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Silverado 3500 Used RWD V8 6.6 Auto

Although there is no model year in the title of this Google search “Silverado 3500 Used RWD V8 6.6 Auto“, since we know that the truck has a 6.6L engine, the truck was made in the range of 2001 to present times.

Narrowing the year of the vehicle down is helpful, but only 2 automatic transmission were offered in this particular model truck, with the 6.6L diesel.

Both automatic transmissions are made by Allison, which is a division of General motors that manufactured large and or heavy duty truck automatic transmissions. The particular unit we are talking about, which is mated to a 6.6L Duramax engine is an Allison 1000. One of the smallest transmissions they make.

This Allison was used in;
• Chevrolet Silverado
• GMC Sierra
• Hummer H1
• Chevrolet B-Series

Built like a truck transmission it was the perfect compliment to an otherwise excellent product. No other American ”light duty” truck manufacturer can claim such an excellent transmission, in my opinion.

What I find so appealing about a used Silverado 6.6 liter Allison transmission is that you can’t buy one that is older than 2006. Simply put, they were not offered before that. So, the majority of used transmissions we offer are taken out of low mileage wrecked trucks. It’s a large market, has earned the right to select from the finest units available all over the country.

By having the ability to select from plenty of top notch recycling centers, allows us to ship or deliver your low mileage used transmission in 24 hours in 90 percent of the cases. Remember, every 6.6L used Allison 1000 has been operated in the donor truck before it is removed to certify that it runs perfectly and does not leak oil.

Call now and find out what a great value one of our used transmissions is. After speaking with a representative, you will feel the peace of mind our customers have grown to expect out of us. We sell pure value with every used Chevy transmission. Call now.

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