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Rebuilt Volvo XC90 Transmission for Sale

Rebuilt Volvo XC90 Transmission for Sale

One of the nicest, most luxurious performance crossover utility vehicles is the Volvo XC90, a mid sized SUV like vehicle introduced in 2002 and still being made, it is the most popular Volvo sold in the USA. The reason for this post is that the automatic [...]

2005 Volvo V70 may Need a Rebuilt Transmission

Believe it or not I have a very close friend. This person I speak of is in California. To tell you the truth, I love her, she is a very special person. So when we spoke the other day, she mentioned her transmission light came on and the car felt really sluggish. I am a [...]

Volvo S40/V40/V50 Transmissions for Sale 2004 and Newer

The Volvo S40 is a small family car, with the ”S” meaning Saloon. The “V” in the V40 series stands for versatility/estate. The wagon became the V50 in 2004. Volvo transmissions have always been sturdy units, fitting characteristics for a car claimed to last long time and be safer than other cars. It takes a full [...]

C70 Volvo Transmissions for Sale

Volvo C70 transmissions are built for performance. Volvo builds some mighty fast and stylish cars nowadays. The C70 is a perfect example. A full sized luxury car built on a front wheel drive platform. Both the first and second generation C70 came equipped with a manual transmission and several automatic transmissions to choose from. [...]

Volvo automatic transmission

Volvo automatic transmission

Volvo automatic transmissions were originally made by the ZF AG Transmission company in Germany. Now Volvo transmissions are make in a combination effort with Aisin of Japan. ZF AG, is also known as the ZF Group, and commonly called ZF. They are a worldwide supplier of drive-line and chassis [...]

Volvo Transmissions New Power Shift Unit

Volvo Transmissions: Automatic and Manual For Sale

The two-litre turbo-diesel engines for the Volvo C30, S40 and V50 became available in January 2008, with a new automatic transmission. This new Powershift transmission is a six-speed unit. The most obvious differences are the twin wet clutches that provide better shift quality than that [...]

Volvo 850 automatic transmission problems discussed.

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Question: My 1995 855T will not shift out of first when the car is cold. I am told i need a new transmission? this just does not make sense advice please Possibilities: There is a bunch of info missing here. What is the climate and temperature like where you live [...]

Remanufactured Volvo Automatic Transmissions in stock.

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Taking your automatic Volvo transmissions to the mechanic each time you notice problems can get extremely expensive and frustrating. The best way to combat this is to learn the basics of your transmission. It also helps to learn how to identify some common problems so you can [...]

Volvo Transmissions for Sale: AW50-42LE…

The Volvo AW50-42LE transmission is a 4-speed overdrive electronically controlled automatic transaxle. It is manufactured by Aisian /Warner Transmission Company. The Transaxle consists of lock-up torque converter, oil pump, 3 planetary gear sets, clutch and brake units, accumulator pistons, valve body and 4 electronic valve body solenoids. Based on the philosophy of “Quality First,” the Aisin Warner [...]