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Nissan Altima Transmissions for Sale

The Nissan Altima has been in production since 1993. It has always been made in America. The first and second generation models used either a 5 speed standard transmission or a 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission with a lockup torque converter. A larger lineup of transmissions was offered in the 3rd and 4th generation Altima. Regardless of which transmission interests you, has an excellent assortment of Nissan Altima Transmissions for sale.

The Altima is a front wheel drive car. It uses a transverse mounted engine and transmission setup. This means the engine and transmission run east to west of the axis of the car, or sideways. Instead of a drive-shaft going to a rear differential, it uses 2 short axles that go to the front drive wheels.

Jatco is the main supplier of transmissions for Nissan. An idea of the technical names for Altima automatic transmissions are as such;
1. RL4F01A — 4-speed transaxle — 4-speed light/medium duty [aka Mazda N4A-EL].

2. RE4F02A/RL4F02A — 4-speed transaxle.

3. RE4F04A/RE4F04V.

4. JF404E — 4-speed ultra-light compact; used in the Nissan Altima, Nissan Quest, Nissan X-Trail.

5. CVT JR006E transaxle.

6. Hybrid drive transmission. First introduced in 2007 and continuing production through the 2011 model year, the Altima’s hybrid-drive system is designed by Toyota’s hybrid technology department.

In Brief, electric continuously variable transmission (ECVT) modes, as the system is commonly referred to is a 2-mode hybrid transmission. However, the sophisticated fuel-saving system also incorporates four fixed gear ratios for high efficiency and power-handling capabilities. During the two ECVT modes and four fixed gear operations, the hybrid system can use the electric motors for boosting and regenerative braking.

The result is new hybrid technology that provides superior fuel economy, performance and load carrying capability.

If your purpose is to buy a replacement transmission for you Altima, is one of the most expected transmission supply company’s avaiable. Our goals are simple. to provide the exact amount of education you my need in order for you to make an educated and good decision for your interests.

Call one of our knowledgeable staff members and find out how much money we can save you while providing peace of mind with every Nissan Altima transmission for sale. Call now.

Nissan Titan Truck Transmissions for Sale

The Nissan Titan pickup truck has only one transmission available. There are no other options. It is called a Jatco RE5R05A. It is an automatic overdrive transmission with 5 forward speeds and a lock up torque converter. Choosing the correct Nissan Titan Truck transmission for sale at is not that difficult.

The Jatco RE5R05A uses a longitudinal mounting system, or more to the point, a front engine rear differential setup, where the engine and transmission are mounted north to south, with the axis of the truck or car.

That makes the Titan a conventional rear wheel drive vehicle with four wheel drive optional. It is a well built truck and does not have excessive transmission problems. Our transmissions are excellent sellers because they are upgraded during the remanufacturing process, some of the improvements include:

1. Updated valve body for more positive shifts and longer life. The valve body is the brain of your transmission. All new electrical components are installed, no used solenoids.
2. Additional clutch plates in every clutch pack.
3. Heavy duty snap ring in the low/reverse drum.
4. Heavy duty rebuilt torque converter.

Jatco is one of the oldest automatic transmissions manufacturers. They have been supplying Nissan with automatic transmissions for many years. I can personally attest to the quality of Jatco transmissions from my plus 30 years in the transmission business. Truly a high quality product.

It’s hard to beat the peace of mind and pure value every remanufactured transmission offers. However we sell low mileage used transmissions and used JDM transmissions also. The point is has a replacement transmission option for you. You have to call to find out more.

One of our trained sales representatives will be glad to speak with you about which option is in your best interests. No matter how long it takes, we are here to explain everything you need to know in terms you understand. Our goal is to outfit you with the exact replacement transmission you need. Call now and find out.

Ford Fusion Transmissions for Sale

The Ford Fusion does not use a Ford transmission, technically speaking. Because the Fusion uses the CD# platform, it is the same chassis as the Edge, Mazda 6, Lincoln MKX and a few more Mazda’s. It is no surprise,t once you start to search for Ford Fusion Transmissions for Sale. is one of the leading transmission suppliers and would be irresponsible not to mention that fact.

The first generation Ford fusion used 3 separate transmissions. Made from 2006 to 2009.
A. 5-speed Mazda G5M manual
B. 5-speed Mazda FNR5 automatic
C. 6-speed Aisin TF-80 automatic

In 2010 the Second Generation Fusion was introduced. Added the lineup of transmissions was a slate of 6 speed automatic transmissions and manual transmissions.
A. 6-speed Mazda G6M manual (I4)
B. 6-speed Ford 6F35 automatic (I4 & 3.0L V6)
C. 6-speed Aisin TF-80 automatic (3.5L V6)
D. Continuous variable transmission [hybrid]

Ford decided to use the CD3 platform for reliability and performance reasons. It is the perfect chassis for as many as 25 different cars made by Ford and Mazda. To say it is successful is an understatement.

If you have the misfortune of being here because your transmission has failed, allow us to guide you through the process of choosing the best replacement transmission for your needs. Our sales people are well trained in the art of transmissions and how to help people with such a problem please call now.

Toyota Yaris Transmissions for Sale

The Toyota Yaris is a very simple car, that is part of it’s success. I’m a big fan of simple. The less options and high technology features are often well suited to individuals like me who like things that are not so complicated. Our lineup of Toyota Yaris Transmissions for Sale is simple to figure out as well, just give a call.

The Generation1 Yaris, know as model XP10, with the 1.3-liter 2NZ-FE engine came with a standard five-speed manual transmission and optional four-speed automatic only. For those interested in a replacement generation one Yaris transmission the choices are quite simple. Do you need a rebuilt transmission or a used JDM transmission?

The Second Generation Yaris was not much more exiting when it comes to transmission choices. Excitement is overrated in the transmission business. We enjoy the fact that we can get right to the heart of your issues and provoke a simple solution.

The [Gen 2] model XP90 hit the US in 2008. This Yaris comes standard with the 1.5 liter VVT-i engine producing 106 hp [horsepower] and a five-speed manual transmission C54, the four-speed automatic U340E being optional.

Generation 3 Yaris, model XP130, is available with a 5 speed manual transmission and a CVT automatic transmission only. Keeping with the ”simple” theme, Toyota has been successful with this idea and is sticking with it.

A side note on the Yaris automatic transmission. Called a CVT: continuously variable transmission: a CVT is a transmission is a specific and simple design, it has the ability to change gears or ratios seamlessly through an infinite number of gear ratios. CVT’s are becoming the standard automatic transmission type for many mini cars.

My advise for those in need of a transmission for any year Yaris is to call and speak with a trained professional about your problem and monetary limits. We can outfit you with a transmission that is in your best interests. Call now.

JDM Transmissions for Sale

Rebuilt Transmissions for Sale

Used Transmissions for Sale

Nissan Murano Transmissions for Sale

I expect that requests for replacement Nissan Murano transmissions for sale will be on the rise. This is why I would not personally own a Murano and disappoint my wife, who thinks they are the bomb, looks wise. The Murano uses a CVT transmissions [continuously variable transmission]. The preponderance of problems have been adequately solved by 2008 by Nissan, according to Nissan. GotTransmissions has Nissan Murano Transmissions for Sale at affordable prices.

Good news, the CVT’s performance has been greatly improved for the current Murano. No information as to how is available. It was a consumer demanded response, plenty of complaints were lodged with the consumer affairs bureau. Other good news is that we sell low mileage used Murano transmissions which have been tested in the donor car first and certified good.

We also sell fully rebuilt Murano transmissions which have all of the problems removed during the rebuild process using better parts and approved updates, providing true value in every unit. Our customers let us know how much peace of mind we create with our outstanding line of transmissions. Our guarantees build confidence too.

A CVT transmission offers seamless shifting between an unlimited amount of varying gear ratios. In theory it is an excellent design and in certain applications has proven to be quite an effective and efficient transmission. Mostly in extra large commercial equipment and many pieces of equipment used in the industrial field, not necessarily automotive or truck related.

If you need a replacement transmission for your Murano, call the specialists at for a full briefing on how to choose the correct replacement transmission for your particular needs. Every CVT Murano transmission has pure value built into it. Get a free quote now.

AXODE Transmissions For Sale

One of the Original front wheel drive automatic overdrive transmissions was the AXOD transaxle made by Ford. In the late 1980s. Ford built one of the first transaxles with four forward speeds and a lock up torque converter. I believe the Ford Taurus was one of the first cars I examined one in. We don’t sell very many of those nowadays, but many folks call for an AXODE transmission for sale, also known as an AX4N, AX4S or 4F50N, depending on the year of the car.

First, the Taurus and any other Ford, Mercury or Lincoln that uses an AXODE, or one of it’s sister transaxles mentioned above have what is called a transverse mounted setup. What this means is the engine and transmission are both under the hood of the car, and are mounted east to west, or sideways under the hood. The most common front wheel drive setup today. Using a short axle on the left side and the right side to connect the power to the wheels. Called CV [constant velocity] joints.

As a replacement transmission for said cars above, I would recommend a rebuilt transmission. The notion that a rebuilt transmission costs too much is a myth. In fact a rebuilt transmission can be purchased for much less than expected. When you couple this with a rebuilt transmission that has been very much improved over the original one, you have a true value.

Our transmissions have been updated with better control valve assemblies and better parts than the factory had available at the time they were built. Torque converters have come a long was since then. The technology is such that all torque converter problems have long been solved.

The bottom line is we build pure value into every rebuilt transmission we sell. Rebuilt transmissions provide the peace of mind and confidence our customers demand. sells peace of mind with every transmission.

Call and speak with a qualified professional about how to choose the right transmission to solve your problems. Call Now for a free quote.

Buy Dodge Challenger Transmissions

When Dodge came out with the Challenger in 1970, guys like myself were really exited about the new muscle car which had a Hemi engine in the lineup, and the newly designed Torque Flight 727 automatic transmission, strong enough to hold the incredible horsepower of it’s BIG engine. Regardless of what year you want to Buy Dodge Challenger transmissions for, is your affordable reliable source.

Through three ‘really’ separate generations,
Generation 1 from 1970–1974..
Generation 2 from 1978–1983..
Generation 3 from 2008–present
You can see the gaps in years between generations.

Chrysler-Dodge has consistently made an excellent rear wheel drive automatic transmission, and a very sturdy manual transmission in the early generation one models. If you were to ask me, I would tell you that Chrysler-Dodge has always made good transmissions. Better then their cars, if you asked me!

The new Challenger still uses an automatic transmission that has some old 727 basics, believe it or not. FYI, I’m a 30 plus year transmission veteran. I was in my first years of learning how to rebuild transmissions in the early 1970’s when I realized I had a habit to support. Broken transmissions.

The new transmissions are fully computerized, operating from a central command unit, the transmission control unit [TCU], and a very complex arrangement of sensors, both input and output to provide the needed information to the transmission, in order to carry out your commands. A brain, not a mind.

For those of you who know what you need click here to see our main transmission sales page.

For those who need more information, we sell the finest, most precision transmissions available, with any and all viable updates included, and better than factory new parts. Nothing provides more peace of mind than one of our transmissions.

I have to mention that we also sell low mileage, good used late model Challenger transmissions too. A true value for anyone, but for those on a budget, it’s worth a quick call to find out more.
Manual shift or automatic shift, we have you covered.

The whole point is that you can trust for all of your replacement transmission needs. Call now and enjoy our world class customer service. Get the free education you need in order to make a qualified decision, one that is in your best interests.

Grand Cherokee 4WD V8 4.7 Auto Reman Transmission

Grand Cherokee 4WD V8 4.7 Auto Reman Transmission

Grand Cherokee 4WD V8 4.7 Auto Reman Transmission

Two automatic overdrive transmissions were used in the V8 4.7 L Grand Cherokee. The 45RFE is a 4 forward speed automatic overdrive transmission. First introduced to the Grand Cherokee in 1999. When our customer called for a Grand Cherokee 4WD V8 4.7 Auto Reman Transmission for sale, all we needed to know were a few digits from the VIN [vehicle identification number] to figure out which remanufactured transmission to offer.

The other model, 545RFE is a 5 speed automatic overdrive transmission and was introduced to the lineup in 2001 in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Liberty, and many Dodge products as it is a Chrysler transmission. Both use an energy efficient lock up torque converter.

Both transmissions are considered to be very heavy duty. Each one is fully computerized. Seemingly having a mind of it’s own to control how it shifts and when it shifts, almost with out effort. It never ceases to amaze me at how much an automatic transmission reminds me of the human brain.

I want to add that these transmissions will fit rear wheel drive vehicles only, commonly called a longitudinal design by automotive experts. Wiki refers to it as a F/R or front engine, rear drive setup.

I recommend to most people that a remanufactured replacement transmission is the most cost effective and ultimately affordable transmission in the long run. Especially when you consider our remanufactured transmissions are fully updated with the latest and most effective updates on the market.

Take my advise and call an expert in the area of replacement automatic transmissions. Allow us to ”educate you up” on why one of our remanufactured Jeep Transmissions is one of the best values in the business. Call now and receive a free quote and some solid advise. Where our customers end their friends.