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Rebuilt Chevy Transmissions: Buyer Beware..

Question: I just had a700r4 rebuilt with supposedly all performance parts and upgrades. It never shifted with a solid shift from the start and after about 10 miles it now has low gear only. upgrades were supposed to be from complete b@m rebuild kit. Is the trans burnt or just me?

Answer: You may be burnt, I don’t know you!! Hopefully the transmission you mention, a fully rebuilt Chevy transmission, T700R4 with the performance parts and B&M rebuild kit was installed at time of the rebuild, Who reinstalled the transmission is an issue. If the company removed it, rebuilt the transmission and reinstalled it, than go back and discuss it in a rational manner. Let them know your concerns. If they are on the level, you will be promptly taken care of.

No matter who installed the rebuilt transmission, there is a diagnostic process that should be followed. Because a 700R4 is not computerized it uses a governor and TV or throttle velocity cable instead of a computer and lots of inputs

Critical question: If you did your own installation, did you flush the cooling lines and the transmission cooling part of the radiator with a suitable agent? Did you clean the driveshaft yoke and dipstick? Automatic transmissions don’t deal with dirt well and if it was not flushed, chances are you need to remove the transmission and decontaminate it and flush the cooling system before it is reinstalled. If you had the rebuilding shop or supplier do the installation, then that is their concern, not yours.

If it established that the unit is clean and contamination is not a factor in terms of causing the valve body or brain of the transmission not to think properly, then I would suspect a transmission assembly mistake. The test that tells all is to go through a line pressure test. Checking how much hydraulic pressure the transmission is putting out in each separate gear range is critical to know in order to determine your next step.

To put it simply, (A.) The transmission has contamination in it. Causing the valves in the valve body and or governor to stick or drag, instead of ‘snap’ forward or backwards. Which would cause all sorts of shift maladies, including yours. (B.) The B&M rebuild kit and upgrade kits were not installed properly.

First off, personally, I don’t care for B&M products at all. When compared to other brands that really work, the B&M kits are over complicated and are hard to comprehend the installation directions. Lots of rebuilders skip steps or just don’t understand the kits. Bottom line is that a qualified rebuilder has to be able to read and have terrific comprehension skills to install update kits and understand directions.

That is my story and I’m sticking with it. Next time you need a beefed up T-700R4 call the most reputable rebuilt transmission supplier in the county,… trust me on this, they have the detailed and time consuming procedures well established after years of locating and supplying folks with the best rebuilt T-700R4 or any transmission for that matter, on the market.

We have a few more T700-R4 articles that may be of interest to you. Enjoy them on our blog. Specifically we have an article on the best updates and kits for a beefed 700R4.

Try a used transmission, cash for clunkers cost more..

The New, stimulus driven Cash for Clunker bill was recently passed and many Americans may be falsely excited to find out which cars are eligible. The plan basically says that the government will pay $4500 towards a new fuel efficient car if you trade-in your old clunker. All I ask is to weigh out buying a used transmission for your car, compared to a new car. Here is the plan.

1) Operational condition. Whatever that means!!
2) Rated at no more than 18 miles per gallon (m.p.g.) combined city/highway. (Check your car’s rating here.)
3) A 1984 model or newer.
4) Worth less than $4,500 – or in some cases, $3,500. (The program just bumps up the trade-in value of your car to one of those amounts; you don’t get extra).
5) Owned by you for at least a year (so you can’t go out and buy one at the junkyard and then turn around and trade it in).

The only way you will truly know if your car can be traded in is to actually contact the auto makers and find all the loop holes, that way you won’t have an anger attack when you are told, “you don’t qualify”. I am sure there will be many advertisements on both the television and Internet. It is highly likely that these ads will lead to an 800 number in which you can call a representative.

The big picture concerning the “cash for clunkers” deal is if your vehicle needs a replacement transmission and a few other affordable related repairs, yet it is in good overall condition, is it a better choice to get your ‘big‘ cash rebate, yet still go into big time debt buying a new car. It is easy to see you will owe a very significant amount of money to the bank for the difference in the price on a new car, even with a cash rebate, over a pre-tested good used transmission.

There are many positives about the program, which is designed to get rid of less efficient cars for hi efficiency new cars. It also stimulates the car companies. The cash rebate deal is great if you really need a new car, and obviously it will be good for the environment. But economically challenged people, many of which may not even qualify for a loan to pay for the new car would save money by purchasing a good used transmission and handling any related repairs over the cost of new car.

When money is so hard to come by and needed to applied to ‘primary living expenses’, is it more monetarily effective to go into debt for that much money? At least at this point in history? We are talking about just sustaining life and paying the mortgage and feeding your family, not profiling around town in a new car. You tell me what is more important.

Before you go into big debt, take your car to a qualified repair shop and have your car examined by a professional mechanic, you may save more money than a cash for clunker rebate by fixing the car you have. If you need a replacement transmission, check with the experts at for an transmission that fits your best interests. Trust me, now you are saving money. More free information is available on our blog. Enjoy.

Buyer Beware-A bum used car may cost more than a used transmission..

Auto technologies certainly make cars more luxurious and convenient to drive. Those same technologies, however, are subject to performance loss or catastrophic failure over time. Nowhere does that become obvious as when we buy a used car. The pain of buying a used car and then having to locate and have a used transmission installed because the owner had it “doctored up” to sell it, will last longer than simply replacing your transmission.
Used vehicles are in high demand today for obvious reasons; it’s the economy. People simply cannot afford new cars, no matter how great the deals may appear. Still, buyer beware applies. In other words, buyers beware of the financial dangers they might incur after the purchase. Don’t you wonder why an apparently good looking and excellent running car three to five years old is really being sold?
Now consider the cost of replacing the transmission or any one of the engine, transmission or body control modules, or any one of the many other control modules your vehicle may have. If you on a strict budget in the first place, any repair bill is a catastrophe.
Whether you’re considering a foreign or domestic car, count the cost of repairing any of the electrical system’s units. That’s usually the source of the high tech problems. The Point is that body dings are easy to see and fix, but transmission problems, electrical systems rand engine problems can’t be seen by looking at the outside of it, requiring technical testing and expensive diagnostic equipment just to find out what may be wrong. Before buying a used car, pay a professional to fully examine and diagnose every system of the car in advance.
A great idea and important step to getting a good used-car is to run a vehicle history report on any used car you are considering buying. Several companies sell these reports, seems to be the most comprehensive. There you will find out the vital information about the used car including whether or not it has been declared a total loss by an insurance company.
The Bottom line: Be wary of relatively new cars that may have have expensive consequences; and, sooner or later, the day will comes when auto-repair bills must be paid. For myself, replacing the transmission in my older car with a good used transmission beats out buying a used car with some possible built in problems waiting to happen.
Familiarity with your current car is very powerful. At least you have a viable history with the car and are less prone to surprises by replacing a broken transmission.
My final point is to talk with an expert in transmission replacement before you make any major car buying decisions. The immediate thrill of a newer car may be luring, but the feeling of successfully and reliably getting your old car back on the road is very gratifying when you end up saving a bunch of money. Lots of my old customers would return specifically to thank us for our advise and installing a used transmission and saving them a bunch of money in the long run.
Take a tour of our blog, perhaps you will find more article to help make a good solid decision instead of a knee-jerk reaction, which in most cases is not in your best interest and wastes money in the long run. Good luck.

Used Transmission Suppliers not fond of Cash for Clunkers..

Not all auto recyclers are thrilled at the government’s new cash for clunkers program, which requires car dealers to destroy the gas-guzzlers they get as trade-ins from new car buyers.

Used transmissions and drive-trains are a big part of recyclers’ income from each scrapped car, and under the federal program those transmissions and engines must be destroyed. The idea is to promote fuel efficiency and help automakers, but it comes at a time when more than a dozen U.S. auto parts suppliers have filed for bankruptcy this year

Used transmissions and drive-trains account for 60 percent of recyclers’ revenue from a wrecked or used vehicles.

The cash for clunkers program, officially called the Car Allowance Rebate System, took effect July 1, and rules were published Friday. It offers drivers who trade in qualifying vehicles up to a $4,500 credit toward a new, more fuel-efficient car from participating dealers. The government reimburses dealer

Some recyclers say cash for clunkers will hurt lower-income buyers who can’t afford a new car, even with the federal credit. They also claim that destroying vehicles will increase prices for spare parts as economy woes customers are experiencing who are depending on used parts to keep their cars running.

Now we are trashing car parts people could afford, and they’re not available anymore, There will be less cars to pull from, so the price of parts will go up for older vehicles.

At many warehouses, used transmissions and engines fill shelves stacked almost as high as the ceiling. Outside, rows of salvaged car parst hang from racks. Many parts are being stockpiled so parts are available for years to come.

Despite their disappointment, some auto recyclers are urging dealers to send the trade-ins to them instead of to auctioneers who could serve as middlemen for scrap yards.

This could be a big blow to consumers with older cars. I see no way it will adversely affect the used transmission market for newer more efficient cars and wrecked low mileage vehicles with good used transmissions. For those in the market for a use transmission for an older car, has spent a tremendous amount of time and energy locating the small fleets of used transmission suppliers with older transmissions that are certified good used and have plenty of life left in them.

“It is not always about the price or profit at” as Brian Hanson the owner told me. “It is worth the extra effort to make sure everyone has all options open to them when it comes down to purchasing a good used transmission. Keeping our customers happy and adapting to the times is one of our secrets to success.”

Used transmissions: Buy an affordable low mileage transmission.

To keep your vehicle in a good condition you need to maintain your vehicles transmission. If the transmission breaks down, then you have to buy a replacement transmission and it might not be in your budget. If you want to buy a quality affordable used transmission, then the first thoughts that come to mind of dirty and old are not true for the entire used transmission industry. transmission supply company has become the leader in the quality low mileage used transmission industry making sure they are in perfect working condition with a viable warranty. So now you don’t have to worry about buying a worn out used transmission.

It is no secret that we have been providing used transmissions for all models of vehicles from many years and with our services and support, we are the most trusted transmission supplier in the market. We provide both automatic shift and manual shift transmissions for all makes of cars and trucks.

We have instant access to the finest selection of transmissions with the help of our large network which includes many LKQ (Like Kind Quality) parts yards and suppliers throughout the country and we have first choice on prime used transmissions from amongst them. We have the knowledge and experience to choose the right used transmission for your vehicle.

Reading our blog and understanding more about your needs including picking up some important pointers to look for when you inquire with us concerning your transmission requirements. When you order, we then distribute the order to our entire network and then after getting the reply, we select the best transmission for your interests from the closest network affiliate and put the order in for immediate processing and delivery to your front door or the repair shop installing the unit.

Trust me when I say we can ensure that we will provide you the finest used transmissions and support, support being as important as the product itself.

So don’t worry about buying a used transmission, used auto transmissions are becoming one of the most affordable and viable ways to solve a transmission failure.

Used transmissions have been available for years, in the last 5 years this industry has changed from receiving old dirty used transmissions, to an industry and a company that has forged a great reputation such as by having access to the premium low mileage used transmissions you demand. An old worn out used replacement transmission will cost more in the long run than a pre tested, certified low mileage used transmission.

Call us @ 866-320-1182 for a free quote and some discussion on what choices suit your needs and budget the best.

Count on us to outperform all competitors in the used transmission market. We spend extra time doing the homework first, in order to make your experience a good one. Ask about our line of JDM transmission for the foreign market.

Used Transmissions, Low Mileage, Affordable Prices..

A good used transmission can be a a good choice for many people who experience a transmission failure. For a newer model car or truck about 5 years old, or a specialty car like a Mercedes, you can find some sweet deals on low mileage used transmissions out there.

How can you go wrong if you have an Audi A-8 Quattro that needs a replacement transmission and at last look, the dealer wanted about $10,000.00 for one. That is just a transmission, no labor or transmission fluid included, with a one year warranty. When for half of that you can buy a low mileage used transmission and have it professionally installed with transmission fluid with a longer warranty than the dealer transmission.

These are low mileage used transmissions out of cars that had no problems at all other than they were wrecked badly. I have seen used transmissions with 20,000 to 30,000 miles on them for sale at all the time.

For some people a used transmission may not be the best choice. For instance if the vehicle you drive is for commercial purposes it probably should have an upgraded heavy duty transmission in it. Or if it is older than 10 to 13 years of age, there may not be many low mileage used transmissions available. Meaning a rebuilt transmission may be your only long term choice.

Regardless of your choice in the type of replacement transmission. is the leading supplier of low mileage used transmissions, both manual transmissions and automatic transmissions. Feel free to call @ 866-320-1182 and talk to an expert in transmission replacement.

Chevy Manual transmissions. Muncie Series..

My earliest experience with ‘somebody‘ needing a transmission for sale, was actually the time I broke the transmission in my dads 1966 Dodge wagon. ‘Just moving it up‘ in the driveway! I did not even have a drivers license back then. That car had an automatic transmission in it, but I had terrific skills at breaking manual transmissions back then too. It is probably why I really got into racing automatics at that point in my life, they were very new and cool, and were less prone to breakage.

As it turned out I was a transmission and clutch breaking machine. I broke the transmission in my Shelby Mustang several times and had to pay for that broken transmission too. The car that I needed to find a source of transmissions for sale on a regular basis was my 1966 Corvette. In retrospect, I should have kept a junk yard on retainer!

The transmission hungry car had a Big Block Chevy engine in it, the L-72, 425 horsepower model to be exact.  It had the “Muncie” (made in the Muncie, Indiana Chevy Plant) rock crusher M-22 transmission and posi-traction rear. BYW, the ‘Vette was a bad ass car, it was the first American car to have 4 wheel disc brakes and an independent rear suspension (of production cars).

The L-72 model and had an aluminum intake manifold and giant carburetor. The crankshaft, pistons and rods were forged steel instead of nodular iron. It came with an aggressive camshaft design and solid lifters. The heads were cast iron, but had the same port design as the aluminum L-88 heads. With 11 to 1 compression, it was a serous performance engine, not for the light hearted.

These motors were transmission breaking, tire burning propulsion devises that started the generation of cars with lots of power. Like the Dodge Magnum with a 440 cubic inch engine, or the GTO with 389 cubic inch engine, three deuces and a 4 speed transmission or the Boss Mustangs. Even the Camaro and Firebird were not exempt from the giant ‘motors’, as we called them back then. It was a fun time for young car lovers to grow up. It was also one of the reasons I became a mechanic. Plus I had to support my habit!

My friends and I were putting ourselves in spots where we needed to find a used manual transmission for sale fast constantly. I had plenty of clutch problems too. Eventually I settled on the L-88 Chevy clutch.

I drove the heck out of that car too. I broke a lot of Muncie M-22 transmissions. I don’t think it was luck that I never needed a rebuilt or replacement engine though. It was simply more power than a manual transmission could handle when driven the way I did on a regular basis.

Every one should have a ride in one of the real, original muscle cars. If you think you have a fast car now, you ain’t seen nothing yet! It is remarkable to think about how computerized and luxurious it is to go fast now. Porsche makes the highest rated and most trouble free cars every year, and it is worthy of that title, for that matter it will outperform my old Vette. The difference is the raw unadulterated power and lack of any luxury devices, just pure, raw exposure to going fast. The ultimate feeling for a car enthusiast.

Back then if you needed a replacement transmission, you had to call about 50 junk yards, locate the transmission and actually go to the junk yard with your own tools and remove your own parts, a transmission in this case. No guarantees, other than it works. For a small faction of people, like me it was fun going to the junk yard, but most people don’t like to. Now, we can call a reputable supply company who has GotTransmissions for sale, and order a guaranteed pre-tested used transmission, or a long term guaranteed rebuilt transmission over the Internet or phone at a great price and have it delivered to your door or your favorite repair shop in no time at all. Good luck.

Borg Warner Transmissions for sale..

For over 50 years, Borg Warner Transmission Inc. has demonstrated their commitment to product leadership, through technical innovation, customer service, and manufacturing excellence. They are well prepared to lead us into the next generation of transmissions for sale.

Borg Warner Inc. is a global supplier of engineered automotive  components for power train applications. The products are manufactured and sold worldwide to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of light-vehicles (passenger cars, sport-utility vehicles, vans and light-trucks). The Company’s products are also sold to other OEMs of commercial trucks, buses and agricultural and off-highway vehicles.

The lines of both automatic transmissions and manual transmissions built by B/W covers more applications for cars and trucks in the world than any other company over the last 50 years. Including sharing technology with Tremec Transmission Company.

Models offered:

  • Borg-Warner Model DG transmission / Borg-Warner Model 35 transmission / Borg-Warner Model 65 transmission / Borg-Warner T-56 / Borg-Warner T-85 / Borg-Warner T-86 / Borg-Warner T-96 / Borg-Warner T-10 / Borg-Warner T-18 / Borg-Warner T-19 / Borg-Warner T-176 / Borg-Warner HR-1 / Borg-Warner SR-4 / Borg-Warner T-4 / Borg-Warner T-5 / Borg-Warner T-90 / Borg-Warner T-50 / Direct-Shift Gearbox /Borg-Warner M35 transmission / Borg-Warner M44 transmission / Borg-Warner M8 transmission / Borg-Warner M11 transmission / Borg-Warner M12 transmission
  • Obviously I can’t go into detail on each Borg Warner transmission in particular. What I can say is that over my 30 plus years of rebuilding transmissions, Borg Warner transmissions have always been popular in US and Foreign cars. The most popular being the T-35, T-5, T-56 and T-4 transmissions. Most people in the market for a transmission for sale are surprised to find their car actually uses a Borg Warner transmission instead of a transmission named after the brand name of the car. Which is why I recommend @ 866-320-1182 as your one stop source of replacement transmissions, especially Borg Warner units. Trust me. Feel free to pick up some more transmission dialog on our Blog. Enjoy.

Manual Transmissions for sale: Tremec 2009 TR6060 (MH3/MG9)..

Transmission Technologies Corporation is a manufacturer of automobile transmissions, better known for their TREMEC line of manual transmissions for sale. Some of the most famous TREMEC products were originally designed by Borg-Warner, including the widely-used T-56.

Both the Corvette ZR1 and the CTSv use the TR6060 designated as MH3 and MG9, respectively.  The MH3 is validated to 620 lb-ft of torque, while the MG9 is validated to 560 lb-ft of torque.

Design features include a combination of double-cone and triple-cone synchronizers on all gears. Commonly called  “World Class” series Synchronizers, they act like clutches to speed up or slow down a gear that is being shifted to. Double-cone synchronizers have two friction surfaces to effect this gear acceleration, and triple-cone synchronizers have three friction surfaces. The greater the friction surface, the easier the transmission is to shift. In addition, double-cone and triple-cone synchronizers are smaller in diameter than a single-cone synchronizer with the same friction area allowing the transmission to remain more compact. Bearings in place of bushings lower the friction of the shift rail movements for the Corvette and CTsv, making the shifter feel naturally lighter and more direct.

Refinements designed into all six-speed Tremec TR6060 transmissions include needle roller bearings on all forward gear-sets and 5th and 6th gear synchronizers located on a countershaft. The countershaft location of the 5th and 6th gear synchronizers allow those gears to be selected without affecting the 1st through 4th gearsets, all contributing to ease of shifting.

The Corvette ZR1 uses the MH3 version of the six-speed, with close ratios gears (narrowly separated ratios) developed for on-track use. The 2009 CTSv gets the new ratio set as compared to the previous generation CTSv.

Along with transmission upgrades in materials for the ZR1, a new main housing along with a new Right Hand Side cover were re-designed with high strength aluminum.  The ring and pinion are now single shot peen-ed.  Further upgrades were made in the Left Hand Side differential housing which is now made from billet steel.

Although the B/W T-56 is a durable high performance transmission, the newer Tremec TR6060 is a refined version, which matches up better with the new Corvettes overall technology. Recommended suggested maintenance: The 6-speed uses Texaco ATF Type III 1863 fluid and is certified “fill-for-life,” requiring no fluid changes. FTI: I don’t agree with the ” fill for life” maintenance method. If you don’t want to purchase a transmission for sale of this nature, change the fluid at least every 50,000 miles or earlier if you drive it hard. Trust me.

For more information concerning the availability of the Tremec TR6060 call the experts at @ 866-320-1182, and get the lowest quote on a replacement transmission. Guaranteed.

Rebuilt Transfer Cases:

In my last post on transfer cases for sale, I mentioned my regard for American made bearings and seals, especially when you purchase a rebuilt transfer case for sale. My reasons are purely mechanical, nothing else to read into it.

Have you ever heard of the Rockwell harness testing procedure for metals? Here is a simple definition:

Stanley P. Rockwell invented the Rockwell hardness test. He was a metallurgist for a large ball bearing company and he wanted a fast non-destructive way to determine if the heat treatment process they were doing on the bearing races was successful. The only hardness tests he had available at time were Vickers, Brinell and Scleroscope. The Vickers test was too time consuming, Brinell indents were too big for his parts and the Scleroscope was difficult to use, especially on his small parts.

To satisfy his needs he invented the Rockwell test method. This simple sequence of test force application proved to be a major advance in the world of hardness testing. It enabled the user to perform an accurate hardness test on a variety of sized parts in just a few seconds.

My understanding, of which I can’t recall the exact specifics since I read this many years ago is as such. The same hardness test is not used in Japan or China. Meaning that the hardness itself may not be the same as an American made bearing, and the consistency in hardness of each bearing is not as exacting as the Rockwell test. There is an abundance of ways to test the hardness of metals, sorry not to remember.

Thr proof for us, at my transmission shop were the overall results. We quit using the ‘Japanese bearing kits‘ as soon as we started to have premature bearing issues, using the industry hyped ‘inexpensive new’ bearing kits. At that point, in the mid ’80s was when I read the information on testing procedures. It added up at the time. They may be using the Rockwell tests by now, but for my assurance, we always go with American manufacturers. Unless, the transfer case or standard transmission is made by a Japanese/Foreign car maker, in which case we always go to the dealer and buy factory new bearings.

The point is this: As I mentioned in my previous post, I would prefer a low mileage used transfer case if the one in my truck was damaged. Note: Remember, as a 30 plus year transmission shop owner and transmission rebuilding veteran I have an advantage over people who can not do this type of work. I speak as a consumer, not as a service provider (I don’t recommend rebuilding your own transfer case if you are not an experienced mechanic with the proper tools and education).

If there were no good used transfer cases available, then my choice would be a rebuilt transfer case, for my GMC 3500 Series 4X4 pickup, over a rebuilt one with the possiblilty of ‘cheap bearings‘ installed in the rebuild process. My suggestion is to call a well respected company such as @ 866-320-1182 and speak to one of the specialists about your needs and what is in your best interest. Satisfaction is guaranteed.