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1993 Saab Transmissions

1993 Saab Transmissions

Question: I have a 1993 900S with an automatic transmission, 115K miles, which I bought as the teenager’s car about 1.5 years ago. The transmission oil was low about 1 year ago, and I had the tranny filters changes, oil changed, and so forth by the local dealer. No [...]

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Saab Transmissions

The news was released yesterday, Saab Motor Car Company will close it’s doors in January of 2010. General motors who has owned Saab from December of 1989, announced it would be shutting down operations in January. Saab opened it’s doors in 1947 in Trollhättan, Sweeden. A relatively small car company [...]

Saab Transmissions: Used Transmissions are a perfect choice..

Saab’s are nice cars, especially for drivers in the Northern areas of the United States. They have good transmissions, and a loyal community of enthusiastic mechanics to support your needs. You may pay more to maintain your Saab than you will for many other vehicles, but for most drivers, their smooth handling, safety, and gas [...]