to the entire inventory listed here for sale.

A quote in price is arranged here online and offline. Savvy buyers of transmissions who like to be in control of pricing can request a quote here online. The tools on this page accomplish price generation. A person who wants to learn current import transmission pricing can also call toll-free. This supplies every buyer with helpful information when shopping for gearboxes. Talking to a specialist who knows foreign transmissions is helpful.

Used 4T65E Transmission

4t65e gearbox

GM added a host of new transmissions in the 1990s. The investments in the electronic controls paid off for several vehicle brands. The creation of the 4T60 in 1991 helped introduce a new level of V6 compatible gearboxes. The later development towards the end of the 1990s produced the 4T65E series of builds. Got Transmissions is one of the most trusted GM resources to find used 4T65 transmission units online.

The technology was upgraded in 1997 as the 4T65E was built. This was the replacement for the 4T60E series that was phased out of most Buick vehicles. GM configured its late model gearboxes to be compatible with more than one vehicle brand. This reduced the costs for outsourcing and kept the manufacturing in-house in selected service centers.

4T65E Transmission Preowned: Four-Speed Electronic Controlled

A large percentage of transmissions built by GM since 1990 are heavily featured with TCM controls. These units have been used in most Oldsmobile, Saturn, Buick and Chevy vehicles. While the 4T65E has been phased out since 2011, these were replaced by the 6T70 assemblies for the U.S. market. Any buyer hoping to find inventory in stock here will be pleased with the price and the inventory numbers.

Any buyer requesting the four-speed builds that are found here in stock will find quality. This means that any Venture, Monte Carlo, Intrigue, Malibu, Grand Prix or Lumina vehicle owner will be happy with the inventory provided. There are other compatible builds and low pricing is a must for each buyer here online. Inventory acquisition efforts keep the inventory huge here for U.S. buyers.

How to Buy Used 4T65E Transmissions

There is an easy process of conducting purchases through A first step is to validate the sticker pricing. Because dealer costs can change, an automated system for developed price quotes has been added to this resource. This means that every person has the power to view pricing online. The quotes system is built at the top of this page with up to date pricing.

A separate toll-free number is in place here for alternate contact. A support staff is trained to give out helpful information. This information does include pricing although can include other support. Things like searching VIN numbers for compatibility and delivery times are important to transmission buyers. The low prices and no cost warranty program for GM transmissions are added bonuses found here.

AOD Transmission for Sale

aod ford gearbox

The automatic overdrive transmission or AOD is a Ford introduced technology. While other companies have overdrive units, Ford was the first to design an automatic build in the 1980 year. This was the expanded replacement for the older Ford-O-Matic design now defunct in the U.S. Although the AOD has been replaced with the 6R, AOD transmission for sale inventory is provided here at Got Transmissions.

There are actually two builds of the AOD available. The first is the original. This was used first in the LTD and then inside the Thunderbird. Ford played with the installation due to the termination of the C3 and C4 series. There were many Ford, Lincoln and Mercury installations made in the 1980s. The original AOD is found in most classic vehicles. There is an optional 1992 build known as the AODE. The differences apart from gear ratios is the electronic sensors used to control shifting.

Used Ford AOD Gearboxes for Sale

Do you own a Ford F150? Do you own an Econoline van? Replacement gearboxes for these vehicles refer to both the AOD and AODE units. When replacing these builds, it is essential that a buyer conduct their own research online. This can be difficult in some cases. There are thousands of dealers. There are plenty of sale prices. The hardest part about buying a used Ford transmission is knowing the mileage. All mileage verifications are completed by before units are placed for sale.

All automatic overdrive gearboxes in stock come with the full OEM warranty. These are provided as a bonus to purchasers. Getting a warranty past the 30-day sale period can be tough online. All two and three-year plans featured with Ford inventory on this resource are added at no extra cost. This means that all replacement gearbox buyers are covered. Almost every component is covered under the length of warranty provided.

AOD Ford Transmissions in Used Condition

Got Transmissions sells thousands of assemblies annually. These are always fulfilled in the U.S. at the lowest prices. The automatic transmissions for sale featured here are some of the best Ford units available online. The quality is above average from what most secondary sources sell. Price quotations are delivered for this inventory through this very resource. A dedicated inventory tool is found right on this page to request pricing.

The toll-free phone support option is a new system for price distribution offline. A helpful Ford transmissions staff is offered to distribute price quotes. A series of simple questions about inventory requested are asked of each caller. This easy process takes less than one minute before a price is generated. All friendly staff make buying a gearbox easy. Every used AOD Ford assembly is shipped free of charge as the final customer incentive.

TH400 Transmission

TH400 Gearbox

GM produced its 1964 edition TH400 gearbox as a replacement to the underperforming Powerglide assemblies. The turbo hydra-matic series launched in the 1960s set the production schedule for later gearbox development. GM produced this edition until 1984 although it remains a popular replacement choice. The Got Transmissions company holds one of the largest searchable GM inventories available online.

The TH RPO codes are sometimes listed as THM on some assemblies. The base models are the same design. These three-speed transmissions were meant for installation into two and four-wheel drive vehicles. This means that all Chevy, Buick, Oldsmobile, GMC and Pontiac brands used the 400 transmissions at some point. The 1984 elimination of this build by GM in favor of the 700R4 and similar models does not affect the inventory listed here.

TH400 Transmissions for Sale: Free USA Shipping

The specs of the TH series gearboxes can all differ online. There are not too many accurate resources to locate the torque and all compression ratios. One thing that is validated is the gross weight of these gearboxes. These units weigh about 120 pounds when prepared for shipment. The Got Transmissions company is one of few online available to ship these for no freight charges. No buyer in the U.S. buying these eligible units pays for shipping.

The vintage gearbox inventory that is marketed through this online auto parts resource is checked for accuracy. This means that a real person has inspected the internal and external condition. This is important as a buyer to understand. There are good deals from auction companies selling GM transmissions. What is usually the deal killer is the high mileage and poor transmission quality. These issues are eliminated here with the creation of the long lasting warranty program with every sale.

Preowned TH400 Transmission Price Quote

The warranties and freight programs that are offered with all replacement transmission purchases are setup for each buyer upon successful sale. Every sale through this company begins with a quote in price. This accomplishes two tasks. The first task is that pricing is easily comparable with other resources. It is easy to find out what company has the lowest prices. When the prices are compared, the second task accomplished is that all order details are prepared for every potential buyer.

The quotes that are distributed from this very page online come from the automated system. A quick search of the tool is what produces all sticker pricing. A person who is not able to use this online tool has the ability to call in person to receive an accurate quote in transmission prices. All TH edition gearboxes are checked for RPO codes and matched with compatible vehicle types. Any person who receives a transmission from this resource is given excellent value. The used condition inventory searched from this website or phone system grows continuously.

Used TH350 Transmission

th350 gearbox

The original turbo hydra-matic gearboxes produced in the General Motors lineup included the 350 series. This brand was first put into production in the 1969 year. The original plans for this build was to install these into all new Chevy and Buick vehicles. These gearboxes ended up being positioned in most rear-wheel drive vehicles in the GM inventory for more than 30 years. Got Transmissions is one of the top sources online to find used TH350 transmission inventory for sale.

The Powerglide transmission was infamously used in the Corvette brand and other gearboxes from the 1950s to the late 1960s. These outdated manual editions were replaced by the three-speed 350. These TH brand units were more reliable and offered column shifting that was similar to an automatic design. The standard gearboxes that GM has produced for more than half a century are based on the original TH designs.

Turbo-Hydramatic 350 Transmissions for Sale

The improvements to the shifting patterns in most GM vehicles happened in the early 1980s. The TH350 was one of the units that were phased out due to the creation of the four-speed 700R4. Although this build was a rear-wheel unit, it offered one extra gear that was sought after by most vehicle owners. Because the 350 is no longer in production, buyers have to find second hand inventory in the U.S. is a top resource.

A warranty program is essential for any transmission build. The early GM manufacturing is reliable although some parts could fail at some point. The reliability of the TH350 gearboxes sold at this website is proven with a warranty. Every build is paired with an internally created warranty program. These are offered as standard edition plans for all buyers. The U.S. shipments completed for all transmissions includes these extended warranty plans.

Used TH350 Gearboxes Price Quotes

Finding an auto parts resource is the hard part. The second hardest part is validating the quality. When these are finished, buyers are then presented with learning what is or what isn’t a good price. The Got Transmissions price structures here are delivered online or by phone. The online method is preferred by many transmission buyers in North America. This provides a one-click solution to learn applicable sale pricing.

The toll-free phone option is another method to learn pricing. A person who is not using the online quotes system on this page can call and speak with a specialist. These experts are not salesmen. The support that is provided is based on each transmission type. A lookup can be made over the phone to ensure that the correct vehicle type matches the transmission codes required for successful gearbox installations. This service and support is appreciate by customers. The used turbo 350 transmissions featured here are ready for immediate vehicle installations regardless of how these are ordered.

2000 Ford Windstar Transmission

ford windstar transmission

The minivans produced by Ford Motor Company were popular in the early to mid 1990s. These units included the Windstar that was produced as cost effective vehicles apart from luxury SUVs. The entire production of the Windstar introduced different technologies to buyers. There were many different transmissions that were tried out during the Windstar lifespan. The 2000 Ford Windstar transmission sold here is one example. The Got Transmissions company offers a large resource for replacement gearboxes online.

The original brand used in the 1995 builds was the AXOD. This four-speed gearbox was borrowed from the Lincoln and Taurus vehicles. The success that Ford had in producing gearboxes during this time helped the Windstar vans gain a new audience. While early editions of the AXOD were flawed, buying the later builds is often a preference for most buyers. The editions sourced through the warehouse inventory here are late model builds built prior to 2003.

OEM Ford Gearboxes for Minivans

There were three main assemblies that were used during the 1995 to 2003 production of the Windstar before it was replaced by the Freestar. All of the units were tried out in Ford and Lincoln vehicles or other builds in the Ford lineup prior to installation. The AX4N and AX4S round out the remaining Ford installations. All units that are domestically distributed through this resource include torque converters. These complete gearboxes are paired with the traditional Got Transmissions low price.

How much are Ford transmissions? That is a common question to ask when searching for a replacement. The actual answer is slightly complicated. Every distributor has a different price range. This is why most resources offer different price breaks for different builds. The low prices that are offered for used Ford gearboxes on this page are set in stone. The supplier arrangements helps to keep the automatic transmission inventory for sale on this resource low in price. All OEM builds are low mileage assemblies.

Used Windstar Transmissions Price Quotes

Any person who cannot find the low price needed for a four-speed gearbox usually turns to Got Transmissions. The structures for prices that are used here ensure sale prices are found. Every distribution partner providing the Ford used transmission inventory posted online is a top quality company. There are no defects in the gearboxes that are provided through this resource. All quality is verified and all transmissions are certified.

The easy quote tool on this resource is how to find the replacement cost of a transmission. This instant tool uses the year of each Windstar to calculate the price. The three separate gearboxes used for this brand of minivans are offered if desired. A toll-free phone support center now handles all offline contact. A request for pricing through this resource results in a super low sales price. Getting to speak with an actual person who knows the Ford inventory that is listed in stock is just a bonus. All shipments here remain free and warranties are always standard in the U.S.

2004 Trailblazer Transmission

4L60E Trailblazer Gearbox

The Trailblazer SUV from GM is one of the top selling brands of the past 20 years. This luxury sport utility model featured larger engines and a reliable transmission. GM paired this vehicle with its ever popular 4L60E gearboxes. These are the very units that are sold at Got Transmissions. These evaluated assemblies make great installations or can be resold to another person. There is no fear of quality in these certified preowned 2004 Trailblazer transmission builds.

The four-speed nature of the 4L60E gearbox is only one of the highlights. General Motors relied heavily on this unit through the 1990s and 2000s until newer technologies were born. These smaller and more centralized units remain popular as used units. The larger six-speed versions that are offered like the 6L80E can also be found using this trusted resource for replacement inventory. The company reputation rides on every shipped unit in the U.S.

Used GM Transmissions for Sale: Automatic Editions

The Trailblazer SUV relied on the automatic transmission. The larger body style fit well with the automated shifting patterns. While other trucks from GM also offer manual gearboxes, the Trailblazer units that are promoted here are automatic. The warranty protection that is attached with each build is something special. There are plenty of second hand sellers offering inventory online. What matters when installing a gearbox is the future quality and reliability. All automatic GM transmissions for sale here are judged for quality and performance.

How much are transmission replacements? The answer to this question depends on what dealer is used. Got Transmissions is a national dealer with an ever-growing network of suppliers. The bulk discounts for used transmissions that are provided by distributors helps keep pricing here lower. The average list price for Chevy units found online are a lot higher than the price quotes distributed here. All replacement motor vehicle gearboxes for Chevrolet Trailblazer vehicles here are top quality.

Preowned 4L60E Transmissions for Sale

Knowing how much a transmission will cost is only part of the pricing equation. There are many companies selling units that jack up shipping costs upon sale. Every previously owned gearbox featured here is inclusive of all costs. This means that warranties, shipping costs and cost of each unit is including the price quotes. All quotes are available through the automated research tool found at the top of this page.

A person who feels comfortable using online tools will appreciate this system. A person who wants more information about Trailblazer transmission inventory can toll-free. A national number has been established to help all buyers feel safe and comfortable when buying gearboxes. All builds that are in stock are quoted using this resource. The entire production schedule for the Chevy Trailblazer SUV is represented in the gearboxes listed for sale from Got Transmissions online.

Used Transmissions for Sale in PA

gearboxes in pa

Buyers from all 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania purchase transmissions using Got Transmissions. The gearboxes that are featured inside the parts inventory on this website are ready for shipment. This resources one of the few locations online to find used transmissions for sale in PA. All makes, models and builds of gearboxes are priced to sell on this resource. Locating a good deal is just one reason people shop

The cost of a replacement transmission is not dependent on the sticker price. Many buyers place emphasis on the actual dollar value that is promoted when gearboxes are for sale. The real cost of a transmission replacement includes future repairs, installation costs and shipping fees that are usually not included in the cost of sale. Buyers can be misinformed when researching gearboxes listed for cheap prices online.

Pennsylvania Transmissions Dealers Online

The state of Pennsylvania shipments that are arranged here ensure that every buyer receives quality units for their dollars. Got Transmissions works closely with supply agencies directly in most Pennsylvania cities for fulfillment. This means that any type of transmission can be purchased using this statewide resource. Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, State College, Lancaster, Erie, Reading and Harrisburg are some of the cities that receive daily shipments of gearboxes. The low pricing for all parts and accessories found here are in combination with freight incentives.

All transmissions that are purchased online or by telephone through this resource are shipped for no freight costs. This means that any buyer from the state of Pennsylvania interested in purchasing a replacement transmission pays no freight costs. All shipments are routed through common carriers and are delivered promptly. Every unit that is shipped to a PA customer includes a direct two to three-year warranty policy. These are also included in the listed sale price. Got Transmissions offers more than value when gearboxes are purchased using this online resource.

PA Auto Transmissions for Sale Prices

It all comes down to price for many buyers in the United States. What is also important is evaluations and inspections for gearboxes before sale. This resource provides certified units that are ready for consumer installations or resale. All pricing is attached with every replacement transmission is among the lowest published on the Internet. The quote system on this website is used for online customers seeking immediate pricing. Buyers hoping to find good pricing enter year, make or vehicle type into the quotes system to discover transmission for sale pricing.

The toll-free telephone system is used as a secondary source of information apart from the online tools. Any caller using this number is currently connected to specialists able to lookup transmission codes and other data before sales are processed. This ensures that every customer is treated fairly and receives the exact transmission ordered. Full warranty and shipping information is offered at the point of sale to every buyers of used transmissions on this website.