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2000 Ford Windstar Transmission

ford windstar transmission

The minivans produced by Ford Motor Company were popular in the early to mid 1990s. These units included the Windstar that was produced as cost effective vehicles apart from luxury SUVs. The entire production of the Windstar introduced different technologies to buyers. There were many different transmissions that were tried out during the Windstar lifespan. The 2000 Ford Windstar transmission sold here is one example. The Got Transmissions company offers a large resource for replacement gearboxes online.

The original brand used in the 1995 builds was the AXOD. This four-speed gearbox was borrowed from the Lincoln and Taurus vehicles. The success that Ford had in producing gearboxes during this time helped the Windstar vans gain a new audience. While early editions of the AXOD were flawed, buying the later builds is often a preference for most buyers. The editions sourced through the warehouse inventory here are late model builds built prior to 2003.

OEM Ford Gearboxes for Minivans

There were three main assemblies that were used during the 1995 to 2003 production of the Windstar before it was replaced by the Freestar. All of the units were tried out in Ford and Lincoln vehicles or other builds in the Ford lineup prior to installation. The AX4N and AX4S round out the remaining Ford installations. All units that are domestically distributed through this resource include torque converters. These complete gearboxes are paired with the traditional Got Transmissions low price.

How much are Ford transmissions? That is a common question to ask when searching for a replacement. The actual answer is slightly complicated. Every distributor has a different price range. This is why most resources offer different price breaks for different builds. The low prices that are offered for used Ford gearboxes on this page are set in stone. The supplier arrangements helps to keep the automatic transmission inventory for sale on this resource low in price. All OEM builds are low mileage assemblies.

Used Windstar Transmissions Price Quotes

Any person who cannot find the low price needed for a four-speed gearbox usually turns to Got Transmissions. The structures for prices that are used here ensure sale prices are found. Every distribution partner providing the Ford used transmission inventory posted online is a top quality company. There are no defects in the gearboxes that are provided through this resource. All quality is verified and all transmissions are certified.

The easy quote tool on this resource is how to find the replacement cost of a transmission. This instant tool uses the year of each Windstar to calculate the price. The three separate gearboxes used for this brand of minivans are offered if desired. A toll-free phone support center now handles all offline contact. A request for pricing through this resource results in a super low sales price. Getting to speak with an actual person who knows the Ford inventory that is listed in stock is just a bonus. All shipments here remain free and warranties are always standard in the U.S.

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