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Dodge Spirit Transmissions for Sale

Dodge Spirit Used Transmissions for Sale | Used Transmissions

Dodge Spirit was one of the cars that lead Dodge to new sales heights in the decade of the ’90s. The Spirit was unique in many ways and some of the features had nothing to do with the interior amenities that were provided. The transmission that was used in the Spirit could be one of five different versions. As technology became more advanced, Chrysler offered additional 4 and 5-speed transmissions. We have these Dodge Spirit transmissions for sale everyday right from this website. We give what we believe to be the lowest online prices. We also ship transmissions free of charge in the U.S. That’s some on many differences between and other sellers.

We believe in the parts that are manufactured by Chrysler or certified third parties. We do not buy transmissions that are produced in foreign countries and sold for replacements. We keep things just as Dodge intended with an OEM transmission. We know that our customers or business owners that purchase what we sell expect nothing but the highest quality. If you need to know what Spirit transmissions we have, we have the following models in stock now:

• A413 3-speed
• A523 5-speed
• A568 5-speed
• A604 4-speed
• A670 3-speed

Dodge Spirit Transmissions for Sale

Quality is very important to our business. Even though we sell used gearboxes, we still maintain one of the highest quality levels that can be found online. There are hundreds of sellers offline that have cheap quality and these are usually what ends up on eBay and other websites. The parts suppliers that sell us transmissions all limit their sales to professionals only. The helps to weed out any sellers that do not meet quality and volume standards. When we make a transmission purchase, we buy in large quantities. We do this because it is required by the seller and we get a price break that way. All of the reductions that we get in price are subtracted from our customer purchase price.

It’s hard to find a reputable seller when you need a quality used transmission. One of the struggles that customers face is not being able to physically inspect the part before it is shipped. We ease the fears of our customers by doing in-house inspections. Our staff of Dodge mechanics knows what types of things to search for when evaluating a used transmission. We do internal and external evaluations of all of our Spirit transmission stock. Nothing gets by our testing that is passed on to a customer. If something is found to be inaccurate or problematic, it is addressed in a professional manner and the issue is corrected. We sell nothing but the best FWD transmissions and prove it with our extended warranties.

Dodge Spirit Transmissions for Sale Price Quotes

Right on this website is where all quotes are handled. Use the Dodge quote system we created to get the low price you want. You can even call 1-866-320-1182 if you need help. We work quickly and never waste any of your time during your transmission search. You expect a high quality part and we give one to you here.

Chrysler LeBaron Transmissions for Sale

Chrysler LeBaron Used Transmissions for Sale | Cheap Transmissions

Chrysler LeBaron was a luxury automobile that was perfect for people from all walks of life. It had the stylish paint scheme and amenities that cool people wanted and it was the perfect compliment for a family car. The LeBaron enjoyed decades of success under the marketing genius of Chrysler. We have Chrysler LeBaron transmissions for sale at the right price everyday on our website. Our inventory is large and we are capable of sending hundreds of transmissions each day from our warehouse. You never pay more than you should have to for a used LeBaron transmission here at

TorqueFlight was the original name for the A413 transmission. This was a 3-speed unit that was first used in the LeBaron in the early ’80s. This transmission was a front-wheel transaxle meaning that power came from the front two wheels only. The 4WD units that were later produced by Chrysler for direct fit into the Jeep Cherokee were both real and front wheel versions. The A413 was upgraded and renamed the 31TH about the time that the Dodge Neon came out. This was the predecessor the the LeBaron and continued Chrysler’s worldwide dominance of economical cars with excellent transmissions.

Chrysler LeBaron Transmissions for Sale

When you need Chrysler auto parts, do you know where to find them online? Most people have trouble when researching parts dealers. Anyone can claim to have anything in stock including transmissions. We have a 100,000 square foot warehouse that is our proof of what we have. We buy direct from a variety of sources and know that what is purchased is original. We buy nothing that is aftermarket or rebuilt by non-Chrysler approved companies. We sell used transmissions, but we also offer them in rebuilt versions for people that want them. We are a professional Chrysler dealer and not a seller. What happens inside of our shop is a lot of hard work and development for our customers. The ease of hookup with our transmissions makes them simple to hook to the 4-cylinder LeBaron engine.

1995 brought in the close of the LeBaron brand, but we still have these transmissions and will continue to get them in stock. Junkyards and salvage dealers know that we are a great resource for a quality used transmission online. We don’t limit our sales to businesses only and have a huge clientele of average people that appreciate buying transmissions without special licenses. Pride is a four letter word that we are proud of here and we’re proud to say our reputation is strong. Our LeBaron inventory is only rivaled by Chrysler itself. Because we offer free shipping online, we have become a trusted source for fast shipping and lower than reasonable pricing. Try us for your transmission needs and you’ll find out.

Chrysler LeBaron Transmissions for Sale Quotes

Our pricing is always correct because we use quotes and don’t list ever-changing prices on our website. You always get accurate price information when you obtain prices from our quote form. Try it now. It can be used 7 days a week. You can call 1-866-320-1182 and speak to an expert. We’re here to help you fast for any transmission question or concern that you have. Try us today.

Toyota Camry 4-Speed Transmissions for Sale

Toyota Camry 4-Speed Transmissions for Sale | Used Transmissions

Toyota Camry is one of the only cars currently in production that are used worldwide. The Toyota brand name and marketing power that it has created since the early ’80s is impossible to stop. Most Camry vehicles are 4-speed cars. There are at least 9 different Camry transmissions that have been used. Your vehicle might need the A140E/L, A540E or A540H if it was produced before 2001. Later transmission codes started with a “U” and are also used in the Hybrid versions. We have Toyota Camry 4-speed transmissions for sale at prices you cannot believe. We are probably the lowest price you will ever find online here at

We believe in customer service although many companies have forgotten it. Every step that we take toward the future is for each and every one of our customers. The way that we find and buy Toyota transmissions to how they get shipped here is a true mark of excellence. We import transmissions in large quantities and this helps us to reduce the selling price. We are not a dealer that has one or two gearboxes lying around a warehouse hoping that someone orders one soon. We send out hundreds of the Camry transmission every month in part because we offer the cheapest prices.

Toyota Camry 4-Speed Transmissions for Sale

It’s not all about low prices for us. We enjoy getting our hands on quality used transmissions to resell. We even offer rebuilt versions for those customers that are searching for the quality of a remanufactured unit. These are in just as good of shape as our used units. Since we work directly with dealerships and other wholesalers, we never have a problem finding what is needed. There are some Camry cars that have a 5-speed or a 6-speed transmission. We can get those versions too. It is up to what our customers demand. We try to stock both late model and newer versions to give every person a great opportunity to find something at a good price.

The 4-cylinder engine that most of the Camry cars use fits perfect with the Toyota transmissions that we have in stock. You do not need to install any type of adapter or other device to get them to fit. We are experts at finding OEM parts and never settle for something that is not a true and genuine part. The hard work that our buyers do always pays off in the quality of the inventory that shows up here. You will never wait to get a transmission nor will you ever be dissatisfied with what you receive. We have the highest level of customer satisfaction that is possible for an online seller. We are listed with several top agencies that grade businesses on performance and professionalism.

Toyota Camry 4-Speed Transmissions for Sale

Quotes are one of the things we do best for customers around the world. These quotes are sent out right from this area of our website. Try the Camry quote form we have created. It’s easy and your quote can be accessed 7 days a week. You can call 1-866-320-1182 if you need any assistance. We are friendly and here to help you with a Toyota transmission.

Chevy Impala Used Transmissions for Sale

Chevy Impala Used Transmissions for Sale | Used Chevy Transmissions

The Impala is one of the oldest cars in the Chevy lineup and one of the first cars that took over worldwide appeal for General Motors. The Impala had many first in the auto industry and it is no surprise that the 4T65-E was offered in the Impala. Chevy found success in many models using this transmission. Cars like the Lumina, Monte Carlo, Venture and the Grand Prix made use of the transmission and it was last placed into the Impala. We have Chevy Impala used transmissions for sale right on this website. We take away the complications of ordering online and we always ship our transmissions for free.

It is important not to confuse the HD version of the 4T65-E with the standard Impala gearbox. The larger engines like those in V8 vehicles in the Chevrolet lineup made use of the larger HD transmission. The higher torque ratio is not used in the standard version 6-cylinder engines. Buying used gearboxes on the Internet can come with surprises unless you are very careful. It will help you if you know what you are buying and where you buy it. Auction sellers and classified advertisement listings frequently list the wrong data. You could end up with a large mistake buying the wrong used auto part online.

Chevy Impala Used Transmissions for Sale

Chevy knows how to build quality automotive parts and accessories. If you ask any parts supply company, they will likely tell you that they sell more Chevy parts than they do Ford or Dodge. This should tell you something about ease of installation and popularity of what we sell. We keep up with technology advancements and we always have the most updated inventory in stock. Part of what we sell gets shipped right to junkyards or salvage dealers. The other parts are sold to customers, mechanics and body shop owners that use us to provide quality Chevrolet transmissions. There is a reason that most of our website pages are number one in search engines. We never stop working to improve our company.

We do sell transmissions for customers that request to have that option. The used gearboxes that we have are all cleaned, have all been checked out and have all been spin and compression tested. Parts are always cleaned and protected against future rust or deterioration problems. When you want clean and quality components, ordering one of our transmissions is how you get it. Some sellers know that used auto parts are sold to junkyards and salvage companies. The quality is lower than what an average customer would find. We respect all customers and always have quality Chevrolet transmissions ready and waiting for shipment.

Chevy Impala Used Transmissions for Sale Quotes

Quotes can be accessed right from our quote form we programmed for this site. If you have just a minute, you can get our 4T65-E transmission pricing right now. Use the form, review the quote, remember we ship free and call us to order. Our toll free line is 1-866-320-1182. It’s super fast and very simple to save money buying our used transmissions.

Ford Festiva Used Transmissions for Sale

Ford Festiva Used Transmissions for Sale | Used Ford Transmissions Cheap

Ford Festiva was a compact car produced by Ford that eventually was used around the world. Most of the parts were based on the original Mazda specs including the Jatco transmission. Since the Festiva had only 3 gears, a manual transmission was used that Nissan developed. The 3N71 transmission was used in hundreds of vehicles and found a permanent home in the Festiva. You can find Ford Festiva used transmissions for sale right inside our huge warehouse inventory here at We give great deals on Ford transmissions and we know exactly what our customers demand. We give high value for the most affordable price and ship everything for free.

The Ford Festiva is still in use around the world making it easy to find parts. We have secured great relationships with domestic and international parts dealers. We buy Festiva transmissions from whoever has them for the lowest price and lowest mileage. We do a lot of planning and research before anything shows up inside our warehouse. What we find is that we are able to offer great 3-speed transmissions that way. We never have shipping problems or get transmissions that are not what we thought they would be. The strengths of our suppliers directly affects the gearboxes that we sell to our customers.

Ford Festiva Used Transmissions for Sale

Finding a clean transmission is not the only factor in judging quality. There are hundreds of units that look great but perform poorly. We never look at the exterior condition until we know what is happening with the inside. It only takes one bad gear or gasket to blow an entire transmission. We are very careful and we know approximately what to evaluate. We go right for the gears, the Festiva transmission fluid and check the gaskets for leaks. We complete a total evaluation that takes about a day to finish. Nothing gets by the inspections we do and we then move to computer testing. This is a double assurance test to prove our used transmission quality.

What comes out of our inventory is nothing that is low quality. We let auction websites sell poorly built transmission to customers that do not know any better. Customers around the world that care about quality standards buy from our inventory with complete confidence. We sell to average people, mechanics and body shops that have reputations to defend. We never want to be the cause of someone having a failed transmission in a Festiva. Each 3N71 Jatco transmission is always performance tested. We prove our quality inside of our warehouse and do it again after transmissions arrive at their final destination. If you want to get a cheap transmission that works very well, you now know right where to buy them online.

Ford Festiva Used Transmissions for Sale Pricing

Quotes are the best part about finding a transmission online. It makes it simple to compare low prices and weed out the retailers that jack up the price. The quote form on this page is powerful and can be used as often as you like. Try it now. Call our experts at 1-866-320-1182 if you need transmission assistance.

Kia Sephia Cheap Transmissions for Sale

Kia Sephia Cheap Used Transmission | Used Transmission

Kia Sephia was one of the first Kia passenger cars that were sold in the United States. These economical cars competed directly with major U.S. automakers and hundreds of thousands that were imported were besieged upon drivers. The Sephia used a 4 and 5-speed transmission. The 5-speed was a manual transmission. The same transmissions that were used in the U.S. based vehicles where the very ones used in Europe. We have Kia Sephia cheap transmissions for sale that are affordable for any size budget. We buy these from dealers at a lower price and do not raise the price much for sale. This is appreciated by our customers and one of the many things that does for our customers.

There are plenty of Kia dealerships that sell transmissions but none sell used. One of the values that you get with a used version is more than a fair price. When an OEM transmission gets installed, the life cycle is usually for 100,000 miles. Each gearbox that we purchase has well under that amount of mileage on it. You know immediately that these transmissions are broken in correctly and are not still subject to parts recalls. New auto parts are always streamline manufactured and could fail much faster. A used transmission is one that gives a lot of value for a reduced price.

Kia Sephia Cheap Transmissions for Sale

Cheap to us has nothing to do with the part quality. It’s just that our prices are among the cheapest currently out there online. We know that some sellers confuse the word cheap with garbage. You can rest assured that buying a cheap transmission here is definitely worth the small price tag we put on it. All of our gearboxes go through accuracy and performance tests. We never sell something that has not went through our controlled testing. Even on the second hard parts market, we still believe in offering the best quality for as little money as possible. We are transmission experts and know our stuff very well.

There are no problems attaching our Kia Sephia transmissions right to an engine connecting rod. You don’t have to worry about placement issues or something not fitting as intended. With transmissions, sometimes the rebuilder makes modifications to the case assembly. We don’t do that here. You are getting a genuine transmission from Kia just without the normal high price. We buy ours from importers and sell them low to you. We are smart when it comes to evaluating the condition. We always do spin tests and compression testing inside of our facility. We verify anything that we purchase and ensure everyone that orders a part knows they are getting quality.

Kia Sephia Cheap Transmissions for Sale Price Quote

The quote form that is programmed on our website is amazing. It produces pricing lighting fast. You ever wait to get the lowest price online. Just give our quote form the details that it requires. It does the rest. You can call 1-866-320-1182 and get phone help at any time. We are waiting to assist you with a Kia transmission today.

Dodge Stealth A670 Used Transmissions Cheap

Dodge Stealth A670 Used Transmissions Cheap | Cheap Transmissions

Dodge Stealth had a 5-year run in U.S. production and was based on the Mitsubishi platform. The actual design did well in European countries and the Stealth was imported for sale in 1991. One of the amenities was a V6 engine that could accept the 4 and 5-speed manual and automatic transmissions that Chrysler developed. The A670 was the selected transmission and was previous used in the LeBaron, New Yorker and Dodge Daytona. We have Dodge Stealth A670 used transmissions cheap to keep our customers happy. When we put prices on transmissions like these, we know that our pricing will affect our customers. We keep things on the cheap end to save everyone money.

The A670 transmission has electronic sensors inside that help to control the operation. The throttle position sensor and temperature sensor are two important components. The problem with buying these transmissions used on the Internet is that most sellers do not have the capability to test electronic components for damage or imminent failure. Our Dodge mechanics have access to all of our testing equipment to verify if a Stealth transmission is as good as our wholesalers say that the A670 can be. We go through various types of compression and spin testing to make sure no gears or other components are damaged.

Dodge Stealth A670 Used Transmissions Cheap

A good price is very good if you can get a quality transmission. It is quote common to get a low price and even lower quality. You’ve probably found gearboxes for sale online that meet this scenario head on. To avoid any type of customer complaints, we take all the time that is necessary to explain our quality control and parts condition. This helps a lot since customers cannot hear or witness a transmission in full operation from our website. All of the Stealth transmissions that enter into our testing facility are put through rigorous procedures until we are 100 percent confident in the transmission functionality.

Here at Got Transmissions, we ship free to cut down the cost even more for customers. We know the economic challenges of having a salvage or junkyard business. Customers demand high quality for any amount of money that is spent. We constantly reduce our pricing by being innovative and creative in our acquisitions. What we put out are transmissions that have been inspected and that are OEM Dodge gearboxes. The A670 transmission is easily installed and does not have gear ratio problems or some type of hidden fluid leak. Getting the lowest mileage transmission is one of the keys to longevity and proper maintenance can help make used Stealth transmissions last for a very long time.

Dodge Stealth A670 Used Transmissions Cheap Pricing

When you need a low price, all you have to do is remember Remember also that we give pricing automatically through our quote system. The day or night does not matter. Quotes are easy to get here 24/7. We give phone assistance at 1-866-320-1182. We pay for the shipping, the phone call and the quote. What more could customers want from a transmission seller.

Mercury Capri C3 Transmission

Mercury Capri C3 Transmission | Used Ford Transmissions

Mercury Capri is only one of the cars that used the famous C3 Ford transmission. Although the engine inside of the Capri was a 4-cylinder, the C3 was traditionally built for smaller cars with only 3 speeds. Most people probably do not know that the C3 was actually produced in France and imported for sale in the U.S. Ford did not have a domestic transaxle company that could effectively produce the Mercury Capri C3 transmission correctly. Buying a used transmission right on this website is very simple. Quotes are a big part of our business and we give them out fast. If you are tired of searching online, you’ve just found the dealer that can offer you great transmissions for an even better price.

One of the things that mechanics love about the older Ford transmissions is that they have manual parts inside. There are not electronic sensors or overdrive units to repair if a problem happens. This is one of the reasons that there are so many Ford transmissions for sale online. Buying any auto part second hand does come with some risks. If you do not select the appropriate company, you could wind up with the wrong part or lose your total investment. Customers come to us from every U.S. state and some foreign countries because they know of our quality. We probably have the cleanest and most reliable transmissions you can find.

Mercury Capri C3 Transmission

Another thing that is loved about the C3 is that it is easy to install. There are no problems connecting it to the engine or bolting it on the frame. As car technologies changed after 1990, certain tools are now required and other parts could get in the way of a successful install. Ford transmissions like the C3 give customers a dependable part that does not take a week to install correctly. A simple bolt down is all that is required and these will work as intended. The average mechanic likely has all of the tools that are required to install these Mercury transmissions with out error.

You know how great our used C3 transmissions are that are for sale. Did we mention we ship them for free? Just the cost of shipping alone is a savings of hundreds of dollars. Since transmissions are sold for high prices online, that is a real savings right there and our price is still the lowest. Pricing is set for everyone to benefit. This means customers, dealers, mechanics, body shops and anyone else that purchases second hand transmissions from our online website. It takes a couple clicks of a mouse to get what is needed here and we constantly upgrade our website.

Mercury Capri C3 Transmission Price Quotes

Pricing is accurate here. The quotes that are distributed include the cost of shipping for U.S customers. No waiting is required and there is no limit on the number of transmission quotes you can get. You can always call 1-866-320-1182 to get immediate assistance should you require it. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful to everyone. Don’t pay MSRP or buy a rusty C3 Mercury transmission online. Get a great one from us.

Chrysler Cirrus Transmissions for Sale

Chrysler Cirrus Transmissions for Sale | Used Transmissions

Chrysler Cirrus used the 41TE transmission. This transmission was known as an electronically controlled automatic version that included overdrive. Chrysler made use of this in several cars including the Sebring, Neon, Cirrus and the Avenger. The heart and soul of this transmission is the control module. The shifting pattern offered was smoother using the TCM unit instead of the average automatic transmissions used in earlier Chrysler cars. We have Chrysler Cirrus transmissions for sale that are ready to ship to any destination in the world. We believe in expert customer service here at and that’s what we give.

We do not get a lot of questions about the quality of what we sell or what comes with each transmission. The reason for the lack of questions is simple. We take the time to describe our inventory on every page of this website. We answer a lot of customer questions this way. This cuts down the need for us to hire an employee just to read emails and answer questions. The savings that we get from this is put right back into our company to make it better. We have upgraded our website with leading technologies to make it easy to navigate. We include accurate photographs and written descriptions to make your searching process faster and simpler.

Chrysler Cirrus Transmissions for Sale

You have to watch out when buying transmissions from the Internet. There are two types that are commonly sold and the price is very different. The first ones come without a torque converter. These are the ones that you find on eBay. The second types are functional transmissions that are complete. These are mostly sold to salvage dealers and mechanics that do swap outs. These cost a little more and the price can vary from seller to website. The used transmissions we have for sale are sold in a complete version. This means you don’t have to add anything to get them to work. You just bolt them on and turn the key of the ignition. It’s really that easy.

We still clean our gearboxes up before they are sold. We don’t have to but we take the extra step. We know customers appreciate something that resembles a new transmission even though they are paying used prices to get it. The cleaners that we use do not harm the exterior steel housing and actually help deter dust, dirt and grime from getting inside and damaging the gears. It is the little extra touches that we give to each transmission that makes it absolutely great. We aim to please all our customers that buy our Chrysler and Dodge transmissions for sale online.

Chrysler Cirrus Transmissions for Sale Price Quotes

We literally deliver hundreds of online quotes 24 hours a day. The reason is that our prices are lower than most sellers and it is not a hassle to get pricing. You can do it right from your computer and you don’t need our help. The form on this page will guide you. It takes all of 30 seconds to complete. You can always call 1-866-320-1182 if you need anything. We’re here for you.

Ford Taurus Transmission for Sale

Ford Taurus Transmission for Sale | Ford Used Transmissions

Ford Taurus used several different transmissions as the technology was upgraded and updated through the years. The Ford engineers knew that drivability would not be compromised and produced several versions that are still in use by Ford to this day. Many of the late 1980s and early 1990s models did not use the electronic controls like the AXOD-E. These were added after 1990 and Ford still uses the electronic control technology for better shifting performance. We are the number on seller for a Ford Taurus transmission for sale on the Internet. A lot of our gearboxes are shipped out to salvage dealers, junkyards and body shops around the world that need reliable transmissions. We do a lot for customers here at

The Taurus has sold more than any other passenger car in the history of the Ford Motor Company. This makes the parts generally easy to find. The dealers that we purchase parts from are all professional and reliable people. We choose only to get the best used gearboxes that our money can buy. This eliminates 99 percent of any problems that could happen if we bought the wrong transmissions. This can and does happen and we have learned from experience. The tests that we put gearboxes through takeover where our mechanics leave off to certify what we sell is top notch.

Ford Taurus Transmission for Sale

Locating the number on your transmission is the first step before obtaining a price quote from our company. The most common transmissions are the following:

• AX4N
• 4F50N
• 6F50
• 6F55

We have each of these in stock and know that the transmission you need could be one or more of these. Our parts have already been tested by our transmission experts and deemed ready for sale. Our process is easy to understand. The used transmission that you need is manually inspected for gear problems, proper lubrication and if the torque converter has any issues. These components are the first place that we check when evaluating anything for sale. We know that if problems are bound to happen they will eventually happen with these components.

Our specialists take their time when completing our tests. Nothing is rushed here and we make sure we do tests multiple times. Just one pass of an inspection or test might not give the best results. We test several times and analyze the results that are found. We have learned that this is the way to get the most accurate information for Taurus transmissions. We do not have to process warranty claims by running our business like we do.

Ford Taurus Transmission for Sale Price Quotes

You came here for a Taurus price quote and that’s what you will leave here with. Use the pre-made form right on this page. Our customers can get quotes 24 hours a day and never have to call us unless they want to. To reach us by phone, just call 1-866-320-1182 and our specialists assist you professionally. You don’t wait on hold and our goal is to help you 100 percent. Try us out unless you have found a lower price. We didn’t think you did. Go ahead and call now.