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Jeep Wrangler Sahara Used Gearbox

The new series of Jeep vehicles produced in America include the Freedom and Sahara trim models. What is special about these editions is not only the V6 3.6 engine blocks. Transmission upgrades have been performed to generate interest in new shifting options. A person can easily buy Jeep Wrangler Sahara used gearbox inventory by visiting [...]

Used 32RH Transmission

Do you need a used 32RH transmission? Try Got Transmissions Jeep has had more successful transmissions that most automakers. The 4-speed editions that are built by Chrysler are used in all Jeeps. Outsourcing is sometimes common although the TorqueFlite brand remains a top seller. Here you’ll find used 32RH transmission inventory in stock. We provide direct [...]

Jeep Transmission 46RH

The Jeep Grand Cherokee was the upgrade to the Cherokee in the early 1990s. Along with a larger engine, the transmission was changed to include automatic overdrive. The Jeep transmission 46RH was used in the 1993 to 1995 models. These four-speed units were paired with the 5.2 engine series also used in the Dodge brand [...]

Jeep Grand Cherokee 42RE Transmissions for Sale

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0-liter engine is the best selling engine for Chrysler since its takeover from AMC in 1987. Many of the newer transmissions are electronically controlled. The 42RE is a 5-speed transmission and includes the automatic overdrive system. This Jeep transmission is one of the most popular and often what you find for [...]

Jeep Compass Transmissions for Sale

It’s difficult to imagine having a transmission failure on a Jeep Compass. Being introduced in 2007, it seems unlikely to have an transmission failure so soon. Yet, we get calls for Jeep Compass Transmissions for Sale on occasion, so is prepared for such a situation. Call right now 866-320-1182 for super customer service. The Jeep [...]

Grand Cherokee 4WD V8 4.7 Auto Reman Transmission

Grand Cherokee 4WD V8 4.7 Auto Reman Transmission

Two automatic overdrive transmissions were used in the V8 4.7 L Grand Cherokee. The 45RFE is a 4 forward speed automatic overdrive transmission. First introduced to the Grand Cherokee in 1999. When our customer called for a Grand Cherokee 4WD V8 4.7 Auto Reman [...]

Jeep Transmissions For Sale

When the title says Jeep Transmissions For Sale, that is a bit vague. Jeep has been producing vehicles since 1941. In that frame of time Jeep experimented and used a variety of transmissions. None of which were actually manufactured by Jeep Corporation themselves. Borg Warner Corporation has produced Jeep transmissions from the beginning and continues [...]

2005 Jeep Liberty Transmission DIED @75K Miles.

Freedom to Choose the Right Transmission l

Transmission Complaint: For 5 years, I have had no issues, what so ever, with my 2005 Jeep Liberty until it’s transmission DIED right on I205 @60mph, and fortunately, both my 4 year old son & I was fine but quite terrified. I had it [...]

Jeep Grand Cherokee Transmissions

Jeep Transmission ATF leak

An interested and confused person asked about a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee transmission, mileage: 140,000. According to the owner, the Jeep was leaking transmission fluid due to the transmission pan gasket deteriorating. Apparently replacement went well and the Jeep was running well. Now [...]

Jeep Cherokee Transmissions: Leakage and performance problems

Question: 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee, mileage: 140,000. The Jeep was leaking transmission fluid due to the transmission pan gasket deteriorating. Replacement went well and the Jeep was running well. Now again the jeep’s transmission is leaking fluid and the jeep is having trouble shifting gears. It runs higher in RPMs and [...]