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Used GMC Jimmy Transmission

Between 1983 and 1994 GM hit its mark with SUV production. All variants of transmissions and engines for S-10 and S15 vehicles were shared. The public support for Blazer and Jimmy vehicles helped move General Motors into a new dimension as an auto company. When other dealers are out of stock, buying a used GMC [...]

GMC Sonoma Transmissions

Sonoma is the nameplate for GMC trucks in the North American market. These compact trucks were originally designed in the early 1980s. The S15 was the counterpart to the Chevy S10. GMC did not use the Sonoma name until the 1991 year. Got Transmissions is one source to find used GMC Sonoma transmissions at good [...]

GMC Transmission 4L65E

GMC brand of vehicles is a popular alternative to the strict Chevrolet vehicle offerings. The GMC series offers almost identical vehicles as the Chevy brand. There are some exceptions to this rule especially for transmissions. While many of the Chevy vehicles rely on the 4L60E series, the electronically controlled 4L65E was used for the Yukon [...]

GMC 4L60E Transmissions for Sale

GMC 4L65E Transmissions for Sale

When GM came out with the 4L60E automatic overdrive transmission, they already knew they had a winner on hand. The forerunner to this excellent transmission may ring a bell, it’s called the 700R4, and it was one of the best transmissions General Motors ever made. By using [...]

GMC 4L80E Transmissions for Sale

GMC 4L80E transmissions are automatic overdrive units with computer controlled shifting. Made from 1991 to 2006, it was even used by Rolls Royce from 1992 to 2002. For all practical purposes all 4L80E transmissions for sale are the same except for the super duty model that came in the heavy duty series trucks. Which [...]

Slipping GMC K1500 Truck Automatic Transmissions

GMC K1500-2500 Rebuilt Truck Transmissions for Sale

A slipping automatic transmission is the first sign of serious internal troubles heading your way. Most of the time this condition will lead to a rebuilt transmission. Here is a question about this condition as well as a good example [...]