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AGS 660 Transmission for Sale

AGS 660 transmission for sale

AGS 660 transmission for sale

The AGS line of large truck and equipment transmissions is made by Detroit Diesel and its an automatic transmission. AGS is an acronym for Automated Gearshift [AGS] Technology. The AGS 660 is the largest one available and withstands just as much or more usage than the manual transmission equivalent. AGS 660 transmissions for sale are increasing due to more applications being introduced to the public.

Some truckers are skeptical of automatic transmissions in big rigs. I’m not a trucker and have no experience at it, but i like automatic transmissions. I also rebuilt plenty of the Detroit Diesel/Allison AT545 transmissions. Even though the AT series is outdated and were not as large, Allison builds impeccably durable and aggressive shifting automatic transmissions.

Being a high technology transmission, it is controlled by an intricate computer system designed to do the thinking for you. The detailed system allows for fully automatic shifts whenever you want, it also gives you the advantage of being able to manual shift the transmission for sticky situations. Reports suggest more fuel economy comes with this transmission as a nice little benefit.

The AGS 660 accepts a PTO [power take off] which is a power transfer unit for operating lift gates and other accessories. So you can see that Detroit Diesel thought of everything before the project was started. The transmission even incorporates a system which learns your driving style, further easing the job of driving long distances at a time.

The process of buying an AGS 660 transmission is much easier at than most consumers expectations. We specialize in replacement transmissions and employ people knowledgeable in said subject. I always suggest that you call one of our sales team and discuss your needs. This is a very specifically purposed transmission and you should only deal with a professional.

Expect the best in service and replacement transmissions from The process is easy and painless, we will get your order right the first time and get your AGS 660 transmission shipped within 24 hours of your order. We know how important it is to get your rig back on the road. Call now.

Mack T1070 Transmissions for sale

Your Keys to success; Mack T1070 Transmiisions for sale.

Your Keys to success; Mack T1070 Transmiisions for sale.

The Mack T1070 is a 12 speed Maxitorque [tradename] super heavy duty large truck manual transmission. Did you know Mack is the only truck manufacturer offering the benefits of integrating from a single-source for the engine, transmission and chassis. We offer Mack T1070 transmissions for sale, the only transmissions with a triple, counter-shaft design that evenly dissipates the load between the three shafts. Mack’s exclusive, shift-able multi-speed reverse allows for easier off-highway driving.

Another interesting point about Mack trucks, they remain intensely loyal to building military-grade trucks, chassis, power-trains and JP8 compatible engines. And as part of the Volvo Group, Mack takes advantage of the global resources as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy-duty diesel engines and trucks to deliver parts and service to all corners of the world.

Considering this is a specialty field in the field of transmissions, by way of being in the large truck niche in the transmission industry. This is a sensitive field, and rightfully so. Truckers, are the primary way we move goods across the country. Getting the goods to the store or warehouse is the primary reason we can go to the store and the products you are looking for are on the shelf.

The importance of using the most reliable remanufactured large truck manual transmissions can’t be stated any better than, ‘it’s very important to have plenty of Christmas inventory for business owners and customers’. Truckers make a living off the deliveries too, so they have a vested interest in making sure the payload get to said destination on time.

With all of this in mind, don’t you think it is important to truck owners to buy the most reliable replacement transmissions on the market today? That is why we are the primary source to the most successful truck fleets and private owners. Our lineup of remanufactured Mack manual transmissions is uncompromisable. We sell pure value, built right into each Mack transmission.

You need more details, allow our staff of trained manual transmission specialists outfit you with one of our ultra reliable large rebuilt truck transmissions today. Call today. Some transmissions ship for free and all go out within 24 hours of the sale.

Allison AT545 Transmissions for sale

Allison AT 545 Transmissions for sale. Thanks.

Allison AT 545 Transmissions for sale. Thanks.

Allison Transmissions are considered to be the best medium duty and large duty truck automatic transmissions. Allison is a division of General Motors Hydramatic Division. They are not passenger car or SUV transmissions. Let me say this; I have rebuilt literally hundreds and hundreds of Allison AT545 transmissions. The Allison AT545 transmissions for sale at are prepared properly, take it from an expert.

My familiarity comes from owning and operating a transmission shop in South Florida from 1981 to 2006, when someone bought it from me. Citrus and cattle are big business in our area. In particular, the vehicles used to help pick and move the picked oranges are called ”grove goats”. They are usually modified school bus chassis with the necessary equipment added to the chassis.

Regardless of whether the goat was equipped with a diesel engine or gasoline engine, all of the grove goats [at the time] had the Allison AT545 series transmissions in them. The transmission is not particularly hard to rebuild. It does consist of large heavy parts. The secret to a successful rebuilt AT545 is in the valve body calibration.

I have heard some rebuilders say they don’t need to calibrate the valve body, or the expensive equipment used to calibrate a valve body is not necessary. I know that the people who say that are full of it and have all sorts of problems with their units.

I don’t need to get anymore involved with the technical side, but i will say that the only safe way to buy an Allison AT545 is to buy it from a company that can guarantee it was tested and calibrated. Any other way of buying an Allison transmission is like playing Russian Roulette. And you will want to kill yourself if you have to remove it too many times because the valve body was not calibrated.

Lets make it simple today. Take my word as a gentleman and a certified Allison transmission specialist. Buy your rebuilt Allison AT545 transmissions for sale from a competent company that takes no unnecessary risks. Buy from It saves time, money and frustration. Call now.

Reman Subaru Transmission for Sale

When someone asks me how would you decide between a reman Subaru transmission for sale and another form of replacement transmission, I have to sit them down and explain what I’m going to say. For some cars, I recommend a reman [short for remanufactured] transmission over a used unit. To that point, we sell more reman Subaru transmissions than any other form.

Why, you ask me? Cars built like most Subaru models are hard to work on, that is the first thing. The transmission is very hard to remove and replace and a lot of time and labor is involved no matter what transmission you use to replace a broken transmission. So, a good part of the price of a re-manned unit, if you take it to a shop is the labor to remove and replace.

With that thought in mind, what if you buy a cheap used unit from the junk yard and spend say at least 500 bucks for the labor to have it installed, and it does not work or breaks down again in a few days? In that case, even if it has a warranty, who pays the labor to swap the bad replacement transmission? Well a Good company pays for the labor to swap out a defective replacement transmission. Remember that.

Another issue with Subaru transmissions is that they are quite sensitive. Being an economy car does not mean the transmission is not a precision piece of equipment. In fact in some cases the economy transmissions can be very hard to remanufacture properly. There are lot of tiny precision pieces inside the casing, a competent specialist is the only person who should work on these transmissions.

With the difficulty factor of removing and installing a transmission, and the uncompromising care required to remanufature this little jewel, it makes sense and saves big money to buy the best remanufactured transmission available. Eliminating the above two problems is the only way to find complete peace of mind.

It’d hard to put a dollar tag on peace of mind. One only needs to think of the frustration of breaking sown again to be reminded that the best remanufactured transmissions cost less in the long run. Call now and speak with a qualified expert on transmissions and let us sell you a remanufactured Subaru transmission.

Ford 5R110 Transmissions for sale

Ford 5R110 Transmissions for sale

Ford 5R110 Transmissions for sale

The Ford Torqueshift 5R100 is a rear wheel drive, five speed automatic overdrive transmission for heavy duty vehicles like the F-350 series trucks and larger trucks. Torqueshift is the trade-name for this particular transmission. Replacing the 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission in 2003, we are stocked up with Ford 5R100 transmissions for sale, crated and ready for shipment.

Used only behind the 6.0L diesel engines at first, Ford quickly expanded it’s applications to the medium duty truck line and to the large SUV’s. It actually has a hidden 6th forward speed for extreme cold weather when a low, low first gear is desirable due to excessive slipperiness of ice and snow. A granny gear of sorts.

Using what is termed adaptive shift functions, the computer and sensors watch the Torqueshift’s performance over its lifespan, and adjusts shift pressures in real time to assure consistent shift feel and compensate for wear. For ease of maintenance, the Torqueshift’s oil filter is a spin-off style, mounted on the passenger-side exterior of the transmission. Also the Torqueshift’s larger fluid lines and a larger transmission oil cooler help to assure cooler operating temperatures, even under the most demanding conditions.

Also equipped with a tow/haul mode button which changes the amount of line pressure when you pull a load. In turn, the line pressure increase makes the shifts more noticeable. As other Ford automatic transmissions have done in thee past, this one exceeded all expectations.

One of the main reasons for dealing with an experienced and reliable transmission supplier when you need a rebuilt Ford 5R100 transmission is that this is a complicated highly precise transmission. It uses a handful of solenoids internally, and receives and sends information in real time to the computers. So, only top transmission technicians have the credentials to competently rebuild them.

Spending less money on a rebuilt transmission is short sighted thinking. A lesser rebuilt transmission may not even cost less to buy. The money difference comes in after the warranty expires. An unscrupulously rebuilt transmission will outlast a poorly rebuilt unit, thus making it cost a lot less in the long run.

Call us now and find out why our Rebuilt Ford Transmissions outperform every expectation possible. And at a hard to refuse price. We can answer the hard questions and supply any tips that will make the process easier.

Chrysler 45RFE Transmissions for sale

Chrysler 45RFE Transmissions for sale

Chrysler 45RFE Transmissions for sale..100% Guaranteed.

Chrysler’s 45RFE automatic overdrive transmission is a fully computerized ”multi range” transmission. Using a sophisticated adaptive shifting control unit to optimize shifts and performance and derive the most performance and economy from one transmission. We have some rebuilt Chrysler 45RFE transmissions for sale crated and ready to ship now.

Historically, the 45RFE is a derivative of the original aluminum case Chrysler Torqueflight transmissions that were introduced in the early ’60’s. Seems wild, but the original unit, unknown at the time, was the perfect design to modify into an automatic, multi range transmission.

It is one of the best designs I have seen, using a known successful 3 speed automatic transmission and adding a bolt on overdrive section to the Torqueflight 727 [the original aluminum case Torqueflight] case.

Being a modern transmission it operates off of a complicated system of input and output sensors all over the vehicle, sending information to the computer, commanding the perfect shift for every driving circumstance. So if the engine or transmission light comes on have it checked out by a professional ASAP. Seriously.

Chrysler also has a neat feature called ”adaptive shifting”. What the purpose of it is to learn your driving habits, style and remember them. This makes for much better and more efficient shifting, producing better performance without wasting any gasoline or fuel. Some of the more expensive luxury sedans use adaptive shifting.

The bottom line is that it is a rugged and reliable unit with lots of versatility. Used primarily in the pickup truck lineup and large SUV’s.

Basically a trouble free transmission if you stick to factory maintenance procedures and factory transmission fluid to a tee, no cheating on the transmission fluid. Go buy it from the dealer and quit crying. It is saving you money.

Yet we sell a fair amount of 45RFE transmissions. The bulk of which are in commercial vehicles like the Dodge 3500 Ram pickup, so no telling how much abuse they are absorbing.

Solve your 45RFE transmission failure in the most economical way and buy a quality rebuilt transmission from with all of the latest upgrades and the best parts available. Call now and speak with one of our educated sales members. We have your replacement transmission ready to ship now.

Porsche Boxster Automatic Transmission

Porsche Boxster Automatic Transmissions-Manumatic

Porsche Boxster Automatic Transmissions-Manumatic

The trade-name of the Porsche Boxster Automatic transmission is ‘Tiptronic’. It is not a type of transmission. We call the Tiptronic a ”manumatic” transmission type. Other manufacturers use manumatic transmissions too. People don’t really know what a manumatic is and make up a lot of fictitious things about manumatic transmissions. It is somewhat confusing. We happen to have a Porsche Boxster automatic transmission for sale, and I own a Porsche too [not a Boxster, a 1970 911S].

A manumatic transmission is really an automatic transmission with fancy, ”race bred” shifting options so you can use it fully automatically on the street, or you can control the transmission manually using the high technology shifter system, or do both depending on the situation.

The technology is complicated, but the idea is not. Generally speaking, manumatic transmissions, especially the Tiptronic S model, which was spiced up a bit over the straight up Tiptronic models used in the early Boxster also used an extremely complicated program in the main transmission computer. This is actually the brains of the whole setup.

The computer system ‘learns’ your driving style or habits on the fly from information collected as fast as a rocket ship and delivered to the computer from hundreds of inputs to make instant decisions on when and how to shift.

That is as complicated as I will get. Most Porsche owners that own a Porsche new enough to have a Tiptronic S transmission in it probably don’t care about the mechanical aspect as much as the driving aspect. Vintage Porsche owners care more about the technical details. Vintage owners have a different dynamic and budget to deal with.

When you own a car like a Boxster and something unexpected happens like a transmission failure, you should deal with a company that offers you the same paradigm. You expect quality products and extraordinary customer service when you own a Boxster.

Be treated the way you expect to be treated. And receive the product that meets the same level of precision as your car. Call one of our representatives and find out more about our full line of Porsche Boxster automatic transmissions, transmissions, used transmissions and new. Ready to ship within 24 hours to get you back on the road fast.

Spicer ES52-7B Transmissions for sale

The ES52-7B is a 7 speed manual transmission for large heavy duty trucks. It is for commercial purposes only. The Spicer ”ES” prefix stands for Easy Shift. Part of Dana Holding company [a supplier of axles, big rig highway transmissions and drive-train components], Spicer was incorporated in 1904 as Spicer Universal Joint Manufacturing Company by Clarence Spicer. In 1909 it was re-named Spicer Manufacturing Company. Every model Dana/ Spicer transmission is inventoried for super service, including a Spicer ES52-7B transmission for sale sitting in front of me.

Spicer builds extreme duty driveline components, not used anymore in light duty trucks, Chevrolet and GMC offered a Spicer transfer case in the 1966 GMC 1 ton four wheel drive pickup. I owned one. It was an overkill to say the least and was not used for more than two years by the light duty division of GM before they went to a smaller more economical setup.

I’m not an authority on the large commercial sized manual transmissions. It is more of an application problem. Manual transmissions all work about the same way and that I understand.

My suggestion is to call and speak with our Spicer transmission specialist and jaw with him for a while. If you own a Spicer transmission, I’m sure you know what you have and what you want. Call us and find out why we supply plenty of large fleets and many commercial operations with any type of transmission needed. Fast service is part of the deal. Call now and get your ride rolling.

Rebuilt Transfer Cases for Sale

Rebuilt Transfer Cases For Sale

Rebuilt Transfer Cases For Sale

The term transfer case does not only apply to four wheel drive trucks and SUV’s anymore. We have to think outside the box to imagine what other names and purposes transfer cases are used for and referred to as. Don’t be surprised if we ask a lot of questions when you call about rebuilt transfer cases for sale, we want to get it right the first time.

There are two common ways the “internal workings” in most transfer cases are driven. #1; Full gear drive transfer cases use a set of gears to drive the front and rear planetary gears, and on to the front and rear drive-shafts. These are generally independent mounted, commercial grade strong, heavy gear boxes that are used in large trucks, not used in automobiles and light trucks since the NP205.

Transfer cases which use a #2; chain to transfer power internally use a wide lap link drive chain to drive the planetaries and gears, as an alternative method to gear drive. Chain-driven transfer cases have several benefits; they are noticeably quieter, much smoother and lighter in weight than gear-driven ones. The chain driven transfer cases are the most popular by a long-shot and are used in almost all modern vehicles, such as compact trucks, full size trucks, Jeeps and SUVs [AWD].

It’s important to mention that All Wheel Drive [AWD] passenger cars, SUV’s and vans use a form of a transfer case. In reality it is pretty much the same system as a 4 wheel drive pickup with some refinements such as electronic computer controlled push-button or fully automatic operation for unnoticed operation and special mounting brackets to absorb vibration.

Very popular in hilly or snow covered areas.

Transfer cases can also be referred to as either “independent” or “married”. “Married” transfer cases are bolted directly to the back of the transmission with an adapter. Sometimes a “married” transfer case is an integral part of the transmission [AWD] and the two components share the same a common housing, commonly found in the Audi A8 AWD.

An “independent” transfer case is mounted completely separate from the transmission; the transfer case is connected to the transmission by a short drive-shaft, as opposed to being bolted to the transmission. Married transfer cases account for 90 % of modern cars, luxury cars, trucks and SUV’s. Independent transfer cases are used on very long wheelbase vehicles, such as commercial trucks, over road rigs, excavating equipment, farm equipment and military vehicles.

Searching for a rebuilt transfer case? Try calling our team of specialists. All you really need for an exact match is your registration which has the vehicle identification number [VIN] on it. With the VIN, we can sell you a top line rebuilt transfer case or AWD unit and get it right the first time. Call now and find out how affordable the best can be.

Troubleshooting Car Transmission Problems

Troubleshooting car transmission problems

Troubleshooting car transmission problems

Leave troubleshooting car transmission problems for a specialist. Regardless of the year, from super high technology computerized transmissions to older fully hydraulic operated automatic transmissions. Even manual shift transmissions should be dealt with by a professional. I know for sure that some of the replacement transmissions we sell are due to the poor diagnostics of car transmission problems.

Several issues need to be addressed, for instance, asking inexperienced people about what is wrong with your transmission is a bad start, but a good way to waste time and money. I know it is very macho for home mechanics and non transmission mechanics to give out unsubstantiated advise, however transmissions are the least understood part of your car [including the electronic controls where applicable], that is why they are a specialty.

Realistically speaking, no one but a qualified transmission specialist has the knowledge and tools to diagnose a transmission problem. Diagnosis may be the hardest and most important part of the transmission business. I see a lot of people on forums asking technical and potentially expensive questions regarding repairs on expensive cars.

Imagine someone with no automotive experience, let alone transmission experience telling someone [in a forum] that they think a need a new computer will fix their car. And a new computer costs almost 1000 dollars. What if said person took the [expert] persons advise [who has no transmission experience] and bought a computer and it did not fix the problem? Yikes. Can’t return a used, opened box computer.

There is a lot of value in letting a professional diagnose the problem. Imagine in the above experience, if the car was diagnosed by a professional for about 75.00 dollars and the problem turned out to be a bad modulator, which costs about 100.00 dollars; parts and labor? Well, that would save a lot of money over trying to save money on a diagnosis.

There is a lot of value in using an honest and reliable transmission replacement company. That’s us, Just as with a quality diagnosis and knowing what is really wrong with your transmission, you need a replacement company that has your best interests in mind, selling you exactly what you need.

If you have a solid diagnosis and are shopping for replacement transmissions, our specialists are trained to ask all the right questions so we can educate and service you in a manner that allows you to buy the best replacement transmission for your needs and budget, saving you money and time. Call now.