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Used Honda CRX Transmission

Honda used its H4 transmission inside its CRX vehicles in the late 1980s. As one of the very first automatic builds, this transverse gearbox was later used in a series of performance cars. The FF body layout of the CRX paired nicely with the H4 assembly. A person who will buy a replacement used Honda [...]

1999 Acura Integra GSR Transmission

1999 Acura Integra GSR Transmission A consumer can buy 1999 Acura Integra GSR transmission from a reputable resource like Got Transmissions online. Learning how to make a purchase and the history of the gearboxes used in Honda vehicles is crucial to a great experience. The GSR vehicles were first created in the mid 1990s and are [...]

Honda Odyssey Transmission

The Honda Odyssey was created in 1999 for the United States market. This minivan was one of the first for Honda. Two options for transmissions have been used in this series. The first installation was a four-speed automatic unit. Honda developed this with technology taken from other successful vehicles in the lineup. This automatic unit [...]

Replacement Honda Passport Transmissions for Sale

The Car/SUV called the Honda Passport was made from 1994 to 2002. I need to mention, Honda made a motorcycle called the Passport, too. Don’t get confused. It was really an American car, being made in Indiana, entirely. By US citizens, paying US taxes. I am not sure why it was discontinued, but it was [...]

Choose The Right Honda CRV Transmission for Sale

When Honda introduced the CRV, it was a niche type of car, essentially a combo of a Civic with a larger boxy body. It is technically called a Compact Crossover SUV, with 4 doors built on a front wheel drive chassis. The transmission is mounted up front, if you want to check the fluid to [...]

Honda Fit Transmissions for Sale

Although the Honda Fit was introduced in Japan and Europe in 2001, it was not brought to the US and Canada until 2006. It is a North American sub compact car, a 5 door hatchback. It is built on a front wheel drive platform called GD1/2/3/4 which is the technical name for the chassis. Regardless, [...]

Honda Element Transmissions for Sale

The Honda Element was introduced in 2001 in North America. It is a compact boxy looking crossover which has a reputation for being ”dog friendly”. It is built on the reliable Honda CVC platform, which is front engine-front wheel drive with 4 wheel drive optional until 2007. If you have an element with a bad [...]

Got Affordable Honda Insight Transmissions for Sale

The Honda Insight a sub-mini car or compact car, no matter what size you consider it, the Insight is a hybrid electric car. It was Honda’s first Integrated Motor Assist system. Certified by the EPA [environmental protection agency] to get 61 MPG [miles per gallon]. Most hybrids use a somewhat different transmission type than conventional [...]

Honda H4A Transmissions on Sale Cheap

Honda Transmissions for Sale

The H4A Honda Transmissions were a modified version of Honda’s first 4-speed automatic transmission, the H4. Introduced in 1990 on the flagship Honda Accord, the H4A series had three shafts, rather than the two found on the H4. Since the engine and transmissions mount from left to right instead [...]

Honda Insight Transmissions For Sale.

Honda Insight Transmissions for Sale

If you are looking for a used replacement Transmission for your Honda Insight , then you are in the right place. You will be sure to get the finest and most modern methods of locating and supplying Honda Transmissions, more powerful than a Honda parts [...]