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Used Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Transmission

used oldsmobile cutlass ciera transmission

Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera was produced by General Motors starting in 1982 and ending in 1996. Few cars have received such notoriety as the Cutlass. The engine that was put into the Ciera worked perfectly with the 4-speed transmission that GM relied on for proper functionality. The 4T60-E was the one transmission that GM used heavily throughout its lifespan. This automatic transmission just happens to be one of our best selling models. The 4T60 was upgraded in the mid 1990s to electronic controls. This is what most of the Oldsmobile Ciera vehicles use. You’ll find a used Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera transmission for a great price here at

While the 4T60-E transmission was eventually phased out by 1997, there were enough of them made that we can still get them regularly. Some of our partnerships for buying auto parts includes warranty centers and wholesalers. We’re only interested in supplying our transmission customers with quality transmissions for sale. What we do is find automatic gear boxes that are low in mileage. This is important because we know that the majority of what is sold here is for used vehicles. We try to help extend the natural lifespan of a used GM car. We put out quality products and don’t charge a lot for them.

Used Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Transmission

Transmissions from General Motors make up a big portion of our annual sales. We don’t deny the fact that we sell other automaker parts as well. We fill our inventory with manual and automatic transmissions for sale because our customers depend on them. If you haven’t heard of us before, feel free to search online about us. What you’ll find is good reviews and happy customers. This didn’t happen overnight and we work hard daily to keep our reputation high. Getting an Oldsmobile transmission is just a little easier when you let us supply you with one. You’ll never have to waste time buying from an auction website again.

All of our 4T60-E transmissions are sent out in batches. We buy them in large quantities and we ship them in large quantities. Our shipping staff sorts each order and perfectly prepares it for shipment. Transmissions are heavy and take extra care to help eliminate damage potential. Each of our Oldsmobile clients receives what we ship within just a few days. One of the best things is that we ship transmissions here free of charge. That alone saves customers hundreds off the total price. We deeply discount our price tags anyway making our used Oldsmobile transmissions more than a great value online.

Used Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera Transmission Price Quotes

Quotes are always provided accurately here. We use a dual system to ensure all customers get what they need. Our toll free line is always open for calls at 1-866-320-1182. Call us now and get our lowest transmission price. You’ll love our pricing. You can also get it from our online quote form. Whatever way you choose is OK by us. We want you to get what you need quickly and be 100 percent satisfied with what we do for you.

Used Mercury Mountaineer Transmissions

Mercury Mountaineer Used Transmissions

Mercury Mountaineer was a Ford-Mercury produced SUV. Its debut was in 1998 after being in development for several years. Some say that the Mountaineer is the Mercury equivalent of the Ford Explorer. The 4.0 and 4.6 engines are able to accept the 5R55W transmission. This is the automatic unit that was put into the Mountaineer. This 5-speed transmission was based on the famous C series transmissions. You can find used Mercury Mountaineer transmissions right here from this website. We know how to price these transmissions and get you the best deal. We offer to ship any transmission out free of charge. This is on top of our low pricing.

Got Transmissions is a seller of used and transmissions. We do above and beyond what other sellers do. Our customers are the very core of our industry. We are a supplier for thousands of businesses and just as many drivers. Every person wants the chance to get a great deal. The sad truth is that few people know how to find it. The Mercury transmissions you can find here happen to be evaluated by our staff. It is from these evaluations that we determine the selling price. We also find out just what shape each transmission is really in here. We can take the word of our wholesalers or we can verify it ourselves.

Used Mercury Mountaineer Transmissions

The Mountaineer is a 4×4 SUV. It handles the V8 engine from Ford perfectly. When you are replacing the transmission, it is essential that you buy the correct model. The 5R55W is the code. Not every dealer puts out accurate information. It’s so easy to copy specs. We disclose exactly what you are getting for your investment. You can review specs all day long, but we can tell you that our used transmissions start out with low mileage. Replacing something with high miles with another part of equally high mileage is not the point. Putting in a 5-speed transmission with lower miles is what we recommend when customers ask.

Free shipping is only one of the freebies that we give. Each customer has access to our customer service department. Our professional staff helps each customer to find out exactly what transmission is needed. We definitely go the extra mile before and after a customer selects us for transmissions. All work that is put into cleaning up a gearbox is warranted too. The OEM warranty as well as anything our experts do to it is what is given. Our Ford-Mercury partnerships have helped us build a massive inventory. We send out these used transmissions for sale to customers in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

Used Mercury Mountaineer Transmissions Price Quotes

Calling our expert staff at 1-866-320-1182 gets you started with a quote. We will answer any question and give you the support you need. You can even skip the phone call if you want. Our new online quote system can handle all our pricing. What you are given is an accurate price that will not change. We want to show you just how cheap our prices are and how fast we ship transmissions.

Cadillac SRX 5L40E Used Transmissions

Cadillac SRX 5140E Used Transmissions

Cadillac SRX is one of the few crossover SUVs that General Motors has produced. It is easy to think of the Chevrolet Suburban as one of the best selling full-size vehicles. The Cadillac extension of the SUV is one that is made with the same class and amenities as the sedans. The automatic 5L40E is a 5-speed transmission that was selected by GM to be used as the main gearbox in the SRX. This transmission was produced between 1998 and 2007 before it was replaced. We have the Cadillac SRX 5L40E used transmissions that customers want at low prices from this transmission website. We even ship totally free of charge.

The electronically controlled 5L40E transmission was used in several BMW cars. General Motors put a lot of time and money into developing this unique transmission. It is specifically designed to handle the demands of the V6 and V8 GM engines. This is a rear wheel and all-wheel drive gearbox. It was widely popular during its production. We are able to secure good deals when buying these units because of our storied history in the automotive world. If you’ve just found our website, you might be unaware the Got Transmissions is a major supplier to thousands of customers and auto related businesses.

Cadillac SRX 5L40E Used Transmissions

SLR and STX models use the 5L40E transmission too. We do sell a lot of these and do everything we can do to assure a customer of the value and condition before a sale is made. It would be too easy for us to list generic specs that anyone can publish on a website. What we do instead is inform you of our company and what exactly you are paying for when you do business with us. The used transmissions you find here are OEM. These are not poor quality rebuilt or aftermarket rejects. We do have an internal staff of GM trained transmission mechanics that review the units that we purchase.

Our customers get to take advantage of several options that we include with a purchase. The first is our warranty coverage. We always sell transmissions that include our basic warranty. The length of time the coverage will last depends on how old each transmission is in stock. The second thing that we give is free shipping. We might not always be able to offer free shipping on transmissions but right now we do. This is easily a savings of a couple hundred dollars. The third thing we include is customer service experts. We talk with you and walk you through each step of the buying process. We’re here to help you and not sell to you.

Cadillac SRX 5L40E Used Transmissions Price Quotes

Two ways to get quotes here give you the variety you demand. The first is a simple phone quote. Call our toll free number at 1-866-320-1182. You get to speak with passionate experts that will give out our pricing immediately. The next way is to use the our Cadillac SRX transmission quote form here. It’s fast in itself and you can access it 24 hours a day to get all of the pricing information you need.

Used Mercury Sable Transmissions

Used Mercury Sable Transmissions

Mercury Sable was the Ford-Mercury division equivalent of the Taurus. The Sable first used the AXOD transmission but it was upgraded. A newer and more powerful 4-speed transmission was introduced in 1994. The AX4N had many improvements over the original design. Ford has so much faith in it that it used this transmission for the Taurus and some minivan models. We have used Mercury Sable transmissions for sale at prices you cannot say no to online. Our pricing is designed for businesses and general buyers. We make our used transmissions purposely lower in price to help all customers get a deal.

Ford has always kept up with ever-changing technologies. It is not true that Japanese automakers pioneer all automotive developments. Ford has helped create many of the technologies that have been adopted around the world. Ford Motor Company has always spread out its offerings through all of its brands. Something that works well in one brand is often transferred to work in another. This uniform approach is one that was taken with the Sable vehicles. Everything that the Taurus used was used on the Sable. This makes it so much easier when you search for auto parts online like transmissions for sale.

Used Mercury Sable Transmissions

Getting your hands on a used transmission from is as painless and error-free as we can make it. We do an excellent job of responding to all inquiries, quotes and other questions that are asked. You won’t have to spend a lot of your time finding out our discounted pricing. We use our quote form to help us send out all of our prices 365 days a year. The AX4N transmission is in stock right now and will always come with a warranty attached with it. This is another incentive we provide to customers. We know there are some levels of risk when buying used auto parts. We lessen any risks by offering parts warranty protection with all sales.

We don’t have to give one-time offers or special price incentives with our Mercury Sable transmissions. We have a single low price that all customers take advantage of here online. We sell a lot of used transmissions to average people as well as junkyards and other companies. The automatic 4-speed transmissions that are purchased by our buyers are always in a higher condition of quality. We don’t waste time buying something our customers cannot use. We take a close look at the mileage on each transmission to make sure we are offering the lowest that we can. This helps every Mercury Sable owner to get the most mileage possible.

Used Mercury Sable Transmissions Price Quotes

Price quotes are given out by our transmission staff when you call 1-866-320-1182. These professionals assist our customers all around the world. We find the transmission you want in our inventory and give accurate information about how much it costs. Online transmission quotes are equally simple to get here online. Choose the Mercury Sable and year of the transmission you want from our quote form. The information you request is given to you automatically.

Buick Riviera 4T60 Used Transmissions

Buick Riviera 4T60 Transmissions

Buick Riviera was a mid-size sedan produced by General Motors. The first traces of the Riviera can be made back to the mid 1960s. The Riviera received higher acclaim a couple of decades later when it was reintroduced with a smaller V6 engine. The original transmission for this Buick was produced as a Turbo-Hydramatic. This brand was popular until GM renamed it in the ’80s as the 4T60 series. We have Buick Riviera 4T60 used transmissions all at affordable prices. These transmissions are ready for shipment right now and we pick up the cost of shipping here at

Our automatic 4-speed GM transmissions are a perfect fit for your Buick and other vehicles. We always make sure to get the transmissions in stock that customers demand. You can search long and hard in Google and other search engines and come up empty. There are few other options outside of purchasing from an actual General Motors dealership when you need a transmission replacement. We are fortunate to have the best suppliers that have near perfect transmissions in stock. It is these very transmissions that are brought here so we can identify them and evaluate the condition. We resell these to average people and to companies that deal with preowned transmissions.

Buick Riviera 4T60 Used Transmissions

The thing to understand about a used transmission is verification of the previous owner. As an online shopper, the only information that you have is what you are given. You depend on the seller of auto parts to be honest with you. It is way too easy to put up stock specs from the manufacturer and stock photographs. We refuse to take that approach. We describe what you are buying and you can verify what shows up at your door after purchase. The transmission distributors that supply our company also supply dealerships. We get access to the same condition transmissions except we refuse to mark up the price tag. We know everyone loves the ability to save some money buying online.

Shipping is one more thing you never have to worry with here. We eliminate the cost of shipping. We pick up the cost for all customers. We do this as our special gift to you for buying from us. We know that it can be expensive to pay for core charges and to pay one-way shipping for a transmission. We help out in all ways that we can. Getting the Buick Riviera 4-speed transmission you want comes at a price cheaper than you thought. Each 4T60 transmission qualifies for our free shipping offer in the U.S.

Buick Riviera 4T60 Used Transmissions Price Quotes

Taking a few seconds of your time and getting a price quote here will definitely reduce the price you pay for a transmission online. Our quote form is instant. This means you can forget about calling and speaking with someone to get your quote. We eliminate that need. Use our online version of the quote form we provide. It’s really fast. If you do want to call, we’ll happily help you. Call toll free at 1-866-320-1182.