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Loss of Transmission Fluid Requires Transmission Repairs.

No Automatic Transmission Fluid?

What is the deal when your automatic transmission needs automatic transmission fluid (ATF) added on a regular basis, yet you can not document a leak on the ground? A few logical reasons can be sited for this, and then there are some less common [...]

Why Do San Francisco Car Transmissions Have Problems?

San Francisco Car Transmissions

That is a good question. Lets get right to the point. Cars with automatic transmissions have problems all over the country, yet it is a proven fact that Francisco car transmissions have excessive transmission problems. Well first off, San Fransisco has big hills, and we [...]

Transmission Repairs. Get a Good Diagnosis First.

Buy Transmissions

The first question most people asked when they called my transmission shop was “how much does it cost to fix my transmission”, “my friend said my transmission is acting up and my the problem is XYZ”, and it should cost about $ to fix? I [...]

Transmissions Repairs & Shops across the country.

One of our goals is to become the largest supplier of quality transmissions in the country. Our tremendous resources and network of qualified recycling facilities gives us outlets from New York to Washington State. We have been the choice of professional transmission repair shops for years and now we are expanding our assistance to anyone [...]

Unattended warning signs can lead to rebuilt transmissons..

You may be reading this article because you suspect that something is amiss with the automatic transmission in your car. Often times, people experience what they feel may be a transmission concern but are unsure. Take my advice; it is far better to address these problems early on than to let them evolve into a [...]

I was hanging around my Buddy’s repair shop…

Actually I went over dump my waste oil. Man, he was upset, to say the least about the cash for clunkers program and all of the “gas guzzlers” that were trashed. Good old cars, most of them in really good condition. He was telling me that once you trade your car in for new one, [...]

Transmission Repairs: Water damage is not always obvious…

Water can find its way into an automatic transmission in several ways. The one you’re probably most familiar with is through the transmission cooler in the radiator You don’t have to be in the business long to become ac quainted with the “strawberry milkshake” in the radiator. But what can be even worse is when [...]

Transmission Repair Shops not honest about Front Differential Whine?

Question: Is there such a thing as a “transmission differential” ? My dealership is telling me I’ve had problems with my Front Differential. They’ve confused me by first saying the two things were different, then saying they were the same thing. I understand what the F. Dif. does, but not how it works with the transmission. [...]

Transmission Repair Shops are not all the same..

In the repairs and transmissions business, there is a lot of room for the shop to, well, to be dishonest. Some transmission shops in my area are trustworthy and very good at what they do. Now let’s define what is good, and what is bad. Just as I’ve stressed throughout this blog, you need to find [...]

Transmission Repairs:I recently drove my friends 1998 Honda CRV….

I noticed this Honda transmission problem on The Mechanics Lounge forum and felt like it is a worthy question that deserves a logical answer. Problem: I recently drove my friends 1998 Honda CRV. I parked it, turned the car off, went inside, and when I started it again, I couldn’t shift it out of park. [...]