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Used Transmissions Nissan Armada RE5R05A

The Nissan Armada is a full sized SUV built on the same platform as Nissan’s large pickup trucks. Made from 2004 until present, it comes with a heavy duty 5 speed automatic transmission. The chassis is a conventional rear wheel drive/four wheel drive setup. sells low mileage used transmissions for Nissan Armada RE5RO5A and [...]

Low Mileage Transmissions for Sale

There are few things in the world that strike fear in a person more than a transmission failure. Realistically speaking, It’s not a problem many people experience, but if it happens to you, who will you trust to buy a replacement transmission from? Trust a company who offers the largest amount of ‘straight up’ information [...]

Silverado 3500 Used RWD V8 6.6 Auto

Although there is no model year in the title of this Google search “Silverado 3500 Used RWD V8 6.6 Auto“, since we know that the truck has a 6.6L engine, the truck was made in the range of 2001 to present times. Narrowing the year of the vehicle down is helpful, but only 2 automatic [...]

Windstar 3.8 Auto Used Transmission for Sale

It’s hard to imagine the Ford Windstar has been out since 1994. It eventually replaced the Aerostar van in 1997. Our customer typed this search term into Google; ”Windstar 3.8 Auto Used‘. After a bit of discussion, this person was looking for a used Ford Windstar automatic transmission/transaxle. The Windstar went through two generational changes. [...]

Mitsubishi Montero Sport Used Transmission

The Mitsubishi R4A51 transmission is a fully computer controlled rear-drive transmission with a lock up torque converter. The R4A51 was only used in two wheel drive models. The V4A51 was only used in the Sport four-wheel-drive models. This particular Mitsubishi transmission was installed in said vehicles from 1999 to 2003 only, including the Mitsubishi Montero [...]

Used Geo Metro Transmission

The Suzuki Cultus {Japan only] was introduced to the JDM [Japanese domestic market] in 1983 and became a success immediately. Suzuki manufactured them in six plus countries and sold them all over the world, through three generations of updates. The majority sold as the Geo Metro and Chevrolet Metro and Suzuki Swift. Good used Geo [...]

jdm transmissions for sale

Certified JDM Transmissions For Sale

Whats the deal on JDM? What does that mean and how is it associated with transmissions? No one really explains it very well. JDM is an acronym for Japanese domestic market. It applies to more types of products than automobile parts, such as used Japanese transmissions for [...]

Buy Used Transmissions With Warranties?

Undecided? Used Transmissions on Sale

You bet. Although the local junk yard will sell you a piece of ‘junk’ and portray it as an old diamond. And if you get lucky you will get a 30 day warranty too. Boy what a confidence builder. Right? So, where can a person buy the [...]

The Used Transmission Market

Used Transmissions Cost Less

The market for used automatic and manual transmissions is the fastest growing part of the replacement auto parts business. Used transmission suppliers are popping up on the internet like a hand full of seeds growing into plants, and you’ll find plenty of so called experts on used-transmissions everywhere. [...]

Used Transmissions For Sale

Used Transmissions for Sale @

Sooner or later everyone comes to realize that unforeseen obstacles get in the way of the best planned budgets. Some folks take extreme efforts to figure out their budgets so they can live within their means. Even the best of plans, where you figure in a [...]